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  • The Glory Of The Cross Series

    Contributed by Wayne Burnett on Mar 7, 2001
    based on 220 ratings


    THE GLORY OF THE CROSS 1 COR 1:18-25 (24) & GAL 6:14 I. THE CROSS - SHAME TURNED TO GLORY A. Of all the forms of death that are conceivable, crucifixion has been most feared throughout history B. Death on a cross was saved for the worst of criminals and those committing treason C. Death on a more

  • Make The Most Of Every Opportunity

    Contributed by Andrew Schroer on Jul 22, 2001
    based on 65 ratings

    God wants us to make the most of every oportunity to give him credit and to serve our fellow man.

    In 1985, in only his second season in the NFL, Dan Marino made it to the Superbowl. Despite throwing for over three hundred yards and a touchdown, Marino’s Miami Dolphins lost to the San Francisco 49ers, 34-16. Marino felt bad, but he wasn’t devastated. He was one of the most promising talents in more

  • Aprovecha Cada Oportunidad

    Contributed by Andrew Schroer on Jul 22, 2001
    based on 50 ratings

    Dios quiere que aprovechemos cada oportunidad para dar gloria a él y para servir a nuestro prójimo.

    En el año 1985, en sólo su segundo año jugando futbol en el NFL, Dan Marino llegó al Supertazón (al campeonato). Y aunque jugó increíblemente bien, su equipo, los delfines de aquí en Miami perdieron a los 49ers de San Francisco 34-16. Marino lo sintió, pero no se desesperó porque sabía muy bien more

  • The Centrality Of The Cross

    Contributed by Bob Myers on Mar 14, 2001
    based on 90 ratings

    The Cross is the Central Message of Christianity.

    The Centrality of the Cross Galatians 6:14 In the Cross Christianity lays claim to having the most universally recognized symbol in all of world history. The Cross is more recognizable than a Coca-Cola can, CNN, or any nation’s flag. And the centrality of the Cross has even become part of our more

  • The Marks Of A Christian: Generosity Series

    Contributed by Dr. Robert Mckenzie on Mar 19, 2002
    based on 111 ratings

    Learning to be generous as a child of God

    The Marks of a Christian: Generosity Acts 20:35 Paul said, "...I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus." Of course he was talking about the physical marks of suffering and persecution which identified him with his Lord. But tonight I want us to once again consider the fact that our lives more

  • Gloriándonos En La Cruz

    Contributed by Adrián Olivas on Apr 21, 2002
    based on 234 ratings

    El gloriarse en la cruz sugiere un espíritu de humildad, no uno de soberbia. Se allegan dos clases de personas para gloriarse en la cruz.

    Gloriándonos en la cruz Gálatas 6:11-18 Introducción: El gloriarse en la cruz sugiere un espíritu de humildad, no uno de soberbia. Se allegan dos clases de personas para gloriarse en la cruz. 1. Los enemigos de la cruz (6:12, 13) A. Por su orgullo (6:12) pues quieren hacer una buena more

  • Glory In The Shame!

    Contributed by Paul Tuck on Jan 11, 2002
    based on 61 ratings

    Perhaps we don’t understand that ancient mentality of hostility towards the preaching of the cross but the Apostle Paul did. And though he KNEW that people regarded the idea of God on a cross as vile and shameful, not only did he preach it, but he glor

    GLORY IN THE SHAME! Galatians 6:14 Today, at least in Western society, the cross is a perfectly acceptable symbol, a rather harmless token of the Christian faith. Most people, except perhaps some of the trouble-making sort, take no offense at all to the sight of a cross. In fact, many people more

  • The Glory Of Grace

    Contributed by Mark Lantz on Mar 15, 2002
    based on 60 ratings

    An indepth look at Paul the Apostle’s theme of ministry which centered around the cross of Christ

    The Glory of Grace Galatians 6:14 Broadway Assembly - March 17, 2002 I. Introduction A. Without a doubt – Paul one of the most predominant and premier preachers of the NT Era 1. Wrote majority of the epistles 2. Founded more churches than any other apostle 3. Traveled countless miles in more

  • An Involved Community Series

    Contributed by Chris Appleby on Aug 12, 2001
    based on 26 ratings

    If we live by the Spirit, it wil change how we live as part of the community of God’s people. We’ll care for one another, care for God’s ministers, never weary in doing good, and keep our focus clear.

    Since we live by the Spirit, let us also be guided by the Spirit. That’s Paul’s summary statement at the end of ch 5. We’ve spent all this time talking about how our salvation comes through the grace of God alone, how it’s faith alone that’s needed for us to be right with God, how nothing we can do more

  • So What's The Point? Series

    Contributed by Paul Decker on May 28, 2002
    based on 35 ratings

    Jesus Christ alone must be the focus of our lives.

    SO WHAT’S THE POINT? Galatians 6:11-18 S: Jesus Th: The Primacy of Jesus Pr: JESUS CHRIST ALONE MUST BE THE FOCUS FOR OUR LIVES. ?: Why? KW: advantages TS: We will find three reasons in Galatians 6:11-18 that indicate why Jesus Christ alone must be the focus for our lives. more

  • Thanks To Calvary

    Contributed by Kevin Mathis on Oct 17, 2000
    based on 89 ratings

    Remember the old saying: So-and-so "wears their religion on their sleeve".

    Remember the old saying: So-and-so "wears their religion on their sleeve". What that means is they make sure you see everything they do and make sure you know they're "Godly" and Christians. All should know you're saved, but they should know how you got it and who gave it to you. So many want to be more

  • The Stigma Of Being Christian

    Contributed by Michael Bell on Oct 17, 2000
    based on 64 ratings

    There are stigmas to bear if we are to be genuine Christians in this world.

    I¶ - If you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you? For so many so-called Christians the answer is "no". Because all they have is a profession they made years ago. They bear no marks of Christ’s ownership. Think about yourself this morning. What more

  • Three Crosses

    Contributed by Clark Tanner on Nov 7, 2000
    based on 58 ratings

    Are Paul’s three crosses also yours?

    “BUT MAY IT NEVER BE THAT I SHOULD BOAST, EXCEPT IN THE CROSS OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, THROUGH WHICH THE WORLD HAS BEEN CRUCIFIED TO ME, AND I TO THE WORLD.” When Paul wrote his letter to the church in Galatia, it was in reaction to their having gone back, from receiving the grace of God, to more

  • I Will Glory In The Cross. Why?

    Contributed by Donny Lanier on Oct 30, 2000
    based on 70 ratings

    Reasons to glory in the cross.

    1.It's Where I Learned Of The Love Of God _ John 3:16 2.It' Where I Learned Of The Forgiveness Of God - 2 Cor. 5:21 3.It's Where I Learned About Laying Down my Life- Lu. 9:23-24 4.It's Where I learned There Is No Big I's Or Little You's In Jesus - Gal.3:27 & 28 5.It's Where I Learned To Be Thankful more

  • Five Marks We Bear

    Contributed by Terry Vaughan on Dec 5, 2001
    based on 28 ratings

    Learn about the mark of Persecution, the mark of Hatred, the mark of being killed, the mark of reproach and the mark of death.

    WESTSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH PASTOR: TERRY VAUGHAN SERMON TITLE: FIVE MARKS WE BEAR “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world: but that the more