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  • Inmates Converted To Christ

    Contributed by Dennis King on Jul 21, 2018

    This touches on the inmates that convert to Christ while incarcerated and, often times, the hypocritical criticisms directed towards them.

    One thing you may find to be true is that a lot of people in the church are hypocrites. They sit in the pews and are spoon fed the gospel but their minds and activities are not open to what their ears hear. Often, if you don't look like them, talk like them or even dress like them they throw up ...read more

  • God So Loved... [missions / Evangelism / Gospel / Great Commission]

    Contributed by Jerry Shirley on Sep 21, 2005
    based on 684 ratings

    Missions--It all started...not with The Great Commission...but in God’s heart. Link included to Formatted Text Version, handout, and PowerPoint Presentation.

  • As Iron Sharpens Iron

    Contributed by Larry Lynn on Mar 13, 2006
    based on 41 ratings

    Do you hear that sound? That is the sound of...

    Opening: (Keys Analogy) Would everyone in here that have keys, please take them from your pockets for a moment. Now, jingle them real loud. Do you hear that sound? That is the sound of freedom! As long as you have access to keys, you are free. Proverbs 27:17 says that as iron sharpens iron, ...read more

  • Jesus Is Better

    Contributed by Revd. Martin Dale on Oct 3, 2009
    based on 6 ratings

    If Jesus is better than anything else - what effect will that have on my life - in the marketplace - and at home as well as in church?

    Hebrews 1. 1-4 and 2.5-12 I’d like to take a look at the epistle this morning from the book of Hebrews. Did it strike you as it did me that whereas God in the past spoke to his people through the prophets, he has spoken to us by his Jesus , his Son. We have direct access to God, through ...read more

  • A Miracle In Brooklyn

    Contributed by Joe Burke on Jan 16, 2007

    We need a miracle to enter heaven.

    A Miracle in Brooklyn! It is a hot, steamy, July night in the Brooklyn Correctional Facility (BCF) in Brooklyn, New York. It is Thursday night in BCF and that means it is time for Catholic services. We are a group of laymen who come to BCF every Thursday night to run a prayer meeting for any ...read more

  • Who Is This Guy Named Jesus? Series

    Contributed by Scott Chambers on Jan 7, 2008
    based on 2 ratings

    This is a message in a series based on questions that Jesus asked and that were asked of Him.

    Who is this guy named Jesus any way? As we journey back over the ages in this series of messages we will explore some of the questions that Jesus asked, as well as some of the questions that people asked of Him. As our journey progresses we will discover that the Bible is not really out of touch ...read more

  • Following The Shepherd Part 2 Fo 6 Series

    Contributed by Larry Elder on Jan 20, 2006
    based on 9 ratings

    Following the shepherd will help us move past the prision of "want"

    Following the Shepherd Part 2 Psalm 23:1-2 Ps 23 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. 2 He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. 3 He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake. 4 Yea, though I walk ...read more

  • "The Real Sinner's Prayer"

    Contributed by Ray Scott on Jul 21, 2004
    based on 82 ratings

    In the parable of the Pharisee and the Publican, we see that you can’t impress God. Having "religion" doesn’t impress God. The Publican gives the REAL "Sinner’s Prayer".

    “The REAL Sinner’s Prayer” Luke 18:9-14 INTRODUCTION: Jesus loved to speak in parables. They grabbed people’s attention. If Jesus said, “Once upon a time, there was a man who ….”, then everybody stopped to listen to the story Jesus was about to tell. It’s like … when I stop to tell a joke ...read more

  • Who Do You Love?

    Contributed by Mike Hays on Oct 18, 2000
    based on 74 ratings

    Will we love the ways of the world or the ways of God?

    "Who Do You Love?" 1 John 2:15-17 Dr. Jorge Crespo de Toral was born into an aristocratic family in Ecuador. He was educated as a lawyer and it seemed that he was destined for a life of affluence and power. Instead, Jorge Crespo became a labor lawyer and took up the cause of the poor in a ...read more

  • Hisstory - Contagious Christianity Series

    Contributed by Jeff Strite on Sep 26, 2004
    based on 94 ratings

    The Cross is a central focus of Christ’s story. But why? Why did Jesus need to die on the cross?

    VIDEO – Session 7 – “Putting It All Together” (up thru the phrase “There’s No Middle Ground”) OPEN: Richard Bandler tells one story about visiting a mental institution and dealing with a man who insisted he was Jesus Christ - not metaphorically, not in spirit, but in the flesh. One day ...read more

  • The Bible - The Complete Book Of The Garden – .

    Contributed by John Gullick on Apr 22, 2004
    based on 20 ratings

    This sermon - gives an overview of God’s purposes being worked out in four particular Gardens in the scriptures - Eden - Gethsemene - The garden tomb and the garden in Revelation 22. It is a sermon that encourages the hearer to live the christian life to

    The Bible - The complete book of the garden – . In my study I have a book called the Readers digest complete book of the garden. To be honest I have hardly read it and my gardening this year has been anything but complete. Heather has filled in for me as I got busier and busier. Today is ...read more

  • The Suffering Savior

    Contributed by Doug Lyon on Jul 15, 2007
    based on 1 rating

    Three rewards for being a faithful follower of Jesus Christ

    Shiloh Bible Church Hebrews 2:10-15 The Suffering Savior Introduction You’re driving down Route 11 from Berwick to Bloomsburg. You’re zipping right along, doing 55 miles an hour. As you approach Bloomsburg, you come to a posted speed limit sign of 45 miles an hour. Your lovely wife—who ...read more

  • Better Than Angels Series

    Contributed by Jeff Strite on Mar 4, 2002
    based on 240 ratings

    Why compare Jesus to angels? What is it about angels that could possibly warrant the comparison?

    OPEN: Billie Burke was a famous actress in years gone by. While enjoying a transatlantic ocean trip, she noticed that a gentleman at the next table was suffering from a bad head cold. “Are you uncomfortable?” she asked. The man nodded. “I’ll tell you just what to do about it.” She offered. “Go ...read more

  • Broken Chains Series

    Contributed by Jeffery Anselmi on Oct 24, 2003
    based on 54 ratings

    Jesus breaks the chains of sin and death for those who are baptized into Him

    INTRODUCTION • Over the past few weeks we have been looking at the life-changing book of Romans. Throughout the book thus far we have seen the connection of faith to salvation. In order for us to be justified (or declared innocent) before God, we must have faith in Jesus. We also have seen ...read more

  • Death Row

    Contributed by Davon Huss on Apr 4, 2005
    based on 11 ratings

    A sermon about all of humanity on death row. (Adapted from Jack Hayford’s sermon: The Last Man on Death Row)

    Sermon for Easter Sunday 3/27/2005 Romans 6:15-23 The Last Man on Death Row adapted from Jack Hayford Introduction: News story on Sunday, January 12, 2003; CHICAGO, Jan. 11 -- Illinois’s outgoing Republican Gov. George Ryan commuted the death sentences of 167 people to life in prison today ...read more