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  • Try And Try Again Series

    Contributed by Victor Yap on Dec 25, 2007
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    Prayer Warriors, Pt. 3

    TRY AND TRY AGAIN (ISAIAH 38:1-20) A good friend sent me an introspective e-mail on his birthday: Dear Victor: Today is my big five O day. My life is in half time. Or maybe it has actually passed half time for a long time. Some of my friends went back to be with the Lord at ages like 37 more

  • Feelings, Prayer And Victory

    Contributed by Joseph Smith on Oct 15, 2009
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    September 1989: We can work through our feelings to victory if we are totally honest with God about what we feel, and then if we are able to praise Him joyfully when we are released.

    Recently a television reporter followed up on the people who survived that air travel incident in which a huge section of the plane simply tore off, somewhere near Hawaii. You may remember that there was some kind of metal fatigue and a whole section of the plane suddenly broke out and about nine more

  • One Month To Live - Pt. 4 - After Me? Series

    Contributed by Steve Ely on May 9, 2018

    The clock is ticking! Limited time! Limited days! What would you do if you knew that your time was about to be up?

    Pt. 4 - After Me? I. Introduction Every father wants their child’s first word to be dad. Mom’s want it to be mom. And we never forget the first time we hear them say it. There is another word that children seem to learn at almost the same speed of “dada” or “mama” and that word is “MINE”! Every more

  • The Art Of Thank You Hezekiah Series

    Contributed by Michael Mccartney on Nov 6, 2016

    We must cultivate a grateful heart with the Lord and learn to say “Thank You” to Him and to others. Thank You has the power to change our heart and others hearts! It can even transform our outlook on life and death.

    Opening video from sermon spice: Thank You! Series: The Art of “Thank You” Thesis: We must cultivate a grateful heart with the Lord and learn to say “Thank You” to Him and to others. Thank You has the power to change our heart and others hearts! It can even transform our more

  • The Prayer Of Hezekiah

    Contributed by Anthony Zibolski on Jul 5, 2017

    Putting your trust in Him instead of self will reap benefits. What would you do if God sent an angel to tell you to get your house in order?

    The prayer of Hezekiah Isaiah 38:1-5 Introduction- Good morning, last week I challenged you with a simple two letter word if. What if and if only. What if you believe God in His word for these Scriptures? How many remember them? If my people who are called by my name will humbly pray more

  • When Christians Get Sick

    Contributed by Ronnie Floyd on Jun 19, 2013
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    Scripture does not minimize pursuing medical care, but it maximizes praying with faith.

    At the conclusion of the service today, we are going to act upon the Word of God. Therefore, I appeal to you to listen and engage with me completely. In a few minutes, we are going to be part of God doing many miracles here today. We are going to be a part of many people: *Being healed more

  • Turning Back The Clock For Hezekiah

    Contributed by John Gaston on Aug 1, 2017
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    How the shadow went backward on Ahaz's stair; belief in miracles that defy science, and a recent archaeological discovery that confirms this miracle.

    TURNING BACK THE CLOCK FOR HEZEKIAH Isa. 38:1-8 INTRODUCTION A. HUMOR 1. During a church service a man came up to the preacher to request prayer for his hearing. 2. So the preacher got a bottle of oil and anointed the man. He put his hands on the man’s head and prayed vigorously. 3. more

  • Time For Tears

    Contributed by Engleburg Toney on Jan 3, 2018
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    Our Father abhors our sin but is drawn by our brokenness. He alone is the reader of our hearts to which in return we receive His mercy and grace!

    Time For Tears It is indeed a blessing to be in the house of the Lord on the last Sabbath of 2017. Call it what you will, tradition, custom, reflection, but at each and every year’s end, I do some soul searching. I grade my life as I lived it in the passing year, and I have to tell you if I had more

  • Let’s Make A Deal Series

    Contributed by Thomas Swope on Aug 20, 2012
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    A study of the book of Isaiah 38: 1 – 22

    Isaiah 38: 1 – 22 Let’s Make A Deal In those days Hezekiah was sick and near death. And Isaiah the prophet, the son of Amoz, went to him and said to him, “Thus says the LORD: ‘Set your house in order, for you shall die and not live.’” 2 Then Hezekiah turned more

  • Only The Good Die Young?

    Contributed by B H Grace on Oct 10, 2015

    Why do the good die young and the wicked live to an old age? Do the good always die because of sin or could there be a blessing in an early death??

    If only the good die young then I will be here a very long time because there is no good in me except for what God has done for me and the Holy Spirit who lives in me. Other than that I’ve got nothing. We struggle with death and come to some peace with it when people die in their 80s, 90s more

  • Divine Deliverane: The Prize Of Persistence

    Contributed by Kirk Devine on Dec 29, 2008
    based on 57 ratings

    This was a prophetic message the Lord gave me as we prepared to close out 2008 (the outline was created after I preached the message). It examines how Hezekiah responded to the words of the prophet and how God was moved by his repsonse.

    A DIVINE DELIVERANCE (The Prize of Persistence) ISAIAH 38:1-6 As we prepare to close out 2008, we need to understand that when you have relationship with the Lord, you’re able to go directly to Him concerning whatever “death” sentence life has afforded you. Your relationship can cause God to more

  • No Hope? No Thanks!

    Contributed by Ken Alford on Nov 19, 2001
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    THANKSGIVING IS A PRIVILEGE OF THE LIVING. This message, taken from the near-death experience of Hezekiah, connects thanksgiving with hope in a mutually perpetuating cycle. It answers four questions of hope

    Thanksgiving, November 18, 2001-- AM No Hope? No thanks! Isaiah 38:1-20 (*18) INTRODUCTION: (1) Donn Moomaw is sort of a larger-than-life person, so he has a lot of larger-than-life stories that are really funny. This is true. When he was preaching at Bel Air, a lady came up to him after more

  • Why Aren't We Healed?

    Contributed by B H Grace on Mar 22, 2001
    based on 67 ratings

    A balanced approach to healing.

    If you receive prayer requests via e-mail and listen to those at your prayer meetings, it does not take long to see that about ninety per cent of those prayers relate to some illness or physical weakness. We are a sickly people. Health and health care are primary issues for most of the world. more

  • I Hope It Flu Away

    Contributed by Davon Huss on Nov 9, 2019

    What is sickness meant to teach us? Material adapted from J.C. Ryle at:

    HoHum: Note placed on workers desk after he came back from sick days: I heard you caught a cold; I hope it Flu away WBTU: The human body is a frail and complicated machine. From the sole of the foot to the crown of the head there is not a part of us which is not liable to disease. When I think more

  • Blessed Be The Name Sermon Iii: Our Deliverer And Provider Series

    Contributed by Charles Cunningham on Aug 26, 2020

    As we mature in our walk with the Lord, mature Christians cherish life experiences of being delivered by the Lord our God and being provided for by our God whose goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives.

    BLESSED BE THE LORD GOD OUR DELIVERER AND PROVIDER A dear saint of God went Home to be with the Lord one week between sessions at The Baptist Inn where we gathered each Sunday for Bible study, like we do here, until that senior adult facility more