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  • What Is Your Excuse?

    Contributed by Charles Mallory on Jul 9, 2019

    Three men and three different excuses as to why they couldn't follow Jesus. We can learn from their mistakes to live out our calling with passion and to keep from letting the world distract us from this important mission.

  • Is Jesus Grumpy?

    Contributed by Rian Adams on Jul 3, 2019

    Those who wanted to follow Christ were told to follow him and not even burry their dead. This sermon explores how Jesus called to deeper discipleship.

    Grumpy Jesus: Feelings and Focus Have you ever been grumpy? I don't mean mere frustration; I mean, have you ever been in a place where no one could do anything right? Maybe you haven’t, but I bet you can notice it in other people. That sounds a lot like Jesus in Today's Gospel reading. more

  • Yes! . . . Well, Maybe

    Contributed by The Rev Deniray Mueller on Jul 1, 2019

    Jesus calls us to be his disciples, but too often we have excuses to do it right then

    Luke 9:51-62 As most of you know, this is my final Sunday at Saint John’s. According to the canons of the Diocese, I must leave when the new rector comes. After much prayer and tears, with the help of Father Stephen, I decided the most graceful way to leave would be at the end of the current more

  • Eyes On The Prize

    Contributed by Mary Erickson on Jul 1, 2019

    Jesus was focused on his mission. He urges us to be focused on God's kingdom in our lives, too.

    June 30, 2019 Hope Lutheran Church Rev. Mary Erickson Luke 9:51-62; Galatians 5:1, 13-25 Eyes on the Prize Friends, may grace and peace be yours in abundance in the knowledge of God and Christ Jesus our Lord. A farmer was teaching his young son how to plow. As his son sat in the tractor seat, more

  • 3 Stages Of Following Jesus

    Contributed by Daniel Kerr on Jul 1, 2019

    Everyone goes through 3 stages on their belief path

    Luke 9:51-62 The Lord Be With You. I usually start with a parable or a short story … There once was a young man that complained all day that he just couldn’t meet anyone. From morning to night he’d tell anyone who was listening that no matter what he did he would die a lonely man. Then, one day, more

  • I Choose To Follow Jesus

    Contributed by The Rev Deniray Mueller on Jul 1, 2019

    Children's sermon about making excuses not to follow Jesus when he calls

  • Cheap Talk And Lame Excuses

    Contributed by I. G. Spong on Jun 30, 2019

    Should we forget everything to follow Him, or is it a question of priority? What priority does God have in our lives? Let’s learn about excuses in Luke 9:51-62.

  • The Cost Of Discipleship

    Contributed by Nickolas Kooi on Jun 27, 2019
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    This sermon looks at the rejection of the Samaritans, and examines the excuses of the three would be disciples. This sermon has some illustrations to draw the hearer back in, and helps to apply the text to the life of the hearer in their baptismal identity.

    Sometimes you just need to learn the value of a dollar. I remember when my nephew Kaden was learning this at the Wisconsin Dells. We were downtown, where all the shops were, and he was given a dollar earlier in the day. Thinking that was enough money to buy something in a tourist trap, he began more

  • Estrategia Maestra: Corrección

    Contributed by Wilbur Madera Rivas on Jun 24, 2019

    El discipulado es un proceso de corrección de nuestras vida para ser más como Jesús

    No sé cómo sea en tu caso, pero yo he tenido aprendizajes significativos de mis errores, que incluso, se incorporan rápidamente a mi repertorio cognitivo. Por ejemplo, uno de los aprendizajes más vivenciales que he tenido fue cuando en una ocasión, mis hermanos y yo, siendo more

  • Lessons In True Power Series

    Contributed by Brad Bailey on Jun 3, 2019

    Lessons in True Power Series: Encountering Jesus (through the Gospel of Luke) Brad Bailey – June 2, 2019

  • The Good Samaritan Series

    Contributed by Dr. Jonathan L Vorce on Apr 27, 2019
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    Today we will take a look at the Good Samaritan and glean from the conversation that Jesus had with a lawyer about this dynamic man.

    Luke 10:25-37 Introduction: • Paint the Picture o The story of “The Good Samaritan” is known far and wide in Christendom. o It’s a story of treachery, thievery, hypocrisy, racism, compassion and care. o This story teaches us to look beyond religious, social, racial and societal barriers and more

  • A Right Spirit Series

    Contributed by Dr. Jonathan L Vorce on Mar 29, 2019

    In today’s continuation of our series “ Red Letter’s” we will pay special attention to: 1. The Necessity of Discernment 2. Having the Right Perception of Jesus 3. The Encouragement from Jesus to Keep Our Spirits Right & 4. The Cost of Discipleship

  • Beauty Marks Luke 9

    Contributed by Charles Scott on Aug 7, 2018
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    Modern advertisers proclaims cosmetics, surgical treatments, diets, exercises, pharmaceuticals and equipment will make one beautiful. The apostles and prophets in their writings and Jesus' brief sayings shows the way to the ultimate beauty mark.

    The Transfiguration of Christ 2018 Beauty Marks Luke 9 Transfiguration Day Prayer O GOD, who on the mount didst reveal to chosen witnesses thine only-begotten Son wonderfully transfigured, in raiment white and glistering; Mercifully grant that we, being delivered from the more

  • James: The Apostle Of Passion Series

    Contributed by Derek Geldart on Jul 2, 2018
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    While a lack of passion leads to spiritual complacency, the wrong kind of passion leads to unholy acts! Today’s sermon is going to focus on the life of Apostle James who learned firsthand that passion is only good when aligned with the will of Christ!

  • The Comfortable Cross--We Don't Want The Real Thing

    Contributed by Rick Gillespie- Mobley on Feb 14, 2018
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    We don't mind going to the cross as long as we can take a number of comfortable and convenient things along with us. Jesus does not call us to comfort. He calls us to die.

    Not A Fan Part 4: The Comfortable Cross January 28, 2018 1 King 12:25-33 Luke 9:51-62 Some of the ideas in this sermon came from Kyle Idleman’s series Fan or Follower which we did at our church. We are now in week 4 of our Not a Fan series. We have looked at Fan or Follower, more