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  • Becoming Gospel-Centric Series

    Contributed by Brian Bill on Nov 4, 2019

    Look at every situation as a gospel opportunity.

  • Won't You Be A Neighbor? Series

    Contributed by Perry Greene on Oct 14, 2019

    BEING a neighbor is the means to fulfilling the greatest commandment.

  • I Am Generous! Series

    Contributed by Ernie Arnold on Sep 9, 2019

    We serve a Generous God - who shows us how we can be generous as well. This sermon is designed to help those who we serve be generous people therefore being a blessing to others and bringing blessings into their own lives! Sermon 2 on Series of Back to the Basics

    Scripture: Matthew 6:19-21; 2 Corinthians 9:6-8; John 3:16 Theme: Generosity Title: I Am Generous! INTRO: Grace and peace from God our Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Good morning! How many of us this morning loved that part of the day when our teacher told us to get out our math more

  • Secret Of Success

    Contributed by Vicki Williamson on Sep 6, 2019
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    As it is in the natural so it is in the spiritual as God created all things. Jesus uses His creation to reveal a deep spiritual truth to His disciples. That is how to bear fruit, how to love one another and how to be a disciple.

  • Loving The Lord

    Contributed by Jonathan Kruschel on Aug 28, 2019

    Are you a good Samaritan? We might try to help other people, but is that really what Jesus was trying to teach when he told the story about the good Samaritan? Look to what leads up to this parable and see how Jesus' story is so much more than just a lesson teaching us to help other people.

  • The Good Samaritan Series

    Contributed by William Baeta on Aug 3, 2019

    “And behold, a lawyer stood up to put him to the test, saying, Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” (Luke 10:25)

    This parable is well known and popular among many people even among those with no access to a Bible. The background to this parable was an attempt by the Jewish religious leaders to counter the authority of Christ and assert their own authority. This, however, was impossible as Jesus always more

  • The Law Of Love: How Compassion Can Change Your Life

    Contributed by Rian Adams on Jul 18, 2019

    The Parable of the Good Samaritan offers the unique opportunity to see compassion at work outside of Israel. Compassion can change our lives, our churches, and our world.

  • True Neighbors

    Contributed by Daniel Kerr on Jul 14, 2019
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    Just who is our neighbors?

    The Lord Be With You. I usually start with a parable or a short story … There’s an old story of King Solomon that goes like this. Three angry men presented themselves in King Solomon’s court. They said that they were business partners and went on a business trip with a large sum of money. Shortly more

  • The Parable Of The Good Samaritan

    Contributed by Mark A. Barber on Jul 13, 2019

    The Parable of the Good Samaritan is one of the best-loved stories of Jesus.

    The Parable of the Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37 The parable of the Good Samaritan is one of the best-known parables of Jesus. But like all parables, they serve as illustrations. They shed light on a topic and flesh it out. So when we interpret this parable, we must first find out why Jesus uses more

  • Love Is The Key

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on Jul 11, 2019

    We all have "ditches" and see others in their "ditches" but do we show compassion or pity?

    Love Is The Key Luke 10: 25 - 37 Intro: Mamie was an elderly woman, plagued with arthritis and a number of other ailments. People were surprised to see her going regularly to the post office to buy stamps. One Christmas the lines were particularly long, but there was Mamie patiently waiting her more

  • Peeling The Onion - The Story Of The Good Samaritan”

    Contributed by Clarence Eisberg on Jul 10, 2019
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    Title comes from a sermon by Robert Wuthnow. Jesus tells a great story. We know it well. Or do we? Some quotes from Ken Bailey "Jesus through Middle Eastern Eyes"

    In Jesus Holy Name July 14, 2019 Text: Luke 10:25 Redeemer “Peeling the Onion - Let Me Do It” At first glance the Gospel lesson is going to give us a list of the things we can do in order “to get into heaven”. That is what the Jewish lawyer is asking Jesus. “What must I do to more

  • Who Is My Neighbor?

    Contributed by I. G. Spong on Jul 10, 2019

    Let’s look at how even enemies can become good neighbors? Let’s examine the Parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37 and see how it applies to us.

  • Jesus' Answer To Prejudice And Discrimination

    Contributed by Byron Perrine on Jul 9, 2019

    In this my adaption of a sermon by Eric Carey-Holt, I have focused on what I believe to have been the Lord’s original intent in His parable of the “Good Samaritan”, addressing the problem of racial discrimination, and socio-economic, gender, and religious prejudice.

    One researcher found in a survey that 49% of the people interviewed said they would be able to tell the story of the Good Samaritan if asked to do so, 45% said they would not be able to, and 6% were unsure whether they could tell it or not. Among those who attend Christian religious services every more

  • Are You A Good Samaritan?

    Contributed by The Rev Deniray Mueller on Jul 8, 2019

    Sometimes the most 'Christian' person is one who does not follow Jesus, but cares for his fellow man

    Just then a lawyer stood up to test Jesus. Teacher, he said, what must I do to inherit eternal life? He said to him, What is written in the law? What do you read there? He answered, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with more

  • The Good Samartian 'rap'

    Contributed by The Rev Deniray Mueller on Jul 8, 2019
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    Parable of the Good Shepherd in 'rap' style

    Today’s gospel of the Parable of the Good Samaritan is one of the best known of all Jesus’ parables. There probably isn’t anyone who ever attended church a few times who hasn’t heard the parable. A parable is a story with a deeper moral, teaching us a lesson about the life Jesus want us to more