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  • I Am The Resurrection And The Life Series

    Contributed by Stephen Sheane on Feb 26, 2016
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    In this story we see the reaction of three different people to death; Martha hoped, Mary hid and Jesus wept

    I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE A woman in Arkansas was sitting in her car in a parking lot last year when she heard a loud bang and then felt a sharp pain in the back of her head. She reached back and felt a warm sticky substance on the back of her head and realized that she had been shot. more

  • Meeting Todays Needs

    Contributed by Dr.w.samuel Legon on Nov 27, 2009
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    Let Christ work in you today.

  • I Am That I Am

    Contributed by Rev. Randy Barker on Jan 19, 2015
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  • I Am That I Am

    Contributed by Mark A. Barber on Feb 7, 2017

    God is the one who is the seeker and reveals Himself to us.

    I AM that I AM Exodus 3:1-15 It was business as usual in all the rest of the world. The world was entirely ignorant of an event that was to take place in a remote desert. Yet it is what happened here that has changed the world and not whatever decrees might have come that day from the throne of more

  • I Am That I Am Series

    Contributed by Rev.andrew B Natarajan on Jan 7, 2018

    YHWH declared his name to Moses as I am that I am. He is a God one who always lives forever and Ever. No one on the earth can claim like Him. No Politicians, No religious leaders, No wise men and woman, no beauties can ever claim that they liver for ever.

  • God Is Everything You Need Him To Be

    Contributed by Marilyn Murphree on Apr 14, 2008
    based on 43 ratings

    God’s provision is sufficient to cover any need we have. We access His answers by our faith.

    Valley Grove Assembly of God May 4. 2008 “God is Everything You Need Him to Be” Exodus 3:13-22 INTRODUCTION: I would like you to think about the things that you worry about the most. It could be anything that causes you a lot of concern throughout the day or night. What things raise more

  • I Am The Bread Of Life Series

    Contributed by K. Edward Skidmore on Dec 14, 2004
    based on 420 ratings

    When Jesus announced I AM the Bread of Life, people walked out on Him for 3 reasons.

  • Jesus Offers The Bread Of Life

    Contributed by Edward Frey on Sep 14, 2002
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    The Gospel -- the good news of salvation in Chrirst -- is nourishment for the soul.

    When we go to a restaurant we usually decide first what kind of meat we want and then build our meal around the meat dish. To our western culture meat is the main factor in a meal. In Jesus’ day however, meat was simply a side dish, but bread represented the major part of the meal, everything was more

  • I In He In Thee

    Contributed by Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid on Jun 19, 2017

    I AM does not allow permit a believer to behave outside of the conditions of faith in our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus; we are new creatures.

    I IN HE IN THEE By Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid (June 4, 2017) In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” St. John 1:1, King James Version (KJV) [The testimony of more

  • The Way, The Truth, The Life

    Contributed by Derek Geldart on Apr 3, 2018
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    What did Jesus mean when he told Thomas "I am the way, the truth and life?" There is but one way to have a relationship with God the Father in heaven and that is through Jesus, His Son.

    The Way, Truth and Life John 14:6 Online Sermon: Can you imagine what it must have been like to be one of the disciples and hear the final words of Christ? After having witnessed Jesus walk on water, heal the sick and bring the dead back to life the more

  • Why Does God Allow Suffering?

    Contributed by John Hamby on Mar 16, 2016

    The text brings us face to face with one of the questions that we all have asked at one time or another, either concerning ourselves or someone else; “Why does God permit such suffering to occur.”

    “Why Does God Allow Suffering?” John 9:1-39 Our text brings us face to face with one of the questions that we all have asked at one time or another, either concerning ourselves or someone more

  • John Writes A Gospel Lesson 3 Series

    Contributed by Elmer Towns on Sep 27, 2016

    The word "Gospel" means "Good News"

    A. INTRODUCTION Old Testament – New Testament – The foundation New Testament – Old Testament – The fulfillment 1. The word “Gospel” means “Good News” 2. The 4 Canonical Gospels record the good news about the coming of Christ. 3. Because more

  • "I Am" "The Bread Of Life"

    Contributed by Clarence Eisberg on Aug 18, 2018

    A walk through John 6, with reference to the Jewish belief that "I Am" could only be Yahweh... and Jesus claims God's title for himself. The Rabbis also considered the O.T. to be "The Bread of Life", "the Water of Life" and Jesus again claims them.

  • The 7, "I Am’ S” In John’s Gospel

    Contributed by William D. Brown on Dec 10, 2008
    based on 8 ratings

    Today I want to talk for a little while on the 7 "I AM’S" that we find in the gospel of John. Let me point out first of all that the number [7] in the Bible is the number of completion and perfection, and certainly every thing about the Lord Jesus was a

    JOHN 6:35 THE 7 “I AM’ S” IN JOHN’S GOSPEL JOHN 6:35 And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger;-- Today I want to talk for a little while on the “7 I AM’S” that we find in the gospel of John. Let me point out first of more

  • Divisions And Wisdom Series

    Contributed by John Lowe on Apr 16, 2018
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    One of the principal objectives of this letter was to correct the problems which had arisen in the Corinthian church; the first one the apostle mentions is the divisions which existed there. He urges the members of that church to come together and . . . .

    JULY 16, 2012 Commentary on First Corinthians By: Tom Lowe Lesson 2.1: Divisions and Wisdom Scripture 1 Corinthians 1.10-1.17 1 Cor 1.10-17 (KJV) 10 Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions more