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  • The Innkeeper

    Contributed by James Buchanan on Dec 1, 2003
    based on 48 ratings

    The third in a series on The Three People Missed at Christmas. This focuses on a personage of the innkeeper, who was so close to the Savior, but missed the boat.

    Have you ever missed the boat? Have you ever gotten so wrapped up in things that you have missed out on the main reason for doing what you do? The rich industrialist from the North was horrified to find the southern fisherman lying lazily beside his boat, smoking a pipe. "Why aren’t you out ...read more

  • The Innkeeper

    Contributed by Jeffrey Sims on Dec 22, 2013

    A short drama about what the Innkeeper might have said if given the chance

    This is a drama type sermon, more like a monologue than anything else. Have someone explain that the sermon they are about to become a part of may be a little different than what they are used to (This is especially helpful if you have visitors or you’re at a new church) Have this person ...read more

  • The Innkeeper’s Apathy

    Contributed by Donald Jewell on Dec 5, 2009
    based on 4 ratings

    Are we too busy for Jesus at the time of His birth? Do we even care?

    Many Don’t Care – The Innkeeper’s Apathy Purpose: To help every believer and non-believer make Christ a priority in their everyday lives. Scripture Focus: Luke 2:1-8 Introduction: Christmas is becoming “Christ-less” in our day because we are losing the focus on what the holiday is all ...read more

  • Many Are Scared- The Innkeeper’s Apathy Series

    Contributed by Ryan Akers on Dec 7, 2009
    based on 4 ratings

    This sermons looks at 3 different vantage points of the same story and how these people acted towards Jesus. The message begs us to ask, "Who am I in this story?"

  • I Is For Innkeeper Series

    Contributed by Larry Brincefield on May 30, 2007
    based on 5 ratings

    A study of the word "innkeeper"

    Introduction 1. Tonight we will continue our exploration of the ABCs of the Bible... Tonight we will look at the letter I... And in keeping with the spirit of the Christmas Season... I is for Inn or Innkeeper... 2. But, before we get to the famous (or infamous) innkeeper from the ...read more

  • Lessons From Innkeepers

    Contributed by Scotty Killingsworth on Dec 13, 2001
    based on 21 ratings

    God uses the lowly to teach us the best lessons on grace

    SN121601 Lessons from Inn-keepers: Bible: Survey Beginning: Let’s all quote the two most famous words from the birth narrative we remember the innkeeper saying, “No room” Innkeepers in the Bible had bad reputations, e.g. hucksters. Innkeepers (persona non grata) were low on the ...read more

  • The Innkeeper-A Monologue

    Contributed by George Barton on Jan 19, 2006
    based on 8 ratings

    Traces the thoughts of the innkeeper from the night of the birth of Christ till after the visit of the Magi.

    S20051028 Luke 2:7-38; Matthew 2:1-12 THE INNKEEPER. A MONONOLGUE Note: The following monologue has some anachronisms. They have been put there deliberately by the author for two reasons: first, to make the old story seem more contemporary; and secondly, for sake of some humor. The dates ...read more

  • Through The Eyes Of The Innkeeper Series

    Contributed by Mike Rexroat on Dec 14, 2007
    based on 13 ratings

    Second of a four part series looking at the birth of Christ through other’s eyes.

    All of you know that Anne is a stay at home mom...but did you also know that she has also held some pretty important positions here in Kentucky as well. I have to tell you she will probably accuse me of being a smart alec for saying this but I really mean it....she has taught an exercise class ...read more

  • Am I The Innkeeper?

    Contributed by John Gaston on Dec 20, 2019

    We take a candid look at our role as Innkeepers, the major excuses for turning Christ away, and the final journey we will all make to the Heavenly Inn. Will He be forced to turn us away because we wouldn't let Him in?

  • The Innkeeper-A Monologue

    Contributed by George Barton on Jan 10, 2006
    based on 9 ratings

    A monologue based on Luke 2:7 and Matthew 2

  • Innkeeper's Bad Press Not Necessarily Deserved

    Contributed by Frederick Meekins on Dec 14, 2010
    based on 4 ratings

    Innkeeper's Bad Press Not Necessarily Deserved

    As the opening act of the Greatest Story Ever Told, each character mentioned in the Christmas narrative has had a number of literary traditions and homiletical assumptions added that may or may not be directly traceable to the text of the Holy Bible. One of these is none other than the Innkeeper. ...read more

  • Making Room For Jesus - The Innkeeper - Message Three - 2010 Series

    Contributed by Daniel Darling on Feb 21, 2011
    based on 7 ratings

    Luke 2:7 And she gave birth to her firstborn Son and wrapped Him in swaddling cloths and laid Him in a manger, because there was no place for them in the inn.

    Making Room for Jesus – The Innkeeper Characters of Christmas – Message Three – 2010 Gages Lake Bible Church Luke 2:1-7 December 19, 2010 Pastor Daniel Darling Intro: I’m not sure about you, but when I look a nativity scene or think about the Christmas ...read more

  • The Shepherds Message Of Hope Series

    Contributed by Anthony Zibolski on Jan 17, 2012

    This message looks at the birth of Jesus through the eyes of the shepherds, and we must not leave Jesus out of our lives.

    The Shepherd’s message of Hope Luke chapter 2:8-20 This message has some thoughts and illustrations from contributors of sermoncentral. Introduction- We have been in a series called Holding onto Christmas. We can get so busy that we could miss Christmas if we are not careful. Last ...read more

  • Holding Unto Christmas Series

    Contributed by Anthony Zibolski on Jan 17, 2012

    Looking at Christmas and making it truely a time to remmebr Jesus and not just presents and family moments. Experiencing Christmas.

    Holding unto Christmas Luke 2:1-7 Introduction- We are going to begin a series today called Holding unto Christmas. It will run through the Advent season. Preparing for Christmas is a time consuming process. You have to make time to buy presents, attend dinners, work parties. Like I ...read more

  • "No Room"

    Contributed by David Henderson on Dec 19, 2016

    I would guess that many of us can identify with this statement because we feel the same way at this time of year. We have no room. There are several things that begin to happen when we get to this point. None of them are good.

    “No Room” Luke 2:1-7 You may not want to know that there are only two weeks left until Christmas. Hopefully you have been getting ready, you have made your list and checked it twice and you will even have some time to slow down and enjoy the season. I am of the belief that may people, ...read more