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  • A Man With No Fixed Abode

    Contributed by Revd. Martin Dale on Aug 13, 2010
    based on 3 ratings

    Abraham - a Bedouin Shepherd, no great shakes in the world’s eyes, trusts God and is blessed

    Abraham – a man of no fixed abode Abraham – a man of no fixed abode Story: A man was walking down the road in the Arizona desert after his car had broken down. The sun was high and he was very thirsty. Eventually he stumbled upon an old hut where no one lived. The hut had only part of a more

  • The Shaping Of God's Hero Series

    Contributed by James ( Jim ) Highland on Mar 24, 2011
    based on 1 rating

    Thr shaping of David from the young hero to the legendary king.

    The Shaping of God's Hero ! Samuel 17:17-50 The shaping of the young hero to the legendary king; Someone on any short list of God’s heroes is David. The apostle Paul called him “a man after God’s own heart. We met him first when the prophet Samuel was looking for the next more

  • Search For Success

    Contributed by Micah Fries on Feb 20, 2003
    based on 22 ratings

    As we live our lives in culture that is dramatically opposed to God we must be careful to live lives that honor Him. Our church has unfortunately lost it’s impact as a result of the decline of holiness among its people. This sermon will help us to learn h

    “Search for Success” Joshua 14:6-15 I.) Directed by a passion for God (6-8) a. Conviction (7) [in my heart!] “And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Send men to spy out the Land of Canaan, which I am giving to the children of Israel; from each tribe of their fathers you shall send a more

  • Keep Your Dream Alive

    Contributed by David Cook on Aug 18, 2010

    Here's how to keep your God-given dreams alive, like Caleb!

    INTRO: Dreams, we all have them; falling, unprepared, being chased, flying, etc. What dreams did you have growing up? Fireman, Baseball player, famous actress, President? Here’s how to keep your God-given dreams alive. 1. BELIEVE GOD’S PROMISES Your God-given dreams will be kept more

  • Somewhere Between Quack And Quisling Series

    Contributed by Joel Smith on Jan 25, 2009
    based on 5 ratings

    The Christian life is a balancing act between syncretism and sectarianism.

    When I was a teenager, I was one of the few students at West Davidson Sr. High School who listened to heavy metal music. Although my buddies enjoyed it to some extent, they were a little bit spooked by some of the darker groups I chose. This was mainly because they were all good church-going boys more

  • Building Up And Moving On

    Contributed by David Dewitt on Jun 21, 2010
    based on 6 ratings

    One of the greatest accomplishments in the entire Bible was accomplished by Nehemiah when he led the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem.

    Building Up and Moving On Nehemiah 7:1-3 June 6, 2010 Morning Service Introduction There were many great leaders and great tasks accomplished throughout the Bible. Here are just a few reminders. * Noah built the Ark and saved the world * Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt and slavery * more

  • Responsibility

    Contributed by Lou Nicholes on Nov 18, 2004
    based on 8 ratings

    The Lord makes it clear that it is the responsibility of the priests to minister in the tabernacle and protect it from being defiled.

    THOUGHTS ABOUT THE PASSAGE: Philip Melancthon, the great Reformation theologian, once said to his friend Martin Luther, “This day you and I will discuss the governance of the universe.” What Luther said in response was unexpected: “This day you and I will go fishing and leave the governance of more

  • By Faith Samuel Series

    Contributed by Scott Bayles on Apr 19, 2009
    based on 3 ratings

    Part of a series on the Heroes od Faith from Hebrews 11. This is an expository, alliterated sermon on Sameul.

    Chapter 17 Samuel Do I need to give more examples? I do not have time to tell you about Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David, Samuel, and the prophets. — Hebrews 11:32 NCV Long ago in the sun-baked land of Canaan, a woman prayed for a son. Hannah was one of two women married to a man named more

  • The Art Of Going Forward Series

    Contributed by Hugh W. Davidson on Apr 19, 2009
    based on 2 ratings

    The reason people followed Joshua was because Joshua followed God.

    The art of going forward Joshua 1:10-18 The party aboard ship was in full swing. Speeches were being made by the captain, the crew, and all the guests were really enjoying the week-long voyage. Sitting at the head table was a seventy-year-old man who was kind of more

  • The Source Of True Happiness Series

    Contributed by Brad Nelson on Dec 21, 2006
    based on 9 ratings

    All of mankind is on a search for happiness, but we are looking in the wrong places.

    THE TRUTH ABOUT HAPPINESS The Source of True Happiness Psalm 146:5 Introduction: What was the most frequently given answer in the video, “What are you looking for?” Happiness! People desire to be happy. The pursuit of happiness has become our chief aim in life. It’s our purpose. We more

  • Somebody Is Listening And Watching Series

    Contributed by Melvin Shelton on Jul 9, 2007
    based on 6 ratings

    The way God does things is that he does a work on the inside before He can work on the outside. That speaks to the church today folks, in order for God to do a work in our world He must first of all do a work in His church.

    Somebody is listening and watching Ezra 3 7/8/07 I am preaching through the little book of Ezra. Last Sunday we studied about a couple of principles found in this book that must be followed if we are to see a movement from God. We talked about two things that usually happen prior to a national more

  • When A Good Man Does A Bad Thing Or Golden Calf Religion

    Contributed by Chris Anderson on Nov 1, 2002
    based on 86 ratings

    A sermon warning against false worship, and the problems with disobeying God.

    When A Good Man Does A Bad Thing or Golden Calf Religion Exodus 32 Aaron, I believe, was a good man. If not, I do not think that God would have chosen him to head the priesthood for the nation of Israel. He was mightily used of God to help Moses as he led the people. I’m sure there were more

  • Leaving A Legacy Series

    Contributed by Joel Smith on Oct 26, 2008
    based on 1 rating

    You haven’t completed the race until you’ve passed the baton.

    A number of years ago I heard about a survey of centenarians (people 100 years or older). The study asked these folks if they had any regrets about their lives. One of the top answers of the survey was: I wish I could leave something that lives beyond me. Another way of saying it is leave a more

  • Thy God Whom Thou Servest Continually

    Contributed by Ed Wood on Jul 4, 2008
    based on 2 ratings

    A message on loyalty of service.

    THY GOD WHOM THOU SERVEST CONTINUALLY Daniel 6:10-27 INTRO: We all know of men who have been faithful to God. Men who have given their lives in service to God. But today, we want to learn about a man who was probably the most loyal of any more

  • Rehab For A Scoundrel

    Contributed by Joel Smith on Feb 18, 2009
    based on 3 ratings

    God has some bitter medicine that can kill or cure the scoundrel in you.

    Airport security personnel have a fairly mundane job. They scan people with metal detectors, look through their bags, check their shoes, and sometimes pat them down. It’s probably not uncommon to find a knife accidentally left in someone’s pocket. On rare occasions they might find drugs or fire more