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  • The Gift Of Life (Joy) Series

    Contributed by Steven Simala Grant on Dec 19, 2002
    based on 44 ratings

    What do those angels mean when the announce "great joy?" Joy as a gift from God.

  • Giving The Gift Of Life

    Contributed by Kenneth Trent on Mar 5, 2005
    based on 24 ratings

    Donating blood is a wonderful act of caring. It is “brotherly love” put in practice. But the greatest gift of blood ever made occurred on Calvary.

    GIVING THE GIFT OF LIFE And the LORD said, “For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you upon the altar to make atonement for your souls; for it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul.” Leviticus 17:11 Blood more

  • The Simple Gifts Of Life Series

    Contributed by Pat Damiani on Feb 9, 2009
    based on 4 ratings

    6th in a series from Ecclesiastes. when viewed from God’s perpsective, even the simple gifts in life can give us joy.

    I can still remember when we had a birthday party for Pam. Mary and I had bought her a small plastic slide, which we just knew that she and all her friends were going to love. So imagine our surprise when after we had taken the slide out of the box, all the kids had more fun playing with the empty more

  • "The Gift Of Life"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Dec 2, 2011
    based on 1 rating

    This message is about what God desires to give us for Christmas and that is life.

    The Gift of Life Psalm 85 1. God restore us so we might have Life A. The People in today’s reading remember a better past and so they remind God we want our old life back. B. Look at verses 1-3 1You showed favor to your land, O LORD; you restored . 2You forgave the iniquity of your more

  • Protecting God's Gift Of Life Series

    Contributed by Daniel Habben on Feb 26, 2012

    Seeing what a blessing the Fifth Commandment is for us.

    How protective are you of your computer files like digital pictures? I have an external hard drive at home that instantly backs up everything I do as I work on my computer. In addition to that, my Saturday routine is to backup all my computer files on another external hard drive which I then bring more

  • The Gift Of Life - Celebrating God's Gifts Series

    Contributed by Jeff Strite on Dec 7, 2003
    based on 261 ratings

    God has given us the gift of life... but do we realize how wonderful a gift this is and what it means to us?

    OPEN: Bob Hope was one of the great comedian of the last century. As he was getting along in years, he once commented that he’d been reading and was astonished to discover: “Today my heart beat over 103,000 times, my blood traveled 168 million miles, I breathed 23,400 times, I inhaled 438 more

  • Celebrating God's Gift Of Life (The Sixth Commandment) Series

    Contributed by Timothy Peck on Jan 4, 2001
    based on 94 ratings

    Both physical and spiritual life are precious gifts from God, to be received joyfully, protected lawfully, and shared generously.

    On April 20 of last year, Columbine High School students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold committed the worst act of school violence in American history. When the smoke had cleared and the last gunshot echoed, 14 people were dead, and 23 others were wounded. People have scrambled to explain what more

  • Secure In The Lord

    Contributed by Ralph Andrus on Aug 5, 2007

    Salvation Sheep & Security - Salvation is a gift, a life, and eternal

    PowerPoint Available + New Slide > Transition In ______________________________________________________ + Lots of talk about security > Social Security Number - Protection for poverty, old age, disability, unemployment - Now used as a ID number for individuals within the US > Financial more

  • Funeral - Jars Of Clay

    Contributed by Barry Hidey on Jan 12, 2001
    based on 684 ratings

    There is a spiritual gift in the life of those who die in the Lord.

  • Life As You Have Always Wanted Series

    Contributed by Paul Decker on Apr 23, 2002
    based on 47 ratings

    We can live God’s gift of life at its best.

    LIFE AS YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED Ephesians 1:15-23 S: Resurrection Power Th: Seeing the Unseen Christ: How His Presence Transforms Life. Pr: WE CAN LIVE GOD’S GIFT OF LIFE AT ITS BEST. ?: How? KW: Discoveries TS: We will find in Ephesians 1:15-23 three discoveries that help us to live more

  • A Person's A Person No Matter How Small

    Contributed by Bill Sullivan on Jun 26, 2009

    A Mother’s Day message on the gift of life and the issues surrounding life in our culture

    A Person’s a Person No Matter How Small TCF Mother’s Day Sermon May 10, 2009 Good morning, and Happy Mother’s Day. Have you noticed that when you’re a mother, you tend to look at the world in a whole different way than you did before you were a mom? It gets to the point where you almost more

  • God Is Still Giving Gifts Today

    Contributed by Ron Hicks on Sep 6, 2005
    based on 7 ratings

    The best gifts in life are for the asking, but they cost God his Son to give them to you.

  • 3 Christmas Gifts You Need

    Contributed by Rodney Fry on Dec 11, 2004
    based on 64 ratings

    Each Christmas we get gifts under the tree but this year lets get 3 Gifts that we need more than any other gift....The Gift of Life...Eternal Life

    THREE CHRISTMAS GIFTS WE NEED LUKE 2, MATTHEW 2 (Read Luke 2: 1-20) Is Christmas merely a ritual for you? Or is it a Relationship? For many people, Christmas is tradition. We use the same type decorations our parents did when we were children. We go to the same places to shop every year. more

  • Jesus, The Living Saviour

    Contributed by Christian Cheong on Apr 15, 2006
    based on 49 ratings

    What if there is no resurrection? It means death has won and there is no life. It means darkness reigns and there is no hope. But Christ has been raised, therefore now we have God’s gift of life and hope.

    [I’ve taken some points in this sermon from Rodney Buchanan’s sermon ‘Jesus, the Living Savior’ at SermonCentral.] BUDDHA’S FINGERS In 1981 there was a devastating flood in central China. During the flood an ancient pagoda collapsed at Famen Temple. A few years later, archaeologists were more

  • I Am Naturally Gifted Series

    Contributed by David Baeder on Mar 18, 2006
    based on 5 ratings

    God has given all of us the gift of life and has blessed each one with a unique set of gifts. How will we use those gifts? Will we use them for His glory?

    My Gifts for His Glory (Series) I Am Naturally Gifted Sunday January 6, 2006 am Reading: Matthew 25:14-30 Introduction: This morning, I want to begin a new series entitled, “My Gifts for His Glory”. In this series, I hope to accomplish the following: * To demonstrate the unique more