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  • Lovingness – The High Price Of Neighbourliness Series

    Contributed by Gordon Curley on Jan 15, 2012
    based on 14 ratings

    The Good Samaritan. (Powerpoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email: gcurley@gcurley.info) Listen to audio of this sermon at: www.gcurley.info

    SERMON OUTLINE: (1). Compassion Is Based On Need Not Worth. (vs 30) (2). Compassion Feels Something (vs 33) (3). Compassion Does Something. (vs 34) (4). Compassion Cost Something. (vs 35) (5). Compassion Demonstrates Real Faith. (vs 36-37) SERMON BODY: Ill: • Two men were ...read more

  • The Neighbourly Kindness Of The Hated Samaritan

    Contributed by Christopher Holdsworth on May 6, 2016
    based on 5 ratings

    Jesus sees us in our plight, naked and left for dead by the ravishes of sin in our lives. He picks us up, binds us, anoints us, and takes us to a place of safety.

    THE NEIGHBOURLY KINDNESS OF THE HATED SAMARITAN Luke 10:25-37 This well-known parable is best understood within the framework of the question-and-answer narrative between “a certain lawyer” (an expert in the Scripture), and Jesus (Luke 10:25). The motives of the would-be student ...read more

  • Refocusing Our Commitment To Jesus

    Contributed by Christopher Holdsworth on May 8, 2016
    based on 4 ratings

    The Guest is more important than the hospitality.

    REFOCUSING OUR COMMITMENT TO JESUS Luke 10:38-42 Luke has arranged his material thematically (Luke 1:3), and it is interesting here to notice that this little but highly significant domestic incident immediately follows the parable of ‘the neighbourly kindness of the hated ...read more

  • Fulfilling Life Against The Ghost Of Weariness

    Contributed by Paul Kallan on Nov 4, 2002
    based on 40 ratings

    Fulfillment of life comes not from the horizon outside, rather it grows within us through our life in partnership with God...

    Matthew 25.1-13 is a parable that compares the christian life to a virgin who waits for the coming of the bridegroom with her lamp lit as well as with plenty of reserve of oil in order to add festivity to the wedding feast. The imageries of the wedding feast, the bridegroom, the reserve of oil or ...read more

  • A Call To Practical Holiness

    Contributed by Christopher Holdsworth on Sep 30, 2016
    based on 10 ratings

    A holy walk is best seen in our attitudes to others.

    A CALL TO PRACTICAL HOLINESS Leviticus 19:1-2; Leviticus 19:9-18 In the midst of Jesus’ best-known ethical sermon, the Lord taught the foundational motive for right Christian living: ‘Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect’ (Matthew 5:48). In many ...read more

  • The Meaning Of Love

    Contributed by Chris Appleby on Oct 8, 2001
    based on 231 ratings

    Jesus teaching on love is totally radical. He pushes us to practice love, rather than giving excuses, and he points out that to love is to be a neighbour to anyone we might come across who needs our care.

    You may remember the Beatles, back in the 60’s singing "All you need is Love." There’s no doubt that there was a great truth carried in those simple lyrics. If we were to look around the world today, it’s clear that a good dose of love would cure many of the world’s ills. But it’s easier said than ...read more

  • Wer Bin Ich?

    Contributed by Revd. Martin Dale on Sep 22, 2006

    Christians have a special counter cultural calling - not to live a back biting life but a life close to God.

    James 3:13-4:8 The apostle James writes, in his epistle: 13Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the famous German theologian and pastor, who was imprisoned in 1943 for his ...read more

  • Parables Of Good Samaritan Series

    Contributed by Alan Mccann on Jul 7, 2008
    based on 3 ratings

    To whom should i be a neigbour?

    Luke 10.25-37 The Good Samaritan We often say of someone “they are a good Samaritan.” We have ‘The Samaritans’ who help people in crisis find a listening ear. The term ‘good Samaritan’ has become part and parcel of our everyday vocabulary. No doubt we all know the parable but I am also quite ...read more

  • Become All Things To All Men Series

    Contributed by C Vincent on Jul 6, 2009
    based on 1 rating

    Becoming all things to all to win some

    I Become All Things To All Men So I Might Save Some 1 Cor: 9-27 Though I am free and belong to no man, I make myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible. To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law (though I myself am ...read more

  • General Survey On The Foundations

    Contributed by Rudolf E. Y. Mensah on Dec 5, 2016

    The single most important part of any building is the foundation. If the foundation is inferior, then the entire building will not last. It will crumble!

    INTRODUCTION: The single most important part of any building is the foundation. If the foundation is inferior, then the entire building will not last. It will crumble! Psalms 11 was written by King David during the time when his estranged son, Absalom, led an armed revolt against him, in an ...read more

  • The Tests Of Life And Light Series

    Contributed by Damon S Adams on Mar 31, 2016
    based on 5 ratings

    This is the final message in a series of three on 1 John. this message examines the tests we need to apply to our life in Christ. Redemption and regeneration are essentially bound to sanctification. We are called to discipleship and to faith in Christ

    The Tests of Life and Light 1 John 2:1-28 Introduction As seen from the previous two sermons Christians are called not only to redemption but to life in the light. It is a walk. It is the idea of journey that I would like to take up. Becoming a Christian is a call to discipleship – ...read more

  • The Discipline Of Celebration

    Contributed by Steven Simala Grant on Jun 14, 2012

    The Sabbath is meant to be a day to celebrate God and enjoy life.

    The Discipline of Celebration June 10, 2012 Intro: I’d like for you to think for a moment of one of the great celebrations you have been a part of. One of the ones you look back on very fondly, that brings a smile to your face even in the remembrance of it. Take a moment or two and ...read more

  • Be A Peacemaker Series

    Contributed by Christian Cheong on Jun 20, 2016
    based on 1 rating

    Seek to be a peacemaker, and speak to build others up.

    All of us REACT when we are angry; we don’t RESPOND with wisdom and sense. When we are in a rage, we do crazy things. • We’re going to see one rare moment in David’s life when he was driven by anger, in 1 Sam 25. • It can happen to any one of us, me included. I ...read more

  • The Last Laugh Series

    Contributed by Victor Yap on May 7, 2002
    based on 41 ratings

    911, Part Four

    THE LAST LAUGH (PSALMS 52) On the cover of the May 21, 2001 Newsweek magazine was the full-size head of a man, except that the face of the man is indistinct because the print is like a red X-ray film or an undeveloped photograph. The word E V I L in bold covers his nose and mouth, but not the ...read more

  • The Samaritan Affair.

    Contributed by John Gullick on Sep 1, 2002
    based on 8 ratings

    Sermon that encourages us that there is a call for us to live our lives like the Good samaritan.

    The Samaritan Affair. MT 22:37 Jesus replied: " `Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: `Love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on ...read more