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  • Seven Things In Hell That Should Be In Church

    Contributed by John Daniel Johnson on Nov 21, 2018

    There are at least 7 things in Hell that need to be in every church across the world. God's churches need more tears, more repentance, etc...

    Scripture Reference: Luke 16:19-31 Preached at Mount Zion Baptist Church on November 18, 2018 Delivered by Rev. John Daniel Johnson Introduction Hell is the forgotten doctrine. Go to you neighborhood Christian book store and ask for the commentary and theology section. After walking by all more

  • One Minute After Death Series

    Contributed by Bob Marcaurelle on Oct 28, 2018

    A description of what the Bible says about where the saved and the unsaved go immediately after death. This is the time between death and the return of Christ.

    The Christian Faith The End Times 1 1 ONE MINUTE AFTER DEATH (The Intermediate State) by Bob Marcaurelle Copyright 2009 by Bob Marcaurelle A man laughed at a Christians comments about life after death, and said, “The only thing we can prove about a human being is that he is made more

  • The Grand Chasm

    Contributed by Jeff Hatos on Aug 19, 2018

    Jesus spoke of a chasm between heaven and hell in His parable of Lazarus and the Rich man. Was the chasm meant as just a parable or does it really exist?

    The Grand Chasm Luke 16:19-31 “There was a rich man who was dressed in purple and fine linen and lived in luxury every day. At his gate was laid a beggar named Lazarus, covered with sores and longing to eat what fell from the rich man's table. Even the dogs came and licked his sores. The more

  • Unbelievers Fully Convinced After Death.

    Contributed by David Goering on Aug 9, 2018
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    What sinners refuse to believe in this life, they do believe at the moment of death.

    SCRIPTURE READING: Luke 16:19-31 "There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared sumptuously every day: And there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at his gate, full of sores, And desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man's more

  • If Only I Had The Chance Again

    Contributed by Rick Gillespie- Mobley on Jul 13, 2018

    This sermon looks at the Rich Man and Lazarus and the reasons why Jesus tells us about Heaven And Hell. The Rich Man wants to become an evangelist, but he doesn't get the chance.

    If Only I Had The Chance Again July 8, 2018 Psalms 14:1-7 Revelations 20:11-15 Luke 16:19-31 If you knew exactly what was going to happen tomorrow, how many of you think it might change what you do today. For some of you, you would become a hero, for some of you would become rich, for more

  • The Rich Man And Lazarus

    Contributed by Mark Aarssen on Jun 20, 2018

    Jesus gives us a life lesson here that is for both this life and the next. There are needy people at our doorsteps who need our compassion, love and resources in order to survive. Our wealth should not remove us from them.

    The Rich man and Lazarus Luke 16:19-31 As we have walked with Jesus through the Parables this year we have been taught how God values each one of us, men and women, boys and girls, young and old and rich and poor. Jesus has given us insights into how to live for God while we seek to live more

  • Three Things In Hell That Should Be In The Church

    Contributed by Luther Sexton on Jun 13, 2018

    Foundation aspects of Church found in Hell.

    Three Things in Hell that should be in the Church Luke 16: 19-31 Introduction: I have preached a message about people who like to play around with their salvation and cut it close with God. Eventually, there are instances where those types of people cut it too close and don’t make it. The more

  • Where Did He Go?

    Contributed by Stephen Belokur on May 24, 2018

    One of the least studied times of Jesus' life is the period between His death and His resurrection. So, the natural question is, "Where did He go?" Let's see if we can find out.

    If you would, please stand as we say together our memory Scripture for this quarter: Romans 12:4-5 “Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” more

  • Don't Touch The Mountain (And Encounter With God) Series

    Contributed by Roberta Karchner on May 19, 2018

    The Israelite arrive at the mountain - but still do not have a permanent change of how they live - they want to "touch the mountain." Concludes with invitation to turn life over to God

    Exodus 19:3-6, 16-19 3 Then Moses went up to God; the Lord called to him from the mountain, saying, “Thus you shall say to the house of Jacob, and tell the Israelites: 4 You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself. 5 Now therefore, if more

  • How Can A Good God Send Anyone To Hell? Series

    Contributed by Pat Damiani on May 15, 2018

    Third in a five part series that attempts to answer hard questions about God, the Bible and faith.

    ENGAGE Growing up, I wasn’t particularly opposed to God. In fact, as I look back, I certainly believed there was a God, and for much of my early life I just assumed that since I wasn’t an axe murderer or a thief and that I’d done more good things than bad things in my life that one day I’d go to more

  • One Month To Live - Pt. 2 - Wasted Series

    Contributed by Steve Ely on May 9, 2018

    The clock is ticking! Limited time! Limited days! What would you do if you knew that your time was about to be up?

    Pt. 2 - Wasted I. Introduction Time is so important to us that we have even given time power. Time will tell. Time will heal all wounds. I’m not really sure time has those abilities but I know this time is valuable. Time is the most valuable asset any one of us has. As we do our very best to more

  • The Horrors Of Hell

    Contributed by John Lowe on Mar 13, 2018
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    The Bible simply says, “....the rich man also died and was buried.” But the funeral must have been a grand affair. The rich man was most likely laid in the best casket, and there was a procession of mourners to accompany him to his grave . . .

    12-28-03 Title: The Horrors of Hell Text: (Luke 16:23) Scripture Reading: (Luke 16:19-31) Our text for today is Luke 16:19-31. I want to read for you, the results of a poll taken by Time Magazine and CNN News. It was a telephone poll of 1,018 American adults who were asked more

  • Healing Our Sick Hearts

    Contributed by W Pat Cunningham on Feb 24, 2018
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    There is, in fact, something in our nature that yearns for the divine, that longs for goodness and beauty and truth. Original sin has wounded us, but only our own deliberate actions can spiritually kill us.

    Thursday of 2nd Week in Lent 2018 Reformation/Revolution “More tortuous than all else is the human heart, beyond remedy; who can understand it?” If any Scripture verse summarizes the view of the Protestant reformers about the nature of humans, this one from Jeremiah must be it. The RSV renders more

  • Satan's Battle Tactic Part 4 Series

    Contributed by Rodney Johnson on Feb 11, 2018

    This messsage is the 2nd part of Satan's tactic of using the deceitfulness of riches to remove us from our relationship with God.

    Satan’s Battle Tactics Part 4 Scriptures: Proverbs 11:25; 22:6-7; Luke 6:38; 16:19-31 Introduction This is part four of my series “Satan’s Battle Tactics.” Last week I shared with you the first part on how the devil will use money to deceive us. This morning I want to conclude the tactic more

  • Did Lazarus And The Rich Man Really Go To Heaven Series

    Contributed by Coz Von on Nov 12, 2017
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    What you may not know about what happened to Lazarus and the rich man will really surprise you. There is some deeper insight into this.

    In Luke 16:19–31 Jesus told a very strange story about a rich man, whom He didn’t name, and a poor man named Lazarus. The rich man lived in luxury while Lazarus, a beggar who lay at the rich man’s gate, was covered with sores and had very little to eat. In due time both men died. Angels carried more