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  • Lutheran Identity Series: Grace Alone Series

    Contributed by Matt Hoffmann on Aug 18, 2010
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    In this Sermon series we explore some of the treasures of our Reformation Heritage and Identity. This Sermon is based upon the struggles facing the First Century Jewish Christians and those leaders of the Reformation. The Value of God Grace comes to the

    Sermon 082210 Hebrews 12:4-24 Well, today we are looking at our last “sola” or “alone” statement of the Reformation. This one is “sola gratia” or “grace alone.” Of all the words that we use in the church, the word Grace is among the “big more

  • The Lutheran/Biblical Mind Finds Joy In The Cross Series

    Contributed by Daniel Habben on Jul 16, 2017

    We not only find joy in the cross of Christ, but also in the cross God calls us each to carry. Find out why.

    We’re smackdab in the middle of another Alberta summer. There isn’t anywhere else I’ve lived that serves up summer as well as this part of the world does. We have long hours of sunshine that stretch well into the evening letting you get more done outside. Even when temperatures reach the upper 20’s more

  • The Lutheran/Biblical Mind Knows The Importance Of Praying, Pondering... Series

    Contributed by Daniel Habben on Jul 9, 2017

    What are faith basics? The Lutheran/Biblical Mind Knows the Importance of Praying, Pondering, and Persevering.

    OK you car fanatics, I have a question for you. What are the basics of car maintenance? One website I read listed these items. Regularly change the oil and oil filter, replace dirty air filters, and keep your tires pumped to the right pressure. There is more that you need to do to keep your car more

  • The Lutheran/Biblical Mind Understands That Christians Are Sinner-Saints Series

    Contributed by Daniel Habben on Jul 2, 2017
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    This truth about our double identity both warns and comforts.

    Albrecht Dittrich and Jack Barsky (show pictures). These men are from the same town in Germany. They even share the same parents. But they are not brothers nor are they adopted. How can that be? How can you share parents but not be brothers or at least be adopted? That’s because Albrecht Dittrich more

  • Reformation - Lutherans Unique Contribution To The Christian Church

    Contributed by Ronald Harbaugh on Oct 26, 2008
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    A sermon for Reformation Sunday

    Reformation Sunday, October 26, 2008 Grace be unto you and peace, from God our Father and from our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen. Let us pray: Dear Heavenly Father, you came among us in the person of your Son, Jesus the Christ, to reveal your will and grace for our lives. Through the power of more

  • Philosophie De La Musique Dans L'eglise Lutherienne Series

    Contributed by Patrick Berthalon on Sep 1, 2010
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    Lutheran tradition of Music

    PHILOSOPHIE DE LA MUSIQUE DANS LE CULTE LUTHERIEN A. Culte et musique Quelle place la musique a-t-elle dans la compréhesion Luthérienne et la tradition du culte ? La réponse à cette question est enracinée dans la façon dont les Luthériens se sont vus dans toute leur histoire. Martin Luther et more

  • Philosophie De La Musique Chez Les Reformes Series

    Contributed by Patrick Berthalon on Sep 1, 2010

    Reformed Church Tradition of Music

    PHILOSOPHIE DE LA MUSIQUE DANS LE CULTE REFORME Ce châpitre décrit les accents importants dans la tradition reprise, en grande partie en termes d'écritures du réformateur Jean Calvin. La comparaison est inévitable : deux grands réformateurs du seizième siècle avec deux approches énormément more

  • Leaving Jesus Behind Series

    Contributed by David Elvery on Nov 27, 2005
    based on 95 ratings

    Have we left Jesus behind in our lives by being distrated with other things. Are our priorities the same as those of Jesus.

    Luke 2:41- 52 - Leaving Jesus Behind View beginning of Home Alone Movie - Parents, have you ever left your children somewhere by mistake? What was your reaction? A bit like this mum? Has anyone ever been left somewhere by mistake. As a child, I was left behind at church several times more

  • A Spirit Filled Confession Of Faith

    Contributed by Christopher Martin on May 31, 2009
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    A sermon for the festival of Pentecost, Series B. Preached 5/31/2009 @ Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, Audubon, Iowa. It was also Confirmation Sunday at Our Saviour’s.

    This morning we have two very important things going on as a part of our worship service. The most obvious is that today is Confirmation Sunday. For the last two years, Jake, Samantha, Ethan, Elizabeth, Emily, Miranda, and Lexie have gone through careful instruction with me in the basics of the more

  • The Need Of Repentance And Forgiveness

    Contributed by Christopher Martin on Mar 22, 2013

    A Sermon for the Third Sunday in Lent, Series C preached 3/3/2013 at Emmons Lutheran Church, Emmons, Minnesota. This was my first Sunday as Pastor at Emmons Lutheran Church.

    It’s not uncommon for natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other such forces of nature to make news headlines. Ranking right up there are stories of tragedy, such as building and bridge collapses, car accidents, aircraft crashes, and other such unfortunate more

  • True Greatness

    Contributed by Christopher Martin on Sep 20, 2009
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    A sermon for Pentecost 16B/Proper 20 preached September 20th, 2009 at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, Audubon, Iowa. It talks about greatness in the Kingdom of God vs. greatness in the eyes of the world.

    I’d like for you to imagine the following scene, and tell me what you think about it. You’ve just been told by a doctor that you have an incurable disease. This disease is fatal. You know you have a short time until you die. The doctor describes in detail how the disease will progress and rob you more

  • The Ongoing Reformation

    Contributed by Christopher Martin on Oct 25, 2009
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    A Reformation Sunday sermon preached 10/25/2009 at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, Audubon, Iowa that talks about the need for ongoing Reformation in the church today.

  • Testing The Spirits-The Vision Of Ministry Of Our Saviour's Lutheran Church

    Contributed by Christopher Martin on May 10, 2009
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    A sermon for the 5th Sunday of Easter, Series B preached 5/10/2009 at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church in Audubon, Iowa.

    Easter 5A 1 John 4:1-11 “Testing the Spirits and The Vision of Ministry of OSLC” 5/10/2009 Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, Audubon, Iowa In our Epistle reading for this morning, we hear St. John, the last living Apostle, tell the church of his day: “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but more

  • The Lutheran/Biblical Mind Seeks God's Revealed Will, Not His Hidden Will Series

    Contributed by Daniel Habben on Jul 23, 2017

    Where should I live? Whom should I marry? How can I find out God's will in the matter? You can't. His will in those matters is hidden from us. However when we seek his revealed will, we can make decisions about our lives in faith rather than fear.

    Kids, have you ever passed notes to your friends during class? I never did that of course because I was a very serious student, but my friends would do that and every now and then one of those notes would be intercepted by the teacher. How do you suppose the author of the note felt about that? Well more

  • Can Anything Good Come Out Of Our Saviour's Lutheran Church?

    Contributed by Christopher Martin on Jan 19, 2009
    based on 4 ratings

    A sermon for the 2nd Sunday after the Epiphany preached at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, Audubon 1/18/09. It plays off Nathaniel’s question in the text "Can anything good come out of Nazareth?"

    “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” That’s quite a question for Nathaniel to be asking this morning, isn’t it? If you were from Nazareth, you might hear that as quite an insult. Just imagine someone you just met asking where you were from, and you say you’re from Audubon, Iowa, and they more