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  • Plan Your Victories Series

    Contributed by Rev.andrew B Natarajan on Sep 7, 2018

    The title plan for your victories leads you to invent where you are and what you are doing in the your faith journey.

    Theme: Plan for your victories Text: Josh 5:1-15 Introduction: bringing up a pet(dog)-You give good name, love him so much, take him a ride by your bike and car. But if he is affected by rabies, he becomes mad. Then he growls, barks and saliva froths, then started to bite including the owner. more

  • Circumcision? Series

    Contributed by Paul Clemente on Mar 23, 2016

    Why did God ask the Israelites to be circumcised?

    This week, starting with Palm Sunday today, reminds us of the transition which occurred from God’s Chosen People Israel to God’s chosen People Christians! About 2000 years ago, the Israelites were looking for the Savior Messiah. About 450 years before that triumphal entry of Jesus in more

  • The Amorites And The Canaanites Are Afraid Series

    Contributed by William D. Brown on Jun 14, 2015

    the kings of the Amorites and of the Canaanites hearts melted with fear when they heard what Israel's God did for them.

    # 21~ Joshua 5: 1-15 11-9-14 Our text verses in Heb. 11: are 30-31. Heb.11:30-31 By faith the walls of Jericho fell down, after they were compassed about seven days. --- That happens in Joshua 6:  By faith the more

  • The Standard Of The Lord.

    Contributed by Eugene Morell on Feb 6, 2012

    This message looks at obeying the Standard of the Lord.

    THE STANDARD OF THE LORD. Joshua 5:1-12. Verse 1. Now it came about when all the kings of the Amorites who were beyond the Jordan to the west, and all the kings of the Canaanites who were by the sea, heard how the LORD had dried up the waters of the Jordan before more

  • Passion: Living Under God's Direction Series

    Contributed by Billy Ricks on Jul 10, 2011
    based on 2 ratings

    As Children and people of the covnenant we are marked in the Old testament by circumcision in the New by God's Spirit. It will be our passion to follow God's command if we are indeed children of the covenant.

    Intro: Warren Wiersbe said something profound. “God’s people must be prepared before they can be trusted with victory.” The conquest of the Promised Land was God’s victory not Joshua’s or Israel’s. It was not the expertise of the Jewish army or emotions of more

  • Coming To Your Gilgal

    Contributed by Charles Partney on Aug 22, 2008
    based on 12 ratings

    Gilgal is coming to the place where we have gained the victory in an area in our life and God has lifted the reproach of it bringing His blessings.

    Coming to Your Gilgal PM Service May 25, 2008 1st A/G Herculaneum Text: Joshua 5:1-12 Introduction: Would you take a moment with me and look at the 9 verse once again of this text tonight: Then the LORD said to Joshua, “This day I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you.” more

  • The Providence Of God Series

    Contributed by Aarron Ellerman on Feb 25, 2008
    based on 2 ratings

    We will explore the providence of God as found in 5 events in the 5th Chapter of Joshua.

    Series: Joshua Text: Joshua 5:1-15 Title: “The Providence of God” • God’s providence in 5 events: I. Crossing of the Jordan (1) • Obviously one of the reasons God held back the waters of the Jordan was to get the children of Israel from point A to point B. • God was also using this more

  • Cut To The Heart Series

    Contributed by Mark Schaeufele on Sep 10, 2007
    based on 5 ratings

    Before we can take the land, we will have to go through the pain and discomfort of spiritual preparation.

    Cut to the Heart Text: Joshua 5:1-12 Introduction 1. Illustration: The Butterball Turkey company set up a hotline to answer consumer questions about preparing holiday turkeys. One woman called to inquire about cooking a turkey that had been in her freezer for 23 years. The operator told more

  • A New Encounter With God

    Contributed by Jonathan Falwell on Jun 13, 2007
    based on 7 ratings

    In the desert, they were pressing toward a goal they could only dream of; in the Promised Land, they actually began to believe God for greater things! They were no longer satisfied with survival…now they wanted to succeed.

    A FRESH ENCOUNTER WITH GOD Two weeks ago, we opened the book of Joshua and found great promises that God had for us. Promises that would bring us through difficult days. We read of how Joshua was told by God to rise up and cross the Jordan. To cross that river that seemed like such a more

  • Conquistando La Vision Series

    Contributed by Juan Garcia on Apr 5, 2007
    based on 17 ratings

    ¿Por qué hay que conquistar la visión? Porque la visión nace en el corazón de Dios. Dios no revela su corazón a cualquier persona; hay que hallar gracia ante sus ojos.

    Introducción: La palabra conquistar significa = adquirir a fuerzas de armas. La Biblia nos enseña en 2 Corintios 10:4 que, “las armas de nuestra milicia no son carnales, sino poderosas en Dios”. ¿Por qué hay que conquistar la visión? Porque la visión nace en el corazón de Dios. Dios no more

  • Cutting Away The Flesh Series

    Contributed by Tom Fuller on Mar 6, 2007
    based on 18 ratings

    Before Joshua can go into battle the Lord has to cut away the flesh, provide new life, new food, and show who the real boss is. Before we can have victory in Christ we must go through the same thing.

    It was December of 1980. I found myself freshly graduated from college; a bachelor’s degree tucked under my arm and the world before me. I felt prepared and ready to face the challenges of the world after enduring my four years of college midterms and finals. The Lord led me to my first job in more

  • Training Camp Series

    Contributed by Larry Thompson on Feb 1, 2007
    based on 15 ratings

    This is part four of the expository sermon series from Joshua and was preached the Sunday before the Super Bowl in South Florida. Message deals with God’s training in the lives of His people prior to going into battle.

  • A Clean Fighting Machine

    Contributed by Paul Decker on Jul 12, 2006
    based on 1 rating

    We are to be ready to face the opposition.

    A CLEAN FIGHTING MACHINE Joshua 5.1-15 S: Preparation C: Readiness for opposition Th: A People with Purpose Pr: WE ARE TO BE READY TO FACE THE OPPOSITION. TS: In our study of Joshua 5, the followers of the one true God once again find the need to be fully prepared for those that challenge more

  • Along The Road Of Life... Series

    Contributed by Ryan Welsh on Feb 10, 2006
    based on 3 ratings

    This is a sermon on Joshua chapter 5 and indicates what Israel has done through their road of life... and finally in Joshua chapter 5 they do something prescriptive for us to follow as well.

    February 12, 2006 Joshua 5:1-12 “Along the road of life…” • Intro. o I figured out what happened in the super bowl.  Show Ref. slide. o I want you guys to look at a few confusing things that you might see along the road of life…  Show road signs. o We have been more

  • Beginning The Year Right

    Contributed by Renato Correa on Feb 3, 2006
    based on 10 ratings

    As Christians we always have a new beginning. We just have to start it right.

    Text: Joshua 5:1-15 Topic: A New Beginning Introduction: 1. The passage we have just read happened before Joshua and the whole of Israel started their military campaign to take Canaan for their possession. You will remember that God promised to give them this land first to Abraham, Isaac and more