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  • How To See Into The God Realm

    Contributed by Pastor Dempsey Daniels on Feb 18, 2004
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    How To See Into The God Realm

    How to See In the God - Realm - Part one John 11:40 A. Have faith in God 1. Webster’s Dictionary defines faith as, "unquestionable belief; unquestioning belief in God; complete trust or confidence; loyalty; sincerity; honesty." 2. People can have faith in people, in things, or in ...read more

  • What Does Heaven Look Like?

    Contributed by Daniel Haas on Jul 26, 2008
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    This is what heaven looks like: - Heavenly hope is growing like a mustard seed even against our gardening esthetics - Heaven is as powerful as yeast and as sinful and dirty as well - Heaven is as valuable as a hidden treasure - and we should long to ge

    Matt 13:31-33, 44-52 - Have you understood all this? Sure I understood: The mustard seed is about growth - This pictures teaches us that Heaven is growing in our midst and that we can grow as well - Like the Ugly Duckling or Phoenix from the Ashes - Little things can achieve a lot - like ...read more

  • Alien Communication - Aliens - Part 3 Series

    Contributed by Steve Ely on Sep 1, 2012
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    Odd . . . different . . . we believe They are among us! Learn to spot them!Communicate with them!

    Aliens Pt. 3 – Alien Communication Aliens. Extraterrestrials. Green skinned, one eyed, antenna adorned, space hopping creatures spying on us! We are intrigued by the question, "Are we alone in this universe." We established in week 1 that we believe in Aliens. In fact, the truth be told, we ...read more

  • Things Aren't Always, As They Seem

    Contributed by Charlie Roberts on Aug 23, 2012
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    Realize that if God put something down in your heart, a desire that He gave you, At that very moment, He started working behind the scenes to make it happen and has never quit working on it either.

    Things aren’t as though they seem “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28, NIV) No matter what you may be facing, no matter what trial you may be going through,  God has a plan to ...read more

  • Our Father In Heaven Series

    Contributed by Curtis E. Nester on Jun 7, 2016
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    How to enter the Throne Room of God, approaching the Father with praise.

    SERIES: The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed #2 TITLE: Our Father in Heaven TEXT: Matthew 6:9a INTRO: Two men were out walking one day. One guy challenged his buddy by saying, “If you’re so religious, let me hear you quote the Lord’s Prayer. I’ll bet you $10 you can’t ...read more

  • Suffering From Poor I Sight

    Contributed by Don Berry-Graham on Oct 16, 2006

    When we suffer from poor i sight we are never grateful to God.

    We suffer from poor I Sight. Not eyesight, a matter of distorted vision that lenses can correct, but I sight. Poor I sight blurs your view not of the world but of yourself. Some see self too hightly. Maybe it’s a PhD or predigree. A tattoo can do it, so can a new truck or the Noble Prize. ...read more

  • You Must Be "Dreaming"

    Contributed by Charlie Roberts on Jul 13, 2016
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    Don't get caught up in only believing the possibilities of what you have seen in the past! Because no matter where you are at in life, He wants you to dream bigger than your efforts are capable of bringing to the table.

    You must be dreaming? Oral Roberts used to use a chorus that some detested, ‘Expect a miracle every day, Expect a miracle when you pray, If you expect it God will find a way, To perform a miracle for you each day.’ What are you expecting or dreaming about for God to do in your ...read more

  • Where Is Heaven

    Contributed by Glenn Dale Pease on Aug 29, 2014
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    Heaven on earth, and hell on earth, are real experiences, but the fact is, when the body dies the soul departs and returns to God. The question is, just where is God and His dwelling place located?

    WHERE IS HEAVEN based on Rev. 21:1-8 By Glenn Pease The City Bank of Binghamton, New York, sent flowers to the management of their new branch, on the opening of their new facility. Unfortunately, the card accompanying the flowers read, "Deepest Sympathy." The florist who made the ...read more

  • Only God....could Do That!

    Contributed by Charlie Roberts on Feb 4, 2013
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    Absolutely everything, ranging from small to large, as you make it a part of your believing prayer, gets included as you lay hold of God.”

    Only God could Do That! How many here this morning believe God can answer prayer, no matter what? Matt. 21:21,22 MSG 21-22. But Jesus was matter-of-fact: “Yes —and if you embrace this kingdom life and don’t doubt God, you’ll not only do minor feats like I did to the fig tree, but also ...read more

  • Playing By The Rules Series

    Contributed by Curry Pikkaart on Nov 2, 2013

    the topic of spiritual disciplines doesn't excite many people. Yet if you've ever been worn out, ready to quit, they might just be for you.

    “Connected: Playing by the Rules” Is. 30:15-22; Daniel 6:1-16; Matt. 11:28-30 If I had told you last Sunday that this morning we would focus on spiritual disciplines, I doubt I would have seen many of you doing cartwheels or standing and applauding. The concept just doesn’t ...read more

  • Mental Discipline

    Contributed by Rick Thiessen on Apr 7, 2008

    Jesus called us to love God with all our MINDS... when we fall for mushy thinking about God, morals and religion, we’re not exercising mental discipline. Jesus called people to earnest seeking and intellectual honesty.

    SE030208 THE D WORD 1. Mental Discipline Many of us, when we think of the “D” word, we think about physical discipline and what comes to mind is the epidemic of flabby bodies today. But the truth is there’s another flabbiness epidemic in our day – but it’s of the MIND. Flabbiness is being ...read more