6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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  • Hands Lifted To The Lord Series

    Contributed by Paul Clemente on Jul 2, 2018
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    There is a spiritual battle going on in our world and our own relatives and friends are being attacked; are we praying?

  • The Hands Of Jesus

    Contributed by Larry Jacobs on May 15, 2006
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    The hands of our Lord speaks of the entire ministry.

    Our Web Site: cbcbedford.com ------------------------- The HANDS OF JESUS JOHN 20:27 Pilot in the ending of John Gospel said, "Behold the man" What a contrast from what John the Baptist said in the beginning of the gospel, "Behold! the Lamb of God." B. We want to BEHOLD THE ...read more

  • The Offering On The Tent Of Meeting

    Contributed by William R. Nabaza on Nov 27, 2015

    To show that our hands (through, in and by the LORD JESUS) was laid on the Offering: JESUS CHRIST and the LORD JESUS CHRIST blood sprinkled in our hearts.

    I. EXORDIUM: Are you an offering? Yes. A living sacrifice before the LORD. Romans 12:1-2 (Amplified Bible) I APPEAL to you therefore, brethren, and beg of you in view of [all] the mercies of God, to make a decisive dedication of your bodies [presenting all your members and faculties] as a ...read more

  • Is Any Sick? Series

    Contributed by Archie Norman on May 8, 2015
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    Is Any Sick?

    Is Any Sick? James 5:14-15 The Reminders of Sickness? 1. All life and healing is in the Lord's hands 2. The Lord cares about you when you are sick 3. There is one Source of healing but many methods 4. Miracles in healing are still for today 5. God can choose not to heal ...read more

  • Sickness Series

    Contributed by Archie Norman on May 8, 2015


    Sickness James 5:13-15 1. The cause of sickness A. The physical realm 1) genetics 2) lifestyle B. The emotional realm 1) destructive emotions control 2) distrust God consistently C. The spiritual realm 2. The purpose of ...read more

  • How To Be Better Than Your Neighbor Series

    Contributed by Doug Johnston on Oct 12, 2001
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    If we truly think we’re better than another, we must demonstrate it by controlling ourselves, not controlling our neighbor.

    “If you ever want to test the (1) of a person, ask him (or her) what you should do when your enemy is vulnerable. Unless they are men or women of God, they’ll tell you to (2) every time.” -Chuck Swindoll (1) = carnality (2) = strike I A Subtle Temptation (1-4) A. When we really want ...read more

  • Are We Loving Our Enemies? Series

    Contributed by David Rigg on Jun 28, 2014

    This sermon shows us how David chose to love King Saul in spite of how Saul considered David his enemy.

    Are We Loving Our Enemies? 1 Samuel 26:1-25 1 Now the Ziphites came to Saul at Gibeah, saying, "Is David not hiding in the hill of Hachilah, opposite Jeshimon?" 2Then Saul arose and went down to the Wilderness of Ziph, having three thousand chosen men of Israel with him, to seek David in the ...read more

  • God Knows All

    Contributed by Dr.w.samuel Legon on Jun 26, 2011
    based on 4 ratings

    He is there all the time

    Jeremiah 29 11For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. 12Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. 13And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye ...read more

  • Heaven Our New Home

    Contributed by Dr.w.samuel Legon on Aug 4, 2011
    based on 3 ratings

    How great it will be to go there and live for ever.

    HEAVEN OUR NEW HOME Genesis 24:7 The LORD God of heaven, which took me from my father's house, and from the land of my kindred, and which spake unto me, and that sware unto me, saying, Unto thy seed will I give this land; he shall send ...read more

  • When Dreams Come True Series

    Contributed by Paul Apple on Jul 1, 2001
    based on 39 ratings


    BIG IDEA: RESTORATION (TO ENJOYMENT OF GOD’S PROMISED BLESSINGS) WIPES AWAY THE TEARS OF CAPTIVITY WITH THE JOYFUL SHOUTS OF PRAISE INTRODUCTION: Context: Return from Babylonian captivity I. (:1-3) RESTORATION REALIZED “When the Lord brought back the captive ones of Zion” A. A Dream ...read more

  • Frienenemies Series

    Contributed by Tom Fuller on Apr 9, 2013

    Betrayal is one of the hardest things we have to deal with, especially if it is a friend or brother or sister. David experienced much betrayal in his life and in these Psalms we learn how to effectively deal with friends who become enemies.

    Psalm 53 was probably adapted from Psalm 14 after Israel experienced a tremendous military victory over a godless people. It acknowledges that there are some people who reject God so thoroughly that they live as if they will never have to give an answer for their behavior. In the Scriptures, ...read more

  • Are You Just Going To Ignore That? Series

    Contributed by Carl Willis on Mar 13, 2007
    based on 15 ratings

    This is the first message in a series from the book of Haggai. Often times we become so self-absorbed that we miss the very needs God has put before us.

    Time to Rebuild Part I Haggai 1:1-11 Background • The Jewish people had returned from Babylonian captivity in 538 B.C. • Work on the temple had not taken place in over 15 years Haggai 1:1-2 (NLT) On August 29 of the second year of King Darius’s reign, the Lord gave a message ...read more

  • Jehovah-Tsebaoth (Lord Of Hosts) Series

    Contributed by L Lee on Sep 16, 2010
    based on 10 ratings

    The Bible refers to God by different names and each one reveals some aspect of His character and His relationship with us.

    The God of Battles The term “Lord of Hosts” is used 282 times in the Bible. It is a military term meaning “God of Battles”. (1 Sam 17:45-47 KJV) Then said David to the Philistine, Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield: but I come to thee ...read more

  • Be Blessed

    Contributed by Ralph Andrus on May 4, 2009
    based on 2 ratings

    ❶. Without Christ ❷. With Christ ❸ My Response

    - My deliberate trip into Elkins WV wild Bowden Cave - It’s huge opening pretends to give promise of a wonderful adventure - once back of the opening it had a tiny winding downward passage into the cavern - Cavern’s slimy slope slid you into a cold underground stream - Every step was ...read more

  • Attributes Of God's Will

    Contributed by John Romeo Verastigue Etis on Dec 8, 2014

    This talks about the characteristics of God's Will that helps us to understand who He truly is.

    Attributes of God's Will Read Proverbs 19:21 Because God is a Sovereign God, His plan will come to pass. He has the authority to do what He wanted to do. We are just a man and we cannot do what God can do. We are to be used by God as a vessel or an instrument in order to fulfill what God had ...read more