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  • God's Kindness

    Contributed by Grant Sisson on Oct 10, 2008
    based on 1 rating

    King David exhibits the kindness of God toward Mephibosheth.

    Theme: God’s Kindness Object: Is shown to us in Jesus, even in the depths of our lowest times Did you see the movie Shallow Hal? It is a movie about an unattractive, really shallow middle-aged man named Hal Larsen who judges women on how “hot” they are. But then one day, Hal gets stuck on a more

  • The God Of My Refuge Is Here

    Contributed by Stephen Smarowsky on Oct 10, 2008
    based on 21 ratings

    Let us look at several principles of getting help in times of our personal troubles.

    The God of My Refuge is Here: Psalm 91 Introduction: Everyone from one time to another will face troubles in their life. Someone once said, “You’re either in a trial, just came out of one, or you’re about to enter into one.” As morbid as that sounds, I believe that there is some truth in this more

  • Fuel Up With Prayer Series

    Contributed by Patrick O'loughlin on Oct 10, 2008
    based on 5 ratings

    How to pray so that are prayers are not wasted but rewarded

    Text: Matthew 6:5-15 Title: Fuel up with prayer. There is no doubt that one issue that has dominated our lives so far in 2008 is the issue of rising oil prices. And that’s because rising oil prices have a huge impact on virtually every area of our lives. For one thing it impacts the price of more

  • What's New With You? (Part 2)

    Contributed by Patrick O'loughlin on Oct 10, 2008
    based on 4 ratings

    God is always renewing us. Here are some areas God wants to renew

    Text: 2 Cor. 5:14-21 Title: What’s new with you (Part 2) Introduction: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come.” (v17) This verse tells us that God always wants to renew us by taking away the old and replacing it with the new •We more

  • Un Padre De Dios

    Contributed by Josue Martinez on Oct 10, 2008
    based on 14 ratings

    Características de un padre de familia cristiano, su responsabilidad ante su familia de acuerdo a la Palabra de Dios

    Un Padre de Dios Josué 24:14-18 México es el país que tiene más días para honrar a alguien. Aquí hay día de la secretaria, del doctor, del albañil, cartero, del compadre, día del amor y la amistad, el sábado que viene va a ser el día de los gays, etc, etc. La mayoría de esos días los han more

  • Funeral Para Un Niño

    Contributed by Josue Martinez on Oct 10, 2008
    based on 8 ratings

    ¿Qué sucede cuando un niño muere? ¿va al cielo inmediatamente? Palabras de consuelo para la familia en luto.

    CULTO MEMORIAL Niño Gabriel García Cruz Rom. 8:33-39 Sal 46:1-7 “Señor, Señor Jesús, yo sé que tu eres grande Yo sé que tú eres fuerte, Señor, Señor Jesús Gloria a ti yo daré gloria, lo haré eternamente Te daré por siempre gloria, Señor, Señor Jesús. El more

  • Longing For That Water

    Contributed by Joe Rowland on Oct 9, 2008
    based on 18 ratings

    David was longing ror the water that he used to have. Maybe we are like David and we are longing for that special water. What we need to do is tell God we want some of that old time Pentecostal fire back in our life.

    Longing For That Water 1 Chronicles 11:14-19 14 And they set themselves in the midst of that parcel, and delivered it, and slew the Philistines; and the LORD saved them by a great deliverance. 15 Now three of the thirty captains went down to the rock to David, into the cave of Adullam; and more

  • "Lessons On Orderly Worship" 1 Cor Pt 14 Series

    Contributed by Michael Mccartney on Oct 9, 2008

    Paul tells the Corinth church to eagerly desire the speaking gift of prophecy for it builds up the church and to not forbid speaking in tongues for it has its place in worship too. Both speaking gifts used properly build the believer up and encourages the

    “Lesson’s on orderly worship!” 1 Corinthians 14 - pt 14 Opening Illustration: The 7 wonders of the world - clip Thesis: Paul tells the Corinth church to eagerly desire the speaking gift of prophecy for it builds up the church and to not forbid speaking in tongues for it has its place in more

  • Opening Blind Eyes Series

    Contributed by Jonathan Mcleod on Oct 9, 2008
    based on 10 ratings

    Jesus declared, “For judgment I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind.”

    There are seven miracles recorded in the Gospel of John: (1) The turning of water into wine (ch. 2) (2) The healing of the official’s son (ch. 4) (3) The healing of the paralytic (ch. 5) (4) The feeding of the multitude (ch. 6) (5) The walking on the water (ch. 6) (6) The healing of the more

  • The Pathway Series

    Contributed by Carl Allen on Oct 9, 2008
    based on 14 ratings

    The paths that we choose today, will determine our final destination.

    The Pathway 2 Peter 1:1-11 Intro In my office, I have a poem by Edgar A. Guest, about the roads we take in life. The easy roads are crowded and the level roads are jammed; the pleasant little rivers with the drifting folks are crammed. But off yonder, where it’s rocky, where you get a more

  • Master

    Contributed by Chris Summers on Oct 9, 2008
    based on 5 ratings

    Who or what is your master . We all will be mastered by something Who or what will be your is up to you .

    Mathew (6:24) "No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You {pl} can’t serve both God and Mammon. Good morning, today I would like to talk about something that has been ignored or not spoken about more

  • Wounded For Us

    Contributed by Bill Butsko on Oct 9, 2008
    based on 1 rating

    The message identifies Jesus and talks about ways we wound Him.

    Text: “He was wounded (pierced) for our transgressions” (Isaiah 53:5). The King James Version of God’s Word uses the word “wounded” while the New International Version uses the word “pierced” in reference to our transgressions. When we speak of a “wound”, we usually refer to an injury in more

  • Understanding Revelation #8 Series

    Contributed by on Oct 9, 2008

    In chapters 10-11 of Revelation, we will explore the mysterious identities of the angel with the little scroll, and the two witnesses.

    SESSION #8: REVELATION #10 – THE ANGEL AND THE SMALL SCROLL: “I saw still another mighty angel coming down from heaven, clothed with a cloud. And a rainbow was on his head, his face was like the sun, and his feet like pillars of fire.” (Rev. 10:1). Some interpreters believe this angel could be more

  • Escape From Boredom's Path Series

    Contributed by Carl Allen on Oct 9, 2008
    based on 3 ratings

    Boredom is just one of many emotions that can rob us from having a wonder relationship with the Lord.

    Escape from Boredom’s Path John 10:10 Intro Jesus said, “A man’s life consist not in the abundance of things which he possess. Yet men and women today feverishly are seeking satisfaction in power, profit, and pleasure. As the poet Cowper has said, these people will be disappointed in their more

  • "Christ: Incarnate" Series

    Contributed by Clark Tanner on Oct 9, 2008

    Sermon 7 in a study in HEBREWS

    “Therefore, since the children share in flesh and blood, He Himself likewise also partook of the same, that through death He might render powerless him who had the power of death, that is, the devil, 15 and might free those who through fear of death were subject to slavery all their lives. 16 more