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  • Seven Days To Revival

    Contributed by John Gaston on Jul 25, 2021

    We look at 3 key turning points in Scripture. We have the choice of living in a backslidden state or to take definite steps to change, to decide "I will have more of God and God will have more of me!"

  • Lost & Found

    Contributed by Rick Boyne on Jun 13, 2021

    Jesus came to seek and to save the lost.

    Lost & Found June 6, 2021 Morning Service Immanuel Baptist Church, Wagoner, OK Rick Boyne Message Point: Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. Focus Passage: Luke 15:1-32 Supplemental Passage: "For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost." (Luke 19:10 more

  • Do You Love Sinners? Series

    Contributed by Scott Maze on Jun 9, 2021

    Think of this: what if the first person to meet the younger brother was the older brother. Think of the anger that would poured out his mouth: “You have a lot of nerve showing up here.”

  • Father’s Day Message - The Good Father

    Contributed by Otis Mcmillan on Jun 9, 2021
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    Our God is a Loving Father! What is God really like? Some people think the most important question of life is “Do you believe in God?” But a more important question is “What kind of God do you believe in?”

  • Jesus Loves Sinners Series

    Contributed by Scott Maze on Jun 9, 2021

    Jesus is the shepherd who loves the sheep whose performance is the worst. He loves in spite of your poor obedience, your poor performance. No one has been more inclusive of sinners than Jesus.

  • Jesus Loves Sinners, Part 2 Series

    Contributed by Scott Maze on Jun 9, 2021

    The Returning Son doesn’t bring any gifts to his family from his time away. Instead, he comes asking for a small amount of mercy and a job. Does he consider his father's broken heart and the agony of rejected love that his father has endured?

  • Parable Of The Loving Father Series

    Contributed by Boomer Phillips on Jun 8, 2021
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    Father's Day: The father should be the hero of this parable. He had been watching and waiting with love and patience. Like the father who was looking for his son to return, the Lord is waiting for us to come home to Him.

  • Bouncing Back (Part Three)

    Contributed by Derrick Tuper on Jun 6, 2021

    In parts one and two we looked at Joseph and Paul. People like Job, Jesus, Joseph and Paul suffered hardships but they didn't do anything wrong. But what about when our suffering is our fault? How can we bounce back?

  • It's Party Time!!! Series

    Contributed by Roshelle Brenneise on Jun 6, 2021

    Jesus associates with sinners and EVEN EATS with them!!!

  • Home Is Where You Left It: The Three Gifts Of The Redeemed

    Contributed by Sean Dees on May 1, 2021

    We are living in a time of runaways. All around us we are hearing of cases of children and teenagers running away from home in search of the “good life”.

  • Rending, An Encouragement To Repent.

    Contributed by Andrew Moffatt on Apr 30, 2021

    Looking into the first two chapters of Joel

    Rending Over the past few days, I have been drawn to the book of Joel again. This interesting little book brings focus to a number of things. Joel starts his book with a description of a plague, not a pandemic plague like we are now experiencing, but a plague of locusts. Locusts move like an more

  • The Rebel Returns Series

    Contributed by Glenn Pease on Apr 30, 2021

    We want to look at the story Jesus told about a youth who learned the hard way. It is often called the parable of the Prodigal Son, but it could just as rightly be called the parable of the Faithful Father.

    The main social event of the year in many Sunday Schools is the summer picnic. William Porkess was in an English Sunday School that was granted permission by an Earl to have a picnic on his large estate. How excited they all were as they were being carried to the estate by horse and more

  • You Can Choose To Go Home Series

    Contributed by Glenn Pease on Apr 30, 2021

    There are so many things that just won't get you home, but there is one thing that will always get you home, and that is choosing to go home. He chose to get up, and he chose to start walking, and he chose to continue walking, and he chose to walk all the way home.

  • Four Gospel Pictures From The Parables Of Jesus

    Contributed by Justin Steckbauer on Apr 24, 2021

    But did we allow that consuming power of God's love reshape our lives? Did we make a decision to give our whole lives to Jesus Christ the savior of all? That is the question I want you to ask yourself today.

    "Kenneth Clark, internationally know for his television series Civilization, lived and died without faith in Jesus Christ. He admitted in his autobiography that while visiting a beautiful church he had what he believed to be an overwhelming religious experience. "My whole being," more

  • Lost Series

    Contributed by Jerry Cosper on Apr 21, 2021

    When a Christian thinks about being lost, it’s a whole different concept from what the world sees as lost. So, let’s see how we can use the word lost in such a way that even a non-Christian will understand.