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  • The Word Of Triumph Series

    Contributed by Brian Bill on Apr 2, 2003
    based on 171 ratings

    “When He had received the drink, Jesus said, ‘It is finished.’” This cry from the Cross is a shout of victory! Jesus fully paid the price for our sins, stamping "paid in full" across the ledger sheet of our lives. Since Jesus paid it all, we don’t have to

  • The Glorious Appearing Of Christ

    Contributed by Gary Merillat on Oct 18, 2000
    based on 45 ratings

    The past, present, and future activity of Christ on behalf of mankind. Good for use at Easter or on a study of the ministry of Christ.

    Illustration: Dr. E. Stanley Jones, the famous missionary, wrote in his autobiography a story about a friend, who was called upon to conduct a funeral service. This friend wanted to do the funeral exactly as it should be, so he turned to the New Testament to see how Jesus conducted a funeral. What more

  • Assets And Liabilities Series

    Contributed by Stephen Todd on Apr 1, 2004
    based on 8 ratings

    How do you tell which things in your life are assets and which are liabilities?

    Philippians 3:4-11 Sunday, June 2, 2002 To get us thinking this morning, I want to ask you a question. What are your assets and what are your liabilities? You say "pastor, that’s easy. Here’s what I own - those are my assets. Here’s what I owe - those are my liabilities." That’s more

  • Dependence Day Series

    Contributed by Steven Dow on Jul 1, 2004
    based on 48 ratings

    Part 1 of 3 in a series titled "A Declaration of Dependence." This message looks at our need to depend upon God for salvation and has a patriotic flavor.

    DEPENDENCE DAY Series: A Declaration of Dependence Philippians 3:2-11 July 4, 2004 Series Introduction: Today our nation celebrates Independence Day. But as a nation we are in danger of forgetting that we owe our independence to our dependence upon God. Our forefathers clearly more

  • What's Important To You! Series

    Contributed by Leonard Hunt on Aug 1, 2005
    based on 7 ratings

    When you compare things in your life to Jesus, things become nothing and Jesus becomes everything!

    What’s important to you? Philippians 3 Intro: A. Philippians is the book of Joy. How to have a joyful Christian mind. B. Paul gives us in these chapters thieves that rob us of joy. 1. Chapter 1 - Circumstances of life 2. Chapter 2 – People can rob us of joy 3. Chapter 3 - things can rob more

  • Find Any Treasure

    Contributed by David Tijerina on Oct 13, 2001
    based on 19 ratings

    Mel Fisher recently died. This was a man who took treasure hunting to new heights of science. He was a man who used satellite image, photographs, sonar, and under water photography.

    Find Any Treasure November 8, 2000 Text: Matt. 13:44 Mel Fisher recently died. This was a man who took treasure hunting to new heights of science. He was a man who used satellite image, photographs, sonar, and under water photography. He had a team of men and many times they would more

  • When God Has You (Part 2) Series

    Contributed by Greg Cooper on Sep 19, 2001
    based on 54 ratings

    The Blessings of God follow a committed life

    Title: When God Has You, You Have His Blessings Text: Psalms 68:19 Intro: When God has us we receive His blessings upon our lives, so much so that we become burdened with blessings. In the movie, Fiddler on the Roof, Tevia makes this statement about money being a curse, that if money is such a more

  • Reflect The Purp. Of Christmas #4 - Proclaim The Year Of The Lord's Favor Series

    Contributed by Brian La Croix on Jan 27, 2003
    based on 23 ratings

    Short message concluding this series.

    Reflect the Purposes of Christmas #4 – “To Proclaim the Year of the Lord’s Favor” December 22, 2002 Introduction Today we finish up our series on reflecting the purposes of Christ. We have been focusing on the passage from Luke chapter four, where Jesus uses a passage from the book of more

  • How To Help People Identify & Remove Pharisaical Masks

    Contributed by Paul Fritz on Oct 18, 2000
    based on 35 ratings

    Many extremists become myopically fixed on certain issues. They cannot see that the Lord is more concerned about winning people to Christ, discipling them and growing churches that reflect all of His loving attributes. The church of today does not necessarily consist of the good, but of those who more

  • What's It Mean To Be Shrewd?

    Contributed by Edward Frey on Oct 11, 2001
    based on 24 ratings

    Christian shrewdness means to use earthly treasures to build heavnly friendships

    Sermon Text: Luke 16:1-10 WHAT’S IT MEAN TO BE SHREWD? Do you know any shrewd characters? It all depends on our understanding of the word “shrewd”. That word seems to cause red flags to come up in our minds. Perhaps we equate shrewdness with dishonesty. We might think a businessman is more

  • Forgiving And Forgetting Series

    Contributed by Brian Bill on Dec 13, 2005
    based on 20 ratings

    Most of us know that we’re supposed to forgive and we understand what God says about forgiveness, but we still fight it. It could be because we think we have some valid reasons to not forgive.

    Forgiving and Forgetting Ephesians 4:26-32 Rev. Brian Bill 11/20/05 How many of you got into a fight on your way home from church last Sunday as a result of the two-part assignment I gave to married couples? The first part was to assign your marriage a number grade from 1 to 10, with “1” more

  • New Purpose Series

    Contributed by Chris Appleby on Nov 13, 2000
    based on 73 ratings

    Serving God even when it

    I guess we all know the difference between a pessimist and an optimist. A pessimist is someone who describes a glass as half empty while an optimist sees it as half full. A pessimist is someone who, on your birthday, will say: "May your day be better than it probably will be!" Some people are born more

  • A Search For Salvation Series

    Contributed by Guy Mcgraw on Jan 31, 2001
    based on 129 ratings

    What is salvation all about?

    TITANTIC sank: passengers traveled some with simple accomodations while others had very expensive. Extreme difference between but when tally came into NY office it had two catagories: SAVED & LOST Some people are going to hell in first class. LITTLE BOY in school: teacher asked, ‘what is the more

  • Lover Of Those Who Don't Know God Series

    Contributed by Davon Huss on Mar 5, 2001
    based on 45 ratings

    7th in a series on mentoring/shepherding in the church.

    Sermon for 3/4/2001 Christians love those who are unsaved Luke 15- pg. 79-80 Introduction: A. Lynn Anderson, They Smell Like Sheep- Dr. Varner was an elder at the Highland Church when I first began ministry there. Everyone in town knew Dr. Varner. This tireless man had a busy medical more

  • Don't Judge Others . . . Judge Yourself!

    Contributed by Jonathan Mcleod on Jul 23, 2001
    based on 291 ratings

    If you don’t want to be judged, don’t judge others; and if you want heavenly rewards, judge yourself.

    There’s the story of the conscientious wife who tried very hard to please her ultracritical husband, but failed regularly. He always seemed the most cantankerous at breakfast. If the eggs were scrambled, he wanted them poached; if the eggs were poached, he wanted them scrambled. One morning, more