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  • Just Be Quiet PRO Sermon

    Contributed by Sermon Spark on Oct 3, 2023
    based on 3 ratings

    To explore the omnipresence of God in our trials, the power of silence, and the victory that faith brings.

    Good morning, beloved congregation! Today, we are going to delve into a profound passage from the book of Joshua that reveals the omnipresence of God in our trials, the immense power of silence and the ultimate victory that faith brings. As we embark on this journey, I'm reminded of a powerful more

  • Trust In The Power Of The Lord PRO Sermon

    Contributed by Sermon Spark on Oct 31, 2023
    based on 3 ratings

    This sermon explores trusting God's guidance, leading outside comfort zones, and maintaining unwavering faith in God's plan, using the story of Joshua as an example. Key

    Good morning, church family! It's a joy to be here with you today. We've got a pretty interesting topic to chew on this morning, and it's one that I believe could make a real difference in our lives. Before we get into it, I'd like to share a quote with you. It's from a man named A.W. Tozer, who more

  • I've Got The Victory PRO Sermon

    Contributed by Sermon Spark on Sep 27, 2023
    based on 3 ratings

    The importance of remembering God's faithfulness and the power of our testimony, encouraging us to venture out in faith, trusting in God's promises.

    Good morning, brothers and sisters. Today, we're going to dive into an exciting piece of Scripture from the book of Joshua that looks back at God's faithfulness, and helps us look forward with faith and hope. Our passage today is Joshua 4, where Joshua commands the Israelites to build a monument more

  • We Remember Premium Sermon

    Contributed by PRO Premium on Oct 9, 2023
    based on 4 ratings

    The sermon explores the importance of remembering significant events and God's faithfulness in our lives, using tools like anniversaries and ceremonies, and how this act of remembering helps us honor the past, stand firm in the present, and foster hope for the future.

    Many of us work hard to remember things that matter to us. Birthdays, anniversaries, moments in time, people, pets, the list could go on and on. We do this because we know how fickle our memories can be. We often forget the things that matter to us. Not because we want to, not because we’re more

  • Stewardship Series

    Contributed by Eldon Reich on Sep 12, 2004
    based on 31 ratings

    Challenge for people to make a committment to give.

    STEWARDSHIP #5 CROSSING OVER Joshua 3:1-13 Today is our celebration Sunday. For 8 months we have been waiting for this Sunday to complete what our early forefathers started in 1886 It’s been an interesting journey as we have invited you to Be challenged to give sacrificially to something that more

  • Is It Flooding In Your Life?

    Contributed by Mitchell Skelton on Nov 15, 2002
    based on 24 ratings

    Are there problems in your life? How do we overcome obstacles that seem so overwhelming? Look at the example of Joshua and the Israelites as they cross over a flooded Jordan River to accept their inheritance. When it floods in your life Harvest may onl

    Is it Flooding in Your Life? Joshua 3 INTRODUCTION The only survivor of a shipwreck was washed up on a small, deserted island. He prayed for God to rescue him, and every day scanned the horizon to see if help was on the way. He eventually managed to build a little hut out of driftwood to more

  • Stones Of Remembrance Series

    Contributed by Elmer Towns on Nov 6, 2002
    based on 139 ratings

    A living reminder of thankfulness.

    Stones of Remembrance A. INTRODUCTION: JOSHUA 4:1-9 1. After God performed a significant miracle for the establishment of the nation in the land, a memorial was set up to remind future generations: (a) what God did; past; (b) who they were; present; (c) how to live in the future. 2. After the more

  • Crossing Into The Land Of Great Miracles

    Contributed by Steven Kellett on Feb 1, 2003
    based on 94 ratings

    As Joshua leads Israel into the Promised Land, we see the three landmarks that we pass on the way ot the Land of Big Dreams and Great Miracles.

    Then Joshua rose early in the morning; and he and all the sons of Israel set out from Shittim and came to the Jordan, and they lodged there before they crossed. 2At the end of three days the officers went through the midst of the camp; 3and they commanded the people, saying, “When you see the ark more

  • God's Amazing Works

    Contributed by Keith Davis on May 4, 2003
    based on 44 ratings


    Title: God’s Amazing Works! Text: Joshua 3 Introduction: We have never been this way before ‒ One thing that we know is certain is that things change. (20 Year Reunion) ‒ Look at yourself in the mirror. ‒ Listen to the music on the radio. ‒ Watch a little TV. more

  • Bringing Down The Wall Of Jericho

    Contributed by Russell Darby on Jan 21, 2005
    based on 24 ratings

    . In fulfilling his mission Joshua demonstrates 6 steps he took to bring down the walls of Jericho. He gives an excellent example of how to bring down the wall of your Jericho.

    Bringing Down the Wall of Jericho by Russell Darby Joshua 6:1-27 brings down the Wall of Jericho. Joshua 6:20 So the people shouted when the priests blew with the trumpets: and it came to pass, when the people heard the sound of the trumpet, and the people shouted with a great shout, that the more

  • Looking Back To See Ahead

    Contributed by Steaven Snow on Jan 13, 2005
    based on 19 ratings

    The Blessings of the past are mile-makers for the future.

    Looking Back to See Ahead TEXT: Joshua 5:1-12 1 And it came to pass, when all the kings of the Amorites, which were on the side of Jordan westward, and all the kings of the Canaanites, which were by the sea, heard that the LORD had dried up the waters of Jordan from before the children of Israel, more

  • Living In Victory Series

    Contributed by Jeffrey Dillinger on Mar 8, 2005
    based on 10 ratings

    What does it mean to live in Victory every day of your life? How can I live in victory?

    Living In Victory (Joshua 6:15-20) Intro: A. It was a victory that some people today deny could happen. They cannot understand how the Biblical account of the destruction of such a strong city could even be true. B. Seven times on the seventh day the children of Israel marched around the more

  • Faith A Step Into The Water

    Contributed by Glenn Branham on May 10, 2005
    based on 27 ratings

    Faith must be acted on in order to be effective.

    "Faith: Step Into the Water" Josh. 3:13-16 13 And as soon as the priests who carry the ark of the LORD--the Lord of all the earth--set foot in the Jordan, its waters flowing downstream will be cut off and stand up in a heap." 14 So when the people broke camp to cross the Jordan, the priests more

  • Captain Of The Lord's Hosts

    Contributed by Glenn Branham on May 8, 2005
    based on 4 ratings

    Jesus met Joshua and proved Himself as our eternal and sufficient help.

    "Captain of the Lord’s Hosts" Josh. 5:13-15 Intro: We will deal with four things in this story: the problem facing Joshua, who is this "man," what is the meaning of his title, and His answer to Joshua. Use your imagination with me for a moment. The year is approximately B.C. 1450. Joshua more

  • Sometimes Our Obedience Hurts Others Series

    Contributed by Pat Cook on Aug 3, 2005
    based on 8 ratings

    5th in long series on Joshua. After doing a recap of the events so far, this shows the little-spoken truth: Sometimes, in order for us to obey God, we must hurt other people.

    Joshua 3:1-17 – Sometimes Our Obedience Hurts Others It was testimony night in the church. A lady got up and said, "We are living in a wicked land where sin is on every hand. I have had a terrible fight with the old devil all week." Then, her husband, who was sitting glumly by her side more