6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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  • Persuaded

    Contributed by Eloy Gonzalez on Mar 8, 2003
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    Lent 1: What allowed the Apostle Paul to live through the trials in his life? What about Abraham? They were ’Persuaded’ - persuaded that nothing could seperate them from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

    Note: All three lessons for today (Gen. 22:1-18; Rom. 8:31-39; Mark 1:12-15) are used in this sermon, but the primary focus is Rom. 8:38-39. “For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor ...read more

  • There Is No Need To Fear! Series

    Contributed by Paul Clemente on Jan 12, 2009

    If we live by faith, there is no need to fear!

    Think about this for a moment: An all knowing God knew that man and woman would disobey Him but yet decided to create them anyway! If God is our Creator and knew that we would disobey Him, why did He create us? And isn’t it interesting that God reveals His powerful judgment on wickedness, like ...read more

  • Privileged Series

    Contributed by Shawn Drake on Apr 12, 2015
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    This is the 15th sermon in the Series "The Cure". As God's Children, we are privileged.

    Series: The Cure [#15] PRIVILEGED Romans 9:1-5 Introduction: As I was walking across the student parking lot at the High School, I saw numerous vehicles that were vehicles I will probably never have. There were many $40,000 and $50,000 vehicles on the lot. I then went over to the ...read more

  • "Take Now"

    Contributed by David Washburn on Nov 18, 2002
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    Hesitation often proves disastrous, but Abraham shows us how to "take now" in responding with obedience to God.

    How many times a day do you receive the response, “Just a minute”? Perhaps you’ve asked your children to wash up and come to the dinner table or asked your spouse to lend you a hand or asked your mom or dad to read you a book or help with your homework. Many times we receive “Just a minute,” ...read more

  • The Place Of Sacrifice

    Contributed by W. Alderman on Apr 26, 2008
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    This is a sermon that shows the great sacrifice that Abraham was willing to make as he offered up Isaac and the way that the Lord blessed him.

    THE PLACE OF SACRIFICE TEXT: Genesis 22 W. Max Alderman INTRODUCTION: In this chapter, Abraham is going to be facing his greatest test. Upon the completion of this test, Abraham will have demonstrated his willingness to turn loose his most prized possession, ...read more

  • Will You Wait On God? Series

    Contributed by Paul Barreca on Apr 22, 2012
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    Faith is tested when we must wait and continue to trust God even when the answer seems far away, or when our problems seem too great. Abraham's lack of an heir, and God's promise to work a miracle for Abraham provide a powerful example for us of waiting

    Sermon Notes April 22, 2012 FBCam Will You Wait on God? Genesis 17 We often equate FAITH with DECISIONS. Sometimes FAITH is about WAITING. Romans 4:9-12 describes Abraham as the “Father of our Faith.” When we consider Abraham’s faith, we normally consider his faith ...read more

  • People Of Vision Series

    Contributed by John Baggett on Nov 6, 2005
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    Understanding that God uses people of vison. They are found in a lot of places but most of all we can look to the Bible and see. Abraham - PIONEER of vison. David PLATEAU PUSHER of vision. Paul had PEOPLE as the FOCUS of vision. Part 2 In the Back to the

    People of Vision Prov 29:18 This is part two of a series called BACK TO THE FUTURE but it is fine as a stand alone sermon also. I want to speak to you this morning about people of vision. We find them in many places. We find them in community organizations. We find ...read more

  • Separated Unto The Gospel Series

    Contributed by Allen Hern on Jan 6, 2007
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    In order to understand the Gospel, we must understand the righteousness of God, the unrighteousness of mankind, and what a righteous God has done about it.

    Separated unto the Gospel” CLBC December 31, 2006 a.m. Subject: The Gospel Theme: The Content of the Gospel Passage: Romans 1: 1 - 7 As we enter a new year, we are also entering a new series of studies. During the last couple of years, we have studied Ezra, and Nehemiah and have rejoiced ...read more

  • New Beginnings

    Contributed by Derrick Tuper on Dec 28, 2012
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    When Jesus started his ministry it was a new beginning for him. When he called his disciples it was a new beginning for them also. When we become born again it is a new beginning for us as well.

    NEW BEGINNINGS John 1:29-51 1) Jesus’ new beginning. • New title (Vs. 29-31). Lamb of God. In fact, this is the only place in the bible where this title is found; here and in verse 36. Nearly 30 times in Revelation Jesus is referred to as the Lamb. On the eve of the plague of the ...read more

  • God's Enduring Promise (Part 2) Series

    Contributed by Kevin L. Jones on Sep 27, 2014
    based on 6 ratings

    A sermon examining the fact that when God makes a promise.. IT WILL ENDURE!

    God’s Enduring Promise (Part II) Galatians 3:15-25 I once heard a story about the country singing group “Alabama”. In the early days of their musical career they played the circuit in different clubs, fairs and theatres. When they received their record deal and “hit ...read more

  • A People Of Faith Series

    Contributed by Jerry Watts on Aug 16, 2010

    To meet the challenges of this American culture, the church must be people of faith (the right KIND of faith)...

    Meeting The Challenge “A People of Faith” 2 Timothy 4:7 / Hebrews 11 * Do you remember that old challenge, “I dare you?” Or how about the next level, “I double-dog dare you?” Those words were a ‘line in the sand’ type of statement. Most of the time, we would rise to the challenge or go down ...read more

  • Joseph And Mary And Jesus Series

    Contributed by Freddy Fritz on Nov 24, 2012
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    In this lesson, an analysis of the account of Joseph and Mary and Jesus will demonstrate to us the obedience of Joseph and Mary.

    Scripture We are studying the life of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke in a sermon series I am calling, “To Seek and To Save the Lost.” We have looked at Luke’s description of the birth of Jesus. Last time we examined the shepherd’s visit to Jesus in Bethlehem on the night ...read more

  • The Desire To Glorify God

    Contributed by Tony Maramara on Aug 13, 2011
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    It is absolutely essential that a church perceive itself as an institution for the glory of God. But sad to say, many churches (even here in the Philippines) have descended from a church that focuses on glorifying God into a church that focuses on men.

    THE DESIRE TO GLORIFY GOD Exodus 33:12-23 - "SHOW ME THY GLORY" Prepared by: Pastor Tony Maramara For: Passing the Baton Camp – UNIDA, Silang, Cavite – June 21, 2011 - 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Let us read Exodus 33:18 – “And he said, I beseech thee, shew me thy ...read more

  • When Religion Isn't Enough Series

    Contributed by David Owens on May 13, 2019

    True religion isn't about external rituals, but it is about relationship and wholehearted devotion.

    A. One day, many years ago, a well-respected British minister took the trolley early Monday morning from his home in the suburbs to the church in downtown London. 1. He paid the driver as he got on the trolley, and being pre-occupied with his busy schedule and the needs of his church he didn’t ...read more

  • God Given Vision - One In Christ's Vision

    Contributed by Cesar Datuin on Jan 22, 2020

    We all need to have a vision. What do we see this 2020? What do we see ourselves this year? It all goes down to our perspective this year. This month as we are now in the middle of it there is a need to know the importance of our theme One in Christ’s Vision.

    This month’s theme is very important to where we are going and leading as an individual, as a church or as a group or as a company. We all need to have vision. What do we see this 2020? What do we see ourselves this year? It all goes down to our perspective this year. This month as we are now in ...read more