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  • Look For The Hook Series

    Contributed by Dr. Jerry N. Watts on Jun 13, 2010
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    Having taken the title from a message that I heard over 20 years ago, this message teaches about the ’hook’ of temptation.

    How to Do Life Look For the Hook James 1:13-16 * Fishing is a fun sport and I really like it. Dad has a catfish pond and almost every time we go home, I wet a hook. However, do you know what I’ve discovered about those fish? They’re fickled. The bait that they ‘tear up’ one day will not even more

  • The Devil Made Me Do It!

    Contributed by Ajai Prakash on Jun 23, 2010
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    When we disobey God by sinning, let’s not shift the blame or justify our actions with the faulty “the devil made me do it” theology. Instead, let’s take full responsibility for our actions, confess our sins to a gracious and forgiving Father, and pursue r

    Opening illustration: In March 2009, a 62-year old woman was charged with stealing more than $73,000 from her church in the state of Washington. When the detectives interrogated her, she told them: “Satan had a big part in the theft.” It sounds like she was saying that the devil made more

  • The Desire Of The Father Series

    Contributed by Dr. Jerry N. Watts on Jul 11, 2010

    God has some expectations for His children and His creation.

    The Desire of the Father James 1:16-18 * Parents want the best for their children. In the 21st century American culture, parents go beyond the call to make sure that their kids have ‘all the things that I didn’t have.’ Candidly, this is done with the best of intentions but ‘too much too soon’ more

  • El Diablo Me Hizo Hacerlo

    Contributed by Major Gerardo Balmori on Mar 22, 2010
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    Muy a menudo hemos escuchado de la boca de personas que han caído en pecado, utilizar la famosa frase "el diablo me hizo hacerlo". ¿Cuan cierto será eso? ¿quien es últimamente responsable por los pecados cometidos, el diablo o la persona quien comete el

    Mayor Gerardo Balmori El Ejército de Salvación ¿Que es la CONCUPISCENCIA? Santiago 1:13-15 Etim: Latín, con- plenamente, cupere, desear. Concupiscentia, deseo, ambición. La insubordinación de los deseos a la razón; la inclinación de la naturaleza humana hacia el pecado, more

  • The Results Of Sin

    Contributed by Tim Larrimore on Jul 17, 2010
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    THE RESULTS OF SIN Text: James 1:13-15 2Sam 11:1-4 & 12:1-7 Intro: Sin is sin these same points to this sermon can be preached about anyone who has sinned. Eve, Achin, Cain. All sin fits into this sermon. 1. KING DAVID SAW BATHSHEBA. THIS IS THE ENTICEMENT OF SIN Heb 11:25 Choosing more

  • When God Raises You Up

    Contributed by Dr. Jonathan Vorce on Jun 2, 2018

    Many times we can be discouraged by being passed over, disrespected, taken for granted or outright ignored. This sermon talks about The Foundation of Promotion, The Mechanics of Promotion & No Longer Passed Over but Sought Out.

    Introduction Man is Carnal | God is Spiritual Man Strives for Democracy | God Designed the Church as a Theocracy (As Christians we live according to the government of God Acts 5:29-40 I. The Foundation of Promotion A. Prayer & Fasting 1. The Focus on the Families definition of more

  • Family Values - Week 7 Series

    Contributed by Steve Greene on Dec 31, 2018
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    Thousands of year ago, God put in place 10 key values that can make a difference in the life of every family. The Ten Commandments have stood the test of time. Discover how these important values apply to every single person, every married couple, and every family regardless of size or makeup.

    Today’s message contains content that may not be appropriate for younger children. So, if you prefer they not be in the sanctuary, now would be a good time to take them to Next Gen. If you were approaching a ramp to the Interstate, but you were unsure if it was an on-ramp or an off-ramp, would more

  • Enriching Our Life Together Series

    Contributed by Graham Kettle on Jan 11, 2018

    Christians living in our mobile society need fellowship because other channels of association - family, friends, etc, may be lacking. What can we do to enrich our lives together and what should we avoid that can disrupt fellowship?

