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  • Merecedor De Mi Alabanza

    Contributed by Christian Cancel on Mar 22, 2020

    Correspondo al nombre de Christian Cancel, ministro de Jesuscristo, por la voluntad de Dios, según la promesa de vida, misericordia y paz de parte de Dios Padre, Dios Hijo y Dios Espiritual Santo: Reciban hoy de mi parte un caluroso abrazo, en el amor de Cristo.

    Libro: Salmos 50:23 Reina-Valera 1960 23 El que sacrifica alabanza me honrará; Y al que ordenare su camino, le mostraré la salvación de Dios. Mensaje: Bosquejar la naturaleza de la verdadera adoración, es decir; (Dios es Espíritu; y los que le adoran, en more

  • How Great Is Our God?

    Contributed by Ajai Prakash on Jan 28, 2015
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    Even though God is Great, Wonderful, Sovereign and All Powerful, He is still the ‘Great I AM,’ the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who left His glory and became flesh through Christ to save us!

    Opening illustration: In 2004, scientists pointed the Hubble telescope at a blank-looking patch of sky near the Orion Constellation. The Hubble stayed focused on that spot for 400 orbits over 11 days. The patch of sky they were looking at is no bigger than a grain of sand held out at arm’s more

  • Fill It Up! Refreshing...

    Contributed by Wade Martin Hughes, Sr on Dec 5, 2014

    Ever feel like you are running on empty. God designed us for our joy to be full. Come to the seasons of refreshing... There is more.

    TANK UP? FILL IT UP? SEASONS OF REFRESHING... By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr. I. LIFE HAS A WAY OF DAMPERING, GOING STALE, DULLING, COOLING, FORGETTING, COMPROMISING... I forgot to fill up... There was car that belonged to a little lady broke down at the Smiths Grove more

  • Hope Waits Series

    Contributed by Billy Ricks on Apr 10, 2016
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    When Jesus died the disciples had to wait for the promise of the Father. None of us like to wait. If we are willing to wait we will discover hope waits in order to develop us!

    Intro: How many of you like to wait? I will just be honest I don’t like it at all. In fact I do everything I can to keep from waiting. I try to calculate in my non-mathematical head which Wal-Mart line will be the quickest and in my hurry I end up choosing the wrong one. I don’t more

  • "When Life Gets Scary Jesus Calms The Storms"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Oct 29, 2016

    I am pretending to be Isaiah the Prophet today dress in a white robe and I will share my story according to texts found in Isaiah. I had a great task to tell the people of Judah about the coming foes to bring judgement but I did it.

    1. I was told of God To “Fear Not” Isaiah 41 :10 • I am the son of Amos and I prophesied in the days of these Kings of Judah Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah. I was terrorized to do so but I did • Now some mighty strange things happened to me which more

  • God Is Unequaled Series

    Contributed by Derrick Tuper on Mar 6, 2017
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    'Un' is a prefix meaning “not”. Last week my sermon was about our unchanging God. Recently I saw a clip focusing on other 'un's that pertained to God and I thought it would be good to expound on some of them. This week we'll look at how God is unequaled.

    GOD IS UNEQUALED INTRODUCTION: 'Un' is a prefix meaning “not,” freely used as an English formative, giving negative or opposite force in adjectives and their derivative adverbs and nouns (unfair; unfelt; unseen; unrest; unemployment). Last week my sermon was about our unchanging God. During the more

  • Prepare The Way Series

    Contributed by Tim Smith on Feb 7, 2016
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    Though none can see it, God is working behind the scenes and through the course of history to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah, setting the earthly stage for the entry of His only begotten Son into the world.

    Preparing the Way Isaiah 40:3-5, 9-11 When God called the Jewish people, he gave them everything necessary to follow Him and for salvation, principally, the Law. When they entered the Holy Land, God warned the Jewish people not to intermarry with the Gentile and to always keep God first. They did more

  • Spiritual Spinach

    Contributed by Derrick Tuper on Aug 1, 2016

    What spinach did for Popeye physically is what God can do for us spiritually. However, that doesn’t mean it will be instantaneous like Popeye's reaction; but it will be supernatural nonetheless. Let's see how we can get some of God's spiritual spinach.

    SPIRITUAL SPINACH Isaiah 40:27-31 Popeye. What spinach did for Popeye physically is what God can do for us spiritually. Now, I need to incorporate a disclaimer here: just because the Lord is the source of supernatural power doesn’t mean there’s going to be an instantaneous reaction more

  • Bee Renewed Series

    Contributed by Tommy Jackson on Aug 26, 2014

    Need to be renewed, refreshed, re-energized? God can certainly do that!

    Be Renewed OPEN: As strange as this may sound, LIFE has a way of sucking the LIFE out of us. If you have faced any one (or more) of these situations in the past twelve months, it is quite possible (even likely) that you need to be renewed:  Lost a loved one in the past 12 more

  • God Is On Whose Side?

    Contributed by Michael Stark on Jan 4, 2015

    A proper understanding of God's character and His grace toward His own people will help preserve us from presumptuous sin.

    “Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand and marked off the heavens with a span, enclosed the dust of the earth in a measure and weighed the mountains in scales and the hills in a balance? Who has measured the Spirit of the LORD, or what man shows him his counsel? more

  • "Still We Rise"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Feb 11, 2015
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    The sermon is based on the idea that we rise above because our God is Powerful, our God gives hope, Our God gives us a dream , our God inspires.

    “Still we Rise” Isaiah 40 • African-American poet Maya Angelou, offered the following words at the Million Man March in 1995 • “God promises to strengthen us and lift us into a world of justice and equality” . • She said, “the ancestors remind more

  • God Does Unsearchable Things Series

    Contributed by James Dina on Jul 15, 2020
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    “Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and His greatness is unsearchable. One generation shall praise Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts. I will meditate on the glorious splendor of Your majesty, and on Your wondrous works.” (Psalm 145:3-5).

    GOD DOES UNSEARCHABLE THINGS JOB 5:9 “Who does great things, and unsearchable, Marvelous things without number” God’s wonders are supernatural acts beyond human understanding. Through extraordinary more

  • God’s Dynamic Kingdom Rule From Abraham To Israel Series

    Contributed by Ron Tuit on Oct 12, 2015

    The "Kingdom of God" may have been a term used in the Gospels more frequently than anywhere else in the Bible but God' has always ruled His Kingdom. This message traces God's rule from Abraham to Israel.

    God’s Dynamic Kingdom Rule from Abraham to Israel Last week we saw that Adam had failed in his God-given role to rule as God had intended, but God did not abandon mankind. He renewed the same dominion mandate to Abraham in Genesis 17:4-6: “Behold, my covenant is with you, and you more

  • Isaiah 40 A Time For Comfort Series

    Contributed by Chuck Musselwhite on Feb 29, 2016

    Exposition of Isaiah 40

    Isaiah 40 A Time of Comfort Stand on the Word vs. 1-8 Follow His Lead vs. 9-14 No Comparison vs. 15-26 Wait on the Lord vs. 27-31 Intro: Isaiah 39 Last week we left off before I could get to Isaiah 39 It is not a big chapter but let me recap it real quick Hezekiah recovers and Babylon more

  • The Prescription For Assistance

    Contributed by Ian Humphrey on Nov 6, 2015

    The Prescription For Assistance

    The Prescription For Assistance - Isaiah 40:9-31 (1) The Primary Procedures - 40:9-11 (1)) We Are To Behold Our God - 40:9 Behold your God! (2)) We Are To Behold Our God's Rule - 40:10 Behold, the Lord GOD will come with strong hand,and his arm shall rule for him (3)) We Are To Behold Our God's more