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  • How Jesus Delegated Responsibility And Authority

    Contributed by Paul Fritz on Sep 20, 2006
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    Let your disciples have responsibility and the authority to trust God for greater works without having to constantly supervise or control them.

    How Jesus Delegated Responsibility and Authority Acts 1:8 (NIV, NIRV, TNIV, KJV) How Jesus Delegated Responsibility and Authority - Acts 1:8 Illustration:Peter Drucker offers insightful guidance to the church when he calls leadership a peak performance by one who is "the trumpet more

  • The Joy Of Soul Winning

    Contributed by Gerald Van Horn on Mar 9, 2006
    based on 67 ratings

    Jesus said, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men."

    The Joy of Soul Winning by Gerald Van Horn You must assign at least 2 tags. × Edit Sermon Thank you for sharing your sermon, which will inspire others in the process of preaching. Please complete the following submission form to upload your sermon. Sermon Details Status Approved Title more

  • Los Testigos Del Altisimo Series

    Contributed by Manuel Amparo on Apr 28, 2006
    based on 4 ratings

    Napoleon vino al poder, y sabiendo que no podia controlar a Europa sin romper el poder Papal. Manda a su general, Berthier a que tome prisionero al Papa en Febrero 15, 1798.

    LOS TESTIGOS DEL ALTISIMO APOCALIPSIS 11:1-19 I. LA BESTIA QUE SUBE DEL ABISMO A. Hara guerra contra ellos y los vencera- 1. A quien vencera la bestia? a. Los dos testigos b. Apocalipsis 11:3 2. Quienes son estos dos testigos? - Apocalipsis 11:1-7 3. Que dice la Palabra de Dios en more

  • The Great Co-Mission Series

    Contributed by Roger Thomas on Sep 29, 2005
    based on 16 ratings

    Spreading the Gospel is a co-mission between the Lord and his people. Christ’s promise to "be with us" guarantees that.

    The Great Co-Mission Matthew 28:18-20 Dr. Roger W. Thomas, Preaching Minister First Christian Church, Vandalia, MO Bible students call this passage the Great Commission. Several factors about it merit that distinction. It is great because of who said it. These are the words of more

  • Jesus Calls Us Into His Mission

    Contributed by Warner Pidgeon on May 19, 2007
    based on 4 ratings

    As with the Apostles, today’s Church is called to be the Church in mission. This short sermon also emphasises that we must not ’star gaze’. We are simply to be involved in God’s mission.

    Sadly as I preach this morning there will be ‘preachers’ stating that Jesus did not ascend vertically into heaven; and whilst I will not today have the opportunity to challenge such false teachers let’s remind ourselves of this: After appearing to the disciples “many times in ways that proved more

  • Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

    Contributed by Curt Cizek on Oct 25, 2007
    based on 37 ratings

    Jesus invites Himself to Zaccheus’ home just like He invites Himself into our lives. He simply wants us to respond to His invitation.

    -“Guess whose coming to dinner” is a famous movie -It is #99 on the American Film Institutes top 100 films of the last 100 years -It has a star-studded cast with Sidney Poitier, Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy -It is about a young African-American doctor who meets a young Caucasian woman and more

  • Urgent Action Series

    Contributed by Jim Drake on Mar 30, 2008
    based on 85 ratings

    This message is a call to urgent action. It is a call to urgently accomplish our mission--both as individuals and as a church.

    1. The first reason we can confidently accomplish our mission is our authority 2. The second reason we can confidently accomplish our mission is our assignment 3. The third reason we can confidently accomplish our mission is our assurance MATTHEW 28:16-20 Back in the ‘80s, there was a big more

  • Marks Of A Powerful Christian Series

    Contributed by Michael West on Apr 3, 2008

    Good works for the right reasons, overcoming evil and five results or evidence of spiritual authority.

    Sunday January 19th, 2003 Series: Spiritual Authority Part Three Sermon: The Marks of a Powerful Christian Scripture: I Thessalonians 5:15-24 Romans 12:21 — We overcome evil with good. What are we supposed to give to evil. At first we have our responsibility and duty to give to the body more

  • Essentials Of Our Mission Series

    Contributed by Brian Atwood on Apr 7, 2008
    based on 11 ratings

    Three essentials for any missional Christ follower or church.

    Studies have shown that the most fulfilled and satisfied people alive are the people who have a sense of mission in their lives. They live for a purpose higher than themselves. The Apostle Paul exemplified this truth. He was always happy. Even in prison he had joy. Just read the letter to more

  • Keeping The Main Thing The Main Thing

    Contributed by Matthew Stoll on Jan 29, 2007
    based on 1 rating

    Refocusing/reminding our church on the main thing of making disciples of Jesus.

    The beginning of the year tends to be a time for fresh starts, we refocus and remind ourselves of what is most important. As we look back on the past year we sometimes realize we may not have been doing everything perhaps we should have been doing. For some they realize they need to quit a habit, more

  • What Are You Waiting For? Series

    Contributed by Jim Drake on Jan 14, 2008
    based on 37 ratings

    God had faithfully restored everything required for the remnant to start building the temple. Now the only thing left for them to do was to start building. But they were satisfied, so they delayed.

    1. The first setback is satisfaction with religious activities 2. The second setback is satisfaction with raw materials 3. The third setback is satisfaction with royal grants Let me tell you a story about a 33-year old California man named Larry Walters. Several years ago, Larry had an more

  • Go Into The City! Our City!

    Contributed by Michael Deutsch on Jan 16, 2008

    We must follow Jesus’ call to go into our community and make disciples.

    Acts 1:1-11 August 12, 2007 ACTS 1:1-9 1 In my former book, Theophilus, I wrote about all that Jesus began to do and to teach 2 until the day he was taken up to heaven, after giving instructions through the Holy Spirit to the apostles he had chosen. 3 After his suffering, he showed himself more

  • The Great "Omission"

    Contributed by Matthew Stidham on Jan 28, 2008
    based on 3 ratings

    In this sermon I address a major problem in the church...omitting the Great Commission. Why have we done this, and what can we do to fix this serious problem? The solution can be found in the game of football! Read and find out how.

    The Great “Omission” 9.30.07 Jim Marshall played in Pro Bowls after the 1968 and 1969 NFL seasons. He recovered 29 fumbles, an NFL record. He was a member of the Vikings’ famous "Purple People Eaters", and was the final player from Minnesota’s initial expansion team of 1961 to retire. Marshall more

  • The Harvest

    Contributed by Billy Kryger on Aug 28, 2002
    based on 45 ratings

    Missions is the nearest and dearest thing to the heart of God. In this passage Christ shares His burden with His Disciples.

    Introduction: · This account is repeated in Mark 4, Luke 10 and John 4. · Jesus is trying to impress upon the hearts of His Disciples the importance of world-wide missions · Missions is the nearest and dearest thing to God’s heart · He had been preaching, teaching and healing all day · He more

  • Final Briefing

    Contributed by Michael Stover on May 30, 2002
    based on 54 ratings

    Jesus’ last recorded words were important for His disciples, and they are important for us today.

    I. Assurance that he was Real (39-43) A. They ‘still did not believe for joy’ B. They thought it was too good to be true II. Power to Perceive the Truth (45) A. He ‘opened their understanding’ B. He gave them a new Bible – a new understanding of the OT III. Gave Principles to more