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  • Martha And Mary

    Contributed by Robert Cox on Feb 17, 2007
    based on 20 ratings

    Martha and Mary had different kinds of hearts....but Jesus loved them both!

    JOHN 11:1Now a man named Lazarus was sick. He was from Bethany, the village of Mary and her sister Martha. 2This Mary, whose brother Lazarus now lay sick, was the same one who poured perfume on the Lord and wiped his feet with her hair. 3So the sisters sent word to Jesus, "Lord, the one you love is ...read more

  • Martha And Mary Series

    Contributed by Alan Mccann on Nov 1, 2004
    based on 69 ratings

    How being a ’martha’ can distract you from sitting at the feet of Christ and hearing his voice.

    MARTHA – LUKE 10.38-42 I want you to note right at the beginning of this sermon the context in which Luke records this incident in the home of Martha and Mary. Luke places it immediately after Jesus has taught the parable of the Good Samaritan. I think that is significant because in that parable ...read more

  • Martha And Mary

    Contributed by Colin Thornby on Nov 6, 2010
    based on 1 rating

    Service is being in relationship with Jesus (Luke 10:38-42)

    Let us pray: Jesus, be in what I say, and stop me from getting in the way of what you want my sisters and brothers to hear. Help us all to listen to you with our ears, our minds and our hearts, so that your living presence can teach us, renew us and help us to live as children of the Father. ...read more

  • Martha And Mary Series

    Contributed by Freddy Fritz on Jul 26, 2014
    based on 1 rating

    The account of Martha and Mary teaches us about the priority of the word of God in the life of every believer.

    Scripture After his ministry in Galilee, which lasted about two years, Jesus “set his face to go to Jerusalem” (Luke 9:51). On his journey to Jerusalem, Jesus taught his disciples many lessons. We learn about one of those lessons in the account of Martha and Mary in Luke ...read more

  • What’s The Rush?

    Contributed by Victor Yap on Dec 28, 2009
    based on 3 ratings

    Martha and Mary

    WHAT’S THE RUSH? (LUKE 10:38-42) Hong Kong is an extremely busy city. After a year in Hong Kong, I have done my best to keep up. Every working day in Hong Kong, I rush for the 7:24 am Ma Wan ferry, arriving around 16 minutes (7:40 a.m) later at Tsuen Wan West, where I have two minutes to get to ...read more

  • Is The Lord Pleased With My Priorities? Series

    Contributed by Ben Mandrell on Aug 25, 2008
    based on 4 ratings

    Why was Jesus so hard on Martha and not Mary?

    Note: This is the sermon manuscript that Ben carried into the pulpit. Feel free to use it in any way to advance the kingdom of God. Questions For God: Is the Lord Pleased With My Priorities? Luke 10:38-42 Englewood Baptist Church Sunday Morning, Aug. 10, 2008 Today marks week 3 in this ...read more

  • The Better Part

    Contributed by Gaither Bailey on Jul 15, 2010
    based on 3 ratings

    This sermon examines the dichotomy between the behavior of Martha and Mary.

    The Better Part – Luke 10: 38-42 Intro: Jesse had just returned home after a long, hard day working as an attorney. As she stood in her kitchen trying to mentally unwind and prepare herself for a relaxing evening at home, her husband came through the door. The first words out of his ...read more

  • Two Different Relationships To Jesus

    Contributed by Revd. Martin Dale on Jul 16, 2016
    based on 1 rating

    Two sisters loved Jesus immensely - but only one cultivated her relationship with Jesus for which she is commended

    Trinity 8 TSJ and WSG 17-07-2016 Luke 10:38-42 - Martha and Mary Introduction To get to the root of a Gospel reading you need to look at it in context. Darrell Bock in the NIV Application Commentary on Luke ...read more

  • Overcoming Christmas Stress

    Contributed by John Hamby on Dec 1, 2003
    based on 114 ratings

    Four simple principles for overcoming Holiday stress taken from the story of Martha and Mary.

    Overcoming Christmas Stress Luke 10:38-42 Whether you like it our not, whether you are prepared or not, the Christmas Season is upon us! This past Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, is the known as the busiest shopping day of the year. I overheard one ...read more

  • Duty Vs. Devotion Series

    Contributed by John Hamby on Jul 30, 2002
    based on 694 ratings

    Is it possible to serve the Lord out of habit rather than out of love? An examination of Martha and Mary illustrate the cost of a loss of focus.

    A Study of the Book of Luke Sermon # 27 Duty vs. Devotion Luke 10:38-42 What brought you here today? Was it a sense of duty, you feel a sense of obligation, a responsibility to the Lord for all that he has done for ...read more

  • Take 6 Steps And Praise God

    Contributed by Wade M. Hughes, Sr on Dec 5, 2015
    based on 1 rating

    As David was returning the ARK OF THE LORD, he learned a few lessons, DAVID LEARNED PRAISE AND WORSHIP... Are we like Martha or Mary?

    TAKE SIX STEPS! WHY PRAISE? By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr. Kyfingers@aol.com I HAVE SOME GLASS MARBLES, SOME GRAPES, AND SOME GRAPE JUICE... TO ILLUSTRATE THIS LESSON... This lesson is kind of like the DIFFERENCE IN MARBLES and GRAPES... MARBLES are single units doing their own thing. ...read more

  • I Am The Resurrection And The Life Series

    Contributed by Stephen Sheane on Feb 26, 2016
    based on 1 rating

    In this story we see the reaction of three different people to death; Martha hoped, Mary hid and Jesus wept

  • Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus

    Contributed by Stan Simonik on Jul 15, 2004
    based on 36 ratings

    Learning from Martha and Mary, find out how to benefit from the quiet times with the Lord.

  • A Tale Of Two Sisters

    Contributed by Lee Henry on Jul 14, 2006
    based on 19 ratings

    Martha and Mary were sisters. They were both close friends of Jesus but they interacted with him, served him and worship him in different ways.

    A Tale of Two Sisters Luke 10:38-42 Introduction: Tonight we want to look at two women who were prominent in the life of Jesus: Two sisters named Martha and Mary. They are mentioned in three separate incidents during Jesus’ ministry. 1. When he visited their home in Bethany (Luke ...read more

  • Frantic Work Or Focused Life

    Contributed by Joseph Smith on Oct 26, 2009
    based on 4 ratings

    Wisdom lies in knowing when to be busy and when to be reflective. Both Martha and Mary wanted the affirmation of Jesus. But it always comes by grace alone.

    Author Sam Keen, in his provocative little book called Apology for Wonder, tells us the lesson he learned as young boy swimming in the Indian River inlet on the Delaware coast. Keen says that swimming there was very tricky, because the outgoing waters from the bay met the incoming tides waves from ...read more