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  • The Power Of An Indestructible Life Series

    Contributed by C. Philip Green on Apr 12, 2018
    based on 1 rating

    If you want to grow up as you grow old, depend on Jesus, your permanent, superior, and powerful High Priest.

    An old Disney film, called The Kid, is the story of a successful, high-powered image consultant named Russ (played by Bruce Willis). Russ lives an empty life, but one day, Rusty (played by Spencer Breslin) shows up at his home. Over time Russ comes to realize that this kid is actually Russ himself ...read more

  • The Melchizedek Mystery Series

    Contributed by Ed Vasicek on Aug 28, 2017
    based on 1 rating

    Melchizedek was hidden away as an amazing type of Jesus Christ, a mystery revealed through Holy Spirit inspired Midrash.

    The Melchizedek Mystery (Hebrews 7:1-28) 1. Jewish ways of talking can be quite comical. Let me share an English phrase and its “Jewberish” version. English: "He walks slowly" Jewberish: "Like a fly in Vaseline he walks". En: "Sorry I don’t know the time" Jewberish: "What, do I look like ...read more

  • Jesus Is...! Series

    Contributed by Michael Deutsch on Aug 4, 2017
    based on 1 rating

    A look through the book of Hebrews to better understand who Jesus is. Today we look at Hebrews 7.

    Jesus Is . . .! Hebrews 7:1-28 August 6, 2017 There was a man who had some personal issues going on in his life. So, he asked a woman in his office who was known to be a prayer warrior if she would pray for him. He knew she kept a list of her 10 most urgent prayer requests on her desk. So, ...read more

  • An Indestructible Life Series

    Contributed by Shawn Drake on Jun 4, 2017

    This is the 7th sermon in the series "Jesus Is Better- The Better Priest".

    Series: Jesus Is Better- The Better Priest [#7] AN INDESTRUCTIBLE LIFE Hebrews 7:11-22 Introduction: Seeing Kevin here today reminds me of one of our projects many years ago. Our Fellowship Hall used to be divided into 4 rooms and a very small Fellowship Hall area. The Church decided to ...read more

  • The Trials Of Jesus And Melchizedek Series

    Contributed by Claude Alexander on Feb 4, 2017
    based on 3 ratings

    Jesus the High Priest after the Order of Melchizedek (Part 1)

    The trials of Jesus. The night before Jesus was sentenced to death by crucifixion, He was arrested and tried seven times (some note six based on how these trials are counted). They included: 1. The trial before Annas: John 18:12-14, 19-23 include the details of the first Jewish trial of ...read more

  • The Priest We Need

    Contributed by Alan Perkins on Mar 15, 2016
    based on 1 rating

    Jesus is our eternal high priest, superior to the Levitical priests of the Old Covenant.

    In the recent Oscar-nominated film, “Bridge of Spies,” Tom Hanks portrays James Donovan, an American lawyer who is recruited during the Cold War to defend accused Soviet spy Rudolf Abel on charges of espionage, and who was later approached to negotiate with the Soviet Union over the ...read more

  • Think Series

    Contributed by Thomas Swope on Sep 30, 2015

    A study of the book of Hebrews 7: 1 – 28

    Hebrews 7: 1 – 28 Think 1 For this Melchizedek, king of Salem, priest of the Most High God, who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him, 2 to whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all, first being translated “king of righteousness,” and then also ...read more

  • Jesus Our High Priest (Part 2) Series

    Contributed by E. True Neilson on Dec 16, 2014

    The book of Hebrews is all about Jesus!

    SIMPLY JESUS Jesus Our High Priest (part 2) Hebrews 7:1-28 INTRODUCTION -As you read the book of Genesis there are some amazing tales. -You could make the argument that the two key characters in Genesis are God…and this guy called Abraham. -We also read about Abraham’s ...read more

  • Living A Life Before Jesus 04/2014 Sermon

    Contributed by Ronnie Miller on Apr 14, 2014
    based on 1 rating

    How did the people draw near to God before Jesus?.....How did the Old testament men and women wash away their sins?....

    Living a life before Jesus. 04/2014 sermon **Song Victory In Jesus*** How did we know about Jesus?...We heard an old old story…we heard about His healing We hear about things in the world that can fulfill our life and most disappoint us… ……We think being a millionaire ...read more

  • Priesthood And Law

    Contributed by William R. Nabaza on Feb 6, 2014

    To show that we are now under Grace and not under Law.

    I. EXORDIUM: Are you under grace and not under law? II. AUDIENCE PROFILE: Believers III. OBJECTIVES: To show that we are now under Grace and not under Law. IV. TEXT: Hebrews 7:12 (Amplified Bible) 7:12 For when there is a change in the priesthood, there is of necessity an ...read more

  • Perfection In The Order Of Melchizedek

    Contributed by William R. Nabaza on Feb 3, 2014

    To show that our perfection is only thru the finished work of CHRIST on the cross.

    I. EXORDIUM: Are you perfect in CHRIST? II. AUDIENCE PROFILE: Believers III. OBJECTIVES: To show that our perfection is only thru the finished work of CHRIST on the cross. IV. TEXT: Hebrews 7:11 (Amplified Bible) 7:11 Now if perfection (a perfect fellowship between God and ...read more

  • The Order Of Melchisedec

    Contributed by Christopher Holdsworth on Dec 28, 2013
    based on 8 ratings

    Although the Aaronic priesthood was God-ordained, it was temporary, and must give way to the new and better priesthood by which we may all make our approaches to God.

    THE ORDER OF MELCHISEDEC Hebrews 7:1-19 The New Testament is replete with surprising interpretations of Old Testament passages. We need go no further than the first Gospel to see this illustrated (Matthew 1:22-23; Matthew 2:15; Matthew 2:17-18; Matthew 2:23 etc). The Book of Hebrews, towards ...read more

  • A Tale Of Two Priesthoods

    Contributed by James Kelly on Aug 23, 2013

    This sermon compares the priesthood of Jesus to the Levitical Priesthood. It emphasizes the importance of faith and obedience.

    Melchizadek King of Salem is identified as both a priest and a king. Under the Mosiac Law; a priest could not be a king. But this was before 445 years before the law was given. Abram just returned from defeating five kings of Canaan. The first time Melchizadek appears is found in Genesis 14:18-20. ...read more

  • Hebrews 7:1-16 Series

    Contributed by John Shearhart on Nov 5, 2012
    based on 1 rating

    Jesus (the priest) is promised in the Old Testament

    Hebrews 7:1-16 November 4, 2012 Chapter six tells us that Jesus’s priesthood is after the order of Melchisedec. Now in this seventh chapter we’ll finally get into a few more details about what this means, but it would be good to review the original story beforehand. Abraham’s ...read more

  • Jesus The Better Way: Jesus Offers A Better Relationship Series

    Contributed by Ken Pell on Oct 27, 2012

    Jesus is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.