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Shared by: MELVIN NEWLAND on Jul, 2002
Summary: Now one of the disturbing parts of the story to us is that He didn't give the servants the same amount. He gave 5 to one & 2 to another & 1 to another. We may think that is not fair. (PowerPoints available - # 144)
based on 484 ratings
Scripture: Matthew 25:14-30
Views: 93,633
Glenn Durham avatar
Does Everything Happen the Way God Says?
Shared by: Glenn Durham on May, 2010
Summary: God determined the death of Jesus to rescue his people from death and hell.
Series: John
based on 10 ratings
Scripture: John 19:17-42
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
Views: 811
Gary Stebbins avatar
Why Didn't God Answer My Prayer
Shared by: Gary Stebbins on May, 2010
Summary: This series is to make the church more aware of the importance of practicing the biblical discipline of prayer. Last three weeks adapted from a sermon series by Greg Groeschel called Prayer.
based on 5 ratings
Scripture: John 9:31
Denomination: Charismatic
Views: 1,734
Roy Newton avatar
Doing God’s Will
Shared by: Roy Newton on Jan, 2011
Summary: This sermon examines the third petition of our Lord’s Pattern for Prayer, "May Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven", seeking to explore how God communicates His Will to us.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Matthew 6:10
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 764
Gregory Thomas avatar
I’m Annointed for this
Shared by: Gregory Thomas on Jan, 2011
Summary: Recognition of your assgnment from God!!!
based on 6 ratings
Scripture: Luke 4:18
Views: 3,327
Anthony Zibolski avatar
Invitation to the wilderness
Shared by: Anthony Zibolski on Nov, 2011
Summary: God does some amazing things in the wilderness of our life. The thing we need to do is learn from it.
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: Hosea 2:14-15
Denomination: Nazarene
Views: 1,364
Rick Boyne avatar
Not a Step without God
Shared by: Rick Boyne on Feb, 2012
Summary: We must make sure that God leads us based on His will, not leading ourselves based on our own will.
based on 3 ratings
Scripture: 2 Samuel 5:17-25
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 2,482
Guy McGraw avatar
Shared by: Guy McGraw on Mar, 2012
Summary: Paul teaches us some important principles of God’s comfort in his response to their condition. Might not have 3rd letter because it was of such personal nature.
based on 2 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 814
Samuel Lazarus avatar
A Good will becomes God's will *cond.apply
Shared by: Samuel Lazarus on Sep, 2011
Summary: A Good will instantly becomes God's will though it isn't an appointed time. (John 2:1-10)
based on 4 ratings
Scripture: John 2:1-10
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 444
Mike Rickman avatar
Praying Like Jesus
Shared by: Mike Rickman on Apr, 2011
Summary: If our prayer is ever going to be effective we must learn to pray like Jesus prayed.
Scripture: Luke 22:39-46
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 1,000
Rick Crandall avatar
Praise the God of Our Creation!
Shared by: Rick Crandall on Jul, 2011
Summary: Praise God: 1. For making us a wonder (Gen 1:26-27 & 2:7). 2. For putting us in His amazing world (Gen 2:8-9). 3. For giving us special work (Gen 2:15). 4. For telling us His perfect will (Gen 2:16-24)
Scripture: Genesis 2:4-24
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 846
Keith Peters avatar
The Perfect Will of God
Shared by: Keith Peters on Jul, 2011
Summary: God's will is revealed progressively through a process.
Scripture: Romans 12:1-2
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 548
Ajai Prakash avatar
Discovering God’s Will
Shared by: Ajai Prakash on Jul, 2011
Summary: Knowing God’s will is sometimes difficult. People want God to tell them specifically what to do - where to work, where to live, whom to marry, etc. God rarely gives people information that direct and specific. God allows us to make choices regarding those
Keith Peters avatar
The Hope of His calling
Shared by: Keith Peters on Jul, 2011
Summary: Describes the benefits of pursuing God's will.
Rick Boyne avatar
When God Says “No”
Shared by: Rick Boyne on Aug, 2012
Summary: We must realize that it is GOD who is in control.
Scripture: 1 Chronicles 28:1-8
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 384
David Henderson avatar
Beating Around the Bush
Shared by: David Henderson on Aug, 2012
Summary: I remember clearly a time in my life when I had gotten to a point where God was speaking to me about making some major changes in my life and ministry. God was about to do something new in my life and the details were not very clear for me. Can anyone i
David Henderson avatar
If God is with me, why can't I hear Him?
