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  • Recovering From Discouragement And Depression Series

    Contributed by Nigel Heath on Jun 27, 2011

    We can become discouraged and depressed in the Christian life and lose our confidence. But there is a way back from this that leads to a closer walk with God.

    9.1.11 INTRO Every New Year some people make New Year's resolutions -- we resolve either to start doing something good or stop doing something harmful. Favourites are to do with diet and exercise. Some have to do with relationships and behaviour. Many do not lead to lasting change. Some ...read more

  • Truth And Power

    Contributed by Jim Belcher on Oct 1, 2009
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    How would you know if a revival happened? The best place to look is in Acts--a tiny group of peasants and slaves had no political, economic, cultural or religious power, but within three centuries the Christians were the only ones keeping the world togeth

    The Great Awakening prevented the French Revolution from happing in England. As a result, social healing took place. The rich became just and generous with their resources. The poor became more self-disciplined after conversion. Britain abolished the slave trade. There were lots of reforms, ...read more

  • The Spirit Of God

    Contributed by Jim Belcher on Oct 1, 2009
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    What did it mean for God to send down his Spirit on the day of Pentecost? When the Spirit of God fills you, how do you know it?

    Some kind of power came from outside; a transcendent energy. How are we filled with the Spirit? Reminder: Pentecost was 50 days after Easter, 10 days after the ascension. They had been told by Jesus to wait for it. In the forty days between Easter and the Ascension Jesus had instructed ...read more

  • Deep Gospel

    Contributed by Jim Belcher on Oct 1, 2009
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    What does this mean to be convicted, i.e. cut to the heart? How does it happen? What are the results?

    Why did Christianity succeed in the Roman empire? According to Emperor Julian’s letter to one of his priests of the Greek religion: 1. Christians died better than anyone else 2. There was kindness to everyone. They were more inclusive than anyone else--religions usually divided by region, ...read more

  • Times Of Refreshing

    Contributed by Jim Belcher on Oct 1, 2009
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    When we know the whole story about the human condition, we can fully appreciate how good the Good News really is.

    Overview of last week. Overview of chapter: set the drama. From "happy ship church" to crashing on waves of persecution. The events of chapter 3 will lead directly to persecution. Peter and John get arrested for this healing and their preaching. Healing of the Lame Beggar (v. ...read more

  • Shaken

    Contributed by Jim Belcher on Oct 1, 2009
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    The world will not stop shaking us. We have to be shaken by God. Then we will have the courage to shake the world.

    The church turned the world upside down. They went from a small band, to being all over the roman empire by the year 200. How? 3 things: 1. They were shaken by the world; 2. They were shaken by God; 3. They shook the world I. Shaken by the world How do you get in a position where ...read more

  • Deep Community

    Contributed by Jim Belcher on Oct 1, 2009
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    How do you achieve deep community and fellowship within a group of believers?