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  • Just Do Your Part! PRO Sermon

    Contributed by Sermon Spark on Sep 29, 2023
    based on 3 ratings

    Explore the true essence of giving, serving, and obedience through the story of the humble widow in Mark 12:41-44, who gave all she had to the Lord despite her poverty.

    Good morning, church family! Today, we're going to dive into a powerful passage from the book of Mark that speaks volumes about the heart of giving, the power of serving, and the reward of obedience. It's a passage that tells the story of a humble widow who, in her poverty, gave all she had to the more

  • Where Is Your Faith? PRO Sermon

    Contributed by Sermon Spark on Nov 22, 2023
    based on 3 ratings

    Explores the widow's offering in Mark 12:41-44, emphasizing the importance of faith, works, and healing in our relationship with God.

    Good morning, beloved family of God. We are gathered here today, not just as individuals, but as a collective body of Christ, unified in our shared faith and love for our Lord Jesus Christ. We are here to learn, to grow, and to be inspired by the Word of God. We are here to draw strength from each more

  • Commendable Giving

    Contributed by Norris Harris I on Jan 23, 2003
    based on 69 ratings

    I submit to us that The Offering Is An Important Part of the Worship Experience. The Offering is so Important that John Mark writes in verse 41 that "JESUS SAT over against the TREASURY,and BEHELD HOW THE PEOPLE CAST MONEY INTO THE TREASURY ...."

    I submit to us that The Offering Is An Important Part of the Worship Experience. The Offering is so Important that John Mark writes in verse 41 that "JESUS SAT over against the TREASURY, and BEHELD HOW THE PEOPLE CAST MONEY INTO THE TREASURY ...." In the Giving of our Offerings, we are more

  • Nitty Gritty...livin' Large #6 Series

    Contributed by Jeffrey Stratton on Aug 19, 2002
    based on 64 ratings

    This series is based upon Mike Yaconelli’s book "Messy Spirituality" and is designed to convince seekers that God wants their Nitty Griity lives

    June 22-23, 2002 Mark 12:41-44 “Nitty Gritty…Livin’ Large” It is a mild Sabbath morning in the Palestinian City of Jerusalem. The sun has not yet risen to full strength, and yet people are already lined up all the way down the dusty road which leads to the Holy Temple. Smoke is in the air because more

  • Giving When It Hurts

    Contributed by Robert Tatum on Sep 3, 2002
    based on 17 ratings

    To move hearers and readers toward a life of giving, even when giving is uncomfortable or painful.

    "Giving When It Hurts" Near Mobile, Alabama there was a railroad bridge that spanned a big bayou. The date was September 22, 1993. It was a foggy morning just before daybreak when a tugboat accidentally pushed a barge into the bayou. The drifting barge slammed into the bridge. In the darkness more

  • How God Measures Our Giving

    Contributed by Kenneth Trent on Nov 17, 2002
    based on 67 ratings

    Sets forth the position that God measures our giving not so much as the size of the gift we give but how much we have left after the gift is given.

    HOW GOD MEASURES OUR GIVING “Calling His disciples to Him, Jesus said, ‘I tell you the truth, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others.” Mark 12:43. President John F. Kennedy in his inaugural address said: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what more

  • Abc's Of Giving - Consecration Series

    Contributed by Jeff Strite on May 14, 2002
    based on 123 ratings

    Are our offerings to God "sweet smelling aromas" to Him? Or are they something less?

    The following sermon was used in conjunction with the book "Take God at His Word, Book 2: Expect a Harvest" written by Dr. Kregg Hood, Sweet Publishing (5750 Stratum Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76137) Dr. Hood has an excellent packet to go with this sermon series that would be well worth your more

  • The Widow's Mites

    Contributed by Robert Travis on Aug 24, 2001
    based on 100 ratings

    God knows the motive of our giving.

    THE WIDOW’S MITES And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and beheld how the people cast money into the treasury: and many that were rich cast in much. And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing. And he called unto him his disciples, and saith unto more

  • Commitment To Real Giving

    Contributed by Bo Dunford on Jan 4, 2002
    based on 118 ratings

    What real giving is in the Bible

    MARK 12:41-44 "COMMITMENT TO REAL GIVING" A) This is a touching story with a powerful message that is often ignored! * It is a story: * That shows how God’s heart reaches out to those in need ....... * He reaches out in tenderness, and compassion, and love! * It’s a story that shows how much more

  • "A Giving Heart..." Series

    Contributed by J. Douglas Duty Jr. on Oct 13, 2002
    based on 131 ratings

    # 2 From the series - “The Six Pillars of a Powerful Church” Mark 12:41-44 stewardship

    “The Six Pillars of a Powerful Church” A Giving Heart Mark 12:41-44 Today we begin a series called - “The Six Pillars of a Powerful Church.” The first pillar that holds up a powerful church is that of STEWARDSHIP. Stewardship is managing, using, working with and overseeing all that GOD more

  • Enough With The Leftovers

    Contributed by Jay Patton on Aug 5, 2002
    based on 8 ratings

    A sermon challenging everyone to give God their best.

    Enough With the Leftovers Mark 12:41-44 Introduction: Illustration re: Chuck Swindoll forgetting his anniversary Read Scripture/Pray Background: Jesus’ contrast of the self-righteous leaders vs. the poor Purpose Statement: When you give to the Lord recognize... I. It’s not the size of the gift more

  • Que Debes Ofrecer A Dios

    Contributed by Nestor Menjivar on Oct 20, 2002
    based on 136 ratings

    Un bosquejo de un sermon sobre cuanto y como se debe de ofrecer una ofrenda a Dios. Esto habla de ofrendas de tiempo, talento y dinero.

    Lo que ofreces a tu Dios – Marcos 12:41-44 Esta mañana leemos de la ofrenda de la viuda. Quiero que examinemos esto para observar que podemos aprender de estos versículos de Dios, de nosotros y de lo que el espera de ti y de mi. Es importante notar que lo que debemos dar no es solo nuestro more

  • Little Is Much When God Is In It

    Contributed by Billy Kryger on Aug 13, 2002
    based on 95 ratings

    God can take what little you have to offer Him, if you’ll give it freely, and use it for His honor and glory. He used A REDUCED REGIMINE, A SHEPHERD’S SLING AND A LAD’S LUNCH.

    * God isn’t interested in the quantity of our finances, friends or family * This church’s size, sanctuary or staff doesn’t impress him. * He wants to use the little things that we have. He used: 1. A REDUCED REGIMINE—JUDGES 7 A. Midianites had 120,000 men B. Gideon started with 32,000---“Scared more

  • The Greatest Giver Judges Our Gifts

    Contributed by Joel Pankow on Apr 26, 2001
    based on 68 ratings

    what Jesus uses to judge our gifts

    April 29, 2001 Mark 12:41-44 41 Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts. 42 But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a fraction of more

  • Treasure Giving! Series

    Contributed by Dave Martin on Feb 8, 2001
    based on 104 ratings

    God will not merely judge us on the basis of what we gave but also on the basis of what we did with what we kept for ourselves.

    "Treasure Giving!" " The 3 T’s - Time, Treasure, and Talent" series part 1 of 3 Text: Mark 12:41-44 & Selected Cross Creek Community Church Pastor Dave Martin - Feb. 4, 2001 God’s Word is Powerful, Relevant, and Life Changing! Mark 12:41-44 "Jesus sat down opposite the place more