Shared by: David Henderson on Aug, 2012
Summary: I have come to this conclusion. Finding God is only difficult because of us. Not because of Him. God doesn’t want us to be in the dark. God doesn’t want us to wonder what He wants us to do. Think about it this way: if there was something you wanted y
Series: Immanuel
Scripture: 1 Kings 19:1-21
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 884
Chris Appleby avatar
God Will Guide You
Shared by: Chris Appleby on May, 2012
Summary: God will guide you but he'll use your rational mind as much as special intervention but he expects us to make decisions according to his revealed will.
Series: Guidance
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 25:1-21
Denomination: Anglican
Views: 4,099
Chris Appleby avatar
God's Sovereignty & Decision Making
Shared by: Chris Appleby on May, 2012
Summary: God's Sovereignty puts a framework around our decision making. When we make decisions it must always be within the constraints of God's will being done on earth as well as in heaven.
Series: Guidance
based on 1 rating
Scripture: James 4:13-16
Denomination: Anglican
Views: 1,962
Richard Tow avatar
A Good Way to Live
Shared by: Richard Tow on Nov, 2003
Summary: This sermon calls us to the kind of living Paul describes in Ephesians 5:15-21. 1- Make the most of opportunities coming your way 2- Understand what the Lord’s will is 3- Be filled with the Spirit
based on 216 ratings
Denomination: Charismatic
Views: 70,926
Rodney Buchanan avatar
Christmas through the Eyes of Mary and Joseph
Shared by: Rodney Buchanan on Dec, 2003
Summary: A look at the realities which Mary and Joseph had to face in living out God’s will.
based on 77 ratings
Denomination: Methodist
Views: 7,306
Shared by: MELVIN NEWLAND on Nov, 2001
Summary: When I ask, "Are you ready for Christmas?" I’m asking about more than your activities. I’m asking about your attitudes, because every once in a while I hear someone say, "I just can’t get into the Christmas spirit!" (Powerpoints Available - #197)
based on 536 ratings
Views: 30,415
Anthony Zibolski avatar
Surrendering to sovereign God
Shared by: Anthony Zibolski on Jan, 2010
Summary: It is easier to surrender to a God that you know and understand.
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: Genesis 2:1-9
Denomination: Nazarene
Views: 1,294
Living by the Word
Shared by: TOM TARPLEY on Jan, 2010
Summary: Benefits of knowing God's Word
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Jeremiah 9:23-25
Denomination: United Methodist
Views: 1,507
Rick Pendleton avatar
Lame In Both Our Feet
Shared by: Rick Pendleton on Aug, 2009
Summary: Using the story of Mephibosheth, this is a sermon about desiring and doing God’s good pleasure.
based on 8 ratings
Scripture: Philippians 2:13
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 3,495
Shared by: DAN SANTIAGO on Aug, 2009
Summary: Every Christian must live his life according to God’s will.
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: James 4:13-17
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 2,000
John Eldridge avatar
Knowing the will of God
Shared by: John Eldridge on Feb, 2009
Summary: Knowing the will of God is difficult.
based on 7 ratings
Scripture: Ecclesiastes 1:2
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 1,504
Shine Thomas avatar
Being True Despite Disappointments
Shared by: Shine Thomas on Mar, 2010
Summary: When we follow God we expect God to open closed doors and lead us victoriously. But many times in the midst of our obedience to God, we face great challenges in life and encounter failures. At such times we usually tend to blame God and our enthusiasm of
Series: Exodus
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Exodus 5:1-6:2
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 948
Bobby Stults avatar
What Does True Discipleship Look Like?
Shared by: Bobby Stults on Apr, 2013
Summary: What is a true disciple? What do we think when we hear the word 'discipleship'? What does 'true discipleship' really look like? Paul speaks to the Ephesian church and reveals the true meaning and purpose of discipleship...
Scripture: Ephesians 6:10-18
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 790
Edward Hardee avatar
Understanding the Seasons of Life
Shared by: Edward Hardee on May, 2013
Summary: Relating the seasons to how God works in our lives. It is the key to understanding how God works.
based on 7 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 1:1-6
Denomination: Church Of God
Views: 2,342