    ENRICHING OUR LIFE TOGETHER - PART 5 OF 5 1. INTRODUCTION 1) Last week we started looking at the application of our previous studies to ‘Our Life Together’. In this week’s message, we’ll look at what can we do to enrich our lives together, and what sort of things we should avoid, which have more

  • Enduring Temptation And Overcoming Sin

    Contributed by Bishop Prof. Julius Soyinka on May 18, 2018
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    Temptation is the enticement of our natural, God-given desires to go beyond God-given bounds. We can blame our failure to resist temptation on others, Satan, or God Himself, but in reality, we are the ones who choose to indulge.

    ENDURING TEMPTATION AND OVERCOMING SIN Study Text: James 1: 12 – 16 Introduction: - One of the greatest challenges of living the Christian life is dealing with temptations. This is especially true for new Christians: For it can be frustrating to know that your sins have been forgiven, only to more

  • Don't Blame God For Temptation Series

    Contributed by David Welch on May 3, 2018

    Message 10 from James exploring James' admonition not to blame God for temptation but look within ourselves.

    Chico Alliance Church April 22, 2018 Pastor David Welch “Don’t Blame God for Temptation” James provided instruction to his reader that would serve as a test of their faith. True faith manifests in specific ways. James tells us how a person who claims to live by faith should be living. One of more

  • Cultivating Our Spiritual Passions Crucifying Our Fleshly Passions Series

    Contributed by David Welch on May 22, 2018

    Message 6 in our exposition of Paul's first letter to the Corinthians continuing a discussion of what it means to live by the power and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.

    Chico Alliance Church Pastor David Welch “Cultivating our Spiritual Passions -- Crucifying our fleshly passions” I Corinthians 2:6-3:4 Every one of us has witnessed the war between two opposite views. Lies, brainwashing, fear, intimidation, bribery, power and control are a way of more

  • Persevering Through Trials Series

    Contributed by Russ Barksdale on May 21, 2018

    Faith may not deliver you from suffering, but faith will get you through suffering; not just surviving it, but thriving in spite of it.

    Connect the Dots ?James 1:1-18 ??Persevering Through Trials Faith may not deliver you from suffering, but faith will get you through suffering; not just surviving it, but thriving in spite of it. “The just shall live by faith.” Genesis 15:6, Habakkuk 2:4, Romans 1:17, Galatians 3:11; more

  • Be Strong - How To Win Over Temptation Series

    Contributed by Christian Cheong on Apr 9, 2010
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    Be realistic (being honest about it), responsible (understand you have the power to choose right), ready (be on your guard), and refocused on the goodness of God, and we will find the strength to overcome temptation.

    Today I want to talk about man’s oldest problem – temptation; it goes back all the way to Adam. • We all face it. Even when you know what is right to do, it is difficult to say “No.” • Oscar Wilde once said, “I can withstand anything except temptation.” • People say the only way to get rid of more

  • Wrestling With The Mind

    Contributed by Joe Mack Cherry on Jun 18, 2019
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    When we get engrossed in thought and lose track of reality, this can be dangerous.

    Wrestling with the Mind? by Joe M. Cherry I. Introduction A. No one wants to see us fail more than Satan 1. He will do anything that he can to turn us away from God. a. Jo 8:44 – “He is the father of lies.” b. Rev. 12:10 - … he is the accuser of the brethren 2. He has subtle ways. 3. One of his more

  • Lessons For The Materializing Church -- Part 4 Series

    Contributed by Guy Glass on Feb 11, 2010

    Last week we looked at the topic of temptation, focusing in on the result of yielding to temptations and some ways to avoid temptations taking hold over our life. One of the key principles was the God is and always will be above temptation. Yet, God doe

    THE BOOK OF JAMES LESSONS FOR THE MATERIALIZING CHURCH -- PART 4 James 1:16 - 20 – GOD’S INVOLVEMENT WITH TEMPTATION INTRODUCTION: Last week we looked at the topic of temptation, focusing in on the result of yielding to temptations and some ways to avoid temptations taking hold more