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  • Dr Luke - Travelling With Paul

    Contributed by Gordon Curley on Mar 4, 2018

    The Apostle Paul's Travelling Companions: Dr Luke – selected scriptures – sermon by Gordon Curley PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email:

    SERMON OUTLINE: • (1). Luke was a Doctor. • Colossians chapter 4 verse 14. • (2). Luke was a Faithful Friend. • 2nd Timothy chapter 4 verses 9-11. • (3). Luke was a Fellow Worker. • Philemon verses 23-24. • (4). Luke was a Historian. • Luke chapter 1 verses 1-4. • (5). Luke was a more

  • My Friend Jesus

    Contributed by C. Scott Ghan on Jan 1, 2014

    I've tried to describe the believers relationship with Jesus in testimony style. "Let me tell you about my fiend Jesus...Let me tell you what He has done for me..."

    I started with Chris Jordan's sermon: i-Pray #3: What a Friend we Have in Jesus. Scripture is the same, maybe a phrase here and there, more so at the beginning. But this is a different sermon. TITLE: My Friend Jesus 12-30-2013 TEXT: Romans 5:8-11 8 But God showed his great love for us by more

  • A Slave Narrative Series

    Contributed by Antonio Torrence on Feb 18, 2003
    based on 45 ratings

    This sermon is about the importance of telling our personal testimonies of faith even in oppressing situations.

    A Slave Narrative by Rev. A. L. Torrence, Pastor of Cross of Life Lutheran Church "She said to her mistress, ’Would that my master, Namaan, were with the prophet who is in Samaria. he would cure him of his leprosy’..." (Please note that this sermon was an effort to celebrate the rich African more

  • Friendship With God

    Contributed by Clarence Clough on Dec 24, 2007
    based on 2 ratings

    "God’s love is all around us all the time-- if we make room, He will surely come in." ______The Blessings of Receiving God’s Love, a publication of THE ALLIANCE FOR CHRISTIAN FELLOW-

    FRIENDSHIP WITH GOD Text: John 15:14, "Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you." Intro: Believers need the wonderful companionship with the Lord. It is necessary that we are connected to Him in a personal and loving manner. Will more

  • We Three (Billion?) Kings

    Contributed by Robert Walter on Dec 24, 2004
    based on 37 ratings

    There are many things we don’t know about the Magi but we do know that they were Gentiles, they came to worship the Christ, and they brought expensive gifts. Where would they look if they came today?

    We Three (Billion?) Kings Matthew 2:1-12 December 19, 2004 Someone speculated what the first Christmas might have been like if Wise Women had come from the east instead of Wise Men. First of all, they would have asked for directions and made it to Bethlehem on time. Second, they would more

  • Ready For The Call

    Contributed by Dean Meadows on Feb 23, 2004
    based on 42 ratings

    This is an outreach sermon with the release of the movie "The passion", but could be used at any time.

    Answering the Call 2/19/04 Acts 8:26-40 The hot topic, at least for me, has been about Mel Gibson’s movie “The Passion”. There has been a lot of excitement over the release of the movie that we have heard about for so long. From the Actor getting struck by lightning, to the deepening of more

  • The Promise Of Paradise Series

    Contributed by Gene Gregory on Mar 9, 2004
    based on 39 ratings

    Jesus’ 2nd cry from the cross and how it relates to admission to paradise (salvation)

    WHAT MOVED THE HEART OF JESUS Part 2: The Promise of Paradise - Luke 23:39-43 > v43 . . . Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise. You know, I have seen a few things and a few places in life. I haven’t seen as much nor traveled as extensively as some of you who’ve more

  • Bear All Adversity With Joy

    Contributed by Kyle Foley on Jan 6, 2007
    based on 3 ratings

    This sermon inspires the reader to accept adversity more cheerfully.

    do not complain. your ever constant prayer must be: thy will, Lord, not mine be done, it is your wisdom that irradiates blissado, not my limited, human intellect. it is your love unfathomable, Lord, that decrees the shape and the shine, not my frailties and shortcomings. whatever obstacles more

  • Masquerade (Our Enemy)

    Contributed by Wade M. Hughes, Sr on May 2, 2017

    Our enemy often masquerades himself to hide his real identity. We need to be wise and see who he is and what is his goals.

    Page #1 MASQUERADE By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr. MANY PICTURE OUR ENEMY IN A RED SUIT, HORNS, POINTED TAIL, AND A PITCH FORK! NOT SO IS SNEAKY AND SUBTLE. Masquerade: a party where people wear mask and costumes. A way of appearing or behaving that is not true or not more

  • The Finish Line Series

    Contributed by Greg Johnson on Nov 19, 2007
    based on 3 ratings

    There are three things worth talking about that are found at the finish line. 1) Rest. 2) Refreshment. 3) Family.

    This message is an edited version of a sermon given at Loving God Fellowship. Copyright © 2007 Loving God Fellowship, Inc. . You are encouraged to share this message with those you know that are hungry for God’s Word. The Finish Line Revelation 7:9-17 By more

  • The War Of The Worlds

    Contributed by Ken Pell on Nov 6, 2011
    based on 1 rating

    A Communion meditation: In the "War of the Worlds" resurrection is a weapon.

    WAR OF THE WORLDS Revelation 15:1 – 16:20 Big Idea: A Communion meditation on the cosmic battle between God and evil which was won with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Supporting Scriptures: Psalm 89:8-18; Romans 6:1-13; Ephesians 6:10-13; 1 Peter 1:3 INTRO: >>Pastor Ken reads Rev. more

  • My Very Dear Antichrist

    Contributed by Robert Baker on May 27, 2003
    based on 10 ratings

    A sermon for the 6th Sunday of Easter, series B, in the style of C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters. The author addresses the spirit of the Antichrist in today’s Church, particularly in reference to the Holy Scriptures.

    “My Very Dear Antichrist” 6Easter2003 1 John 4:1-11 May 25, 2003 © 2003 by the Rev. Robert C. Baker, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Vero Beach, Florida, with sincere apologies to C.S. Lewis! My very dear Antichrist, Cordial greetings in the name of our most abysmal potentate, more

  • Who Is This Guy, Anyway?

    Contributed by Robbie Parsons on Jun 9, 2003
    based on 82 ratings

    A different twist on the scripture where Peter declares that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Who did His Workers, the world and the word say He was? Who do WE say He was?

    INTRO In this scripture read this morning, Jesus asks a very pointed question: “Who am I?” It is a question that sounds like he has an identity complex. But the same question was asked about him at least 7 times in the Gospels. The question that we want to explore today is this: Who do we say more

  • Goolum - "My Precious"

    Contributed by Gary Regazzoli on Apr 16, 2004
    based on 31 ratings

    What is it in our lives that we could term "my precious" that we are desperately hanging onto while we know it is slowly killing us

    Goolum – “My Precious” Who’s seen Lord of the Rings? • Who is your favorite character? • My favorite character is Goolum. I love the scene where the two personalities are arguing In the movie we are introduced to him as this weird looking creature bearing little resemblance to a normal human more

  • Salvation...for Him? For Me?

    Contributed by Tommy Hames on Mar 31, 2003
    based on 65 ratings

    God can save anyone, no matter what they may have done.

    INTRODUCTION Can God save anyone? Are there people in today’s world that are beyond the grasp of Almighty God? Surely we can look around us and see evil in this world. We can take a look at the war in Iraq and see that we are facing an opponent who epitomizes the word evil. And what about Saddam more