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  • Lost!

    Contributed by Jerry Flury on Mar 10, 2002
    based on 45 ratings

    In the parables, we see the condition or state of those away from God. We observe God’s great love and anxiety for sinners. We get a glimpse of heaven scene upon the restoration of a soul.

    Introduction: Great crowds of outsiders came to listen to Christ. These were men and women who through their family associations, their occupations, their social status, or their life styles were looked down upon with immense contempt by the more rigid and sanctimonious Scribes and Pharisees. more

  • "Every Day I Screamed, Hoping Someone Would Hear Me".

    Contributed by John Mayes on Jan 28, 2006
    based on 45 ratings

    This is a modern-day story of the Parable of the Lost Sheep as reported in the Dallas Morning News, January 28, 2006.

    A modern-day parable of the Lost Sheep. In Matthew 18:12-14, Jesus tells the story of the Lost Sheep. When the man who ownes 100 sheep discovers that he has one missing, he leaves the 99 in search of the one that became lost. If he finds the lost sheep that wandered off, he brings it back to more

  • Jesucristo Recibe A Los Pecadores

    Contributed by Andrew Schroer on Oct 1, 2001
    based on 65 ratings

    Esta es una invitación a confiar en él y una exhortación a predicar sobre él.

    “Clariza, ¿has visto mis llaves?” Cada unos días se escuchan esas palabras en mi casa. Y luego empieza la búsqueda: bajo el sofá, en la cocina, en mi oficina, entre la ropa sucia. Como locos las buscamos porque como siempre ando tarde para una cita. Cuando de repente se escuchan las gloriosas more

  • Buscando Lo Perdido, Parte I Series

    Contributed by Timothy Archer on Mar 2, 2004
    based on 29 ratings

    En las parábolas de la oveja perdida y la moneda perdida, Cristo nos enseña sobre nuestra actitud para con los "pecadores" de este mundo.

    Lucas 15:1-10 I. “¡Recibe a pecadores!” A. En Lucas 14, vimos cuando Jesús llamó la gente a hacerse discípulos, como llamó a la gente a entregarse por completo al Señor. Terminó diciendo: “El que tenga oídos, que oiga.” B. Los “pecadores” oyeron y respondieron. Eran los marginados de la more

  • The Lost Sheep Series

    Contributed by Billy Kryger on Feb 6, 2003
    based on 70 ratings

    First message in the series "God’s Lost and Found" from Luke 15. This message is deals with the fact that all are lost sheep in need of the Good Shepherd to find and carry them to the safety of the sheepfold.

    INTRODUCTION: Luke chapter 15 is what I like to call “God’s Lost and Found Chapter”. It is not three separate parables but rather one parable (v. 3) with three parts. Jesus uses three illustrations in this chapter to answer the Scribes’ and Pharisees’ accusation that He associated with more

  • He Is The Good Shepherd Series

    Contributed by Don Jaques on Nov 17, 2004
    based on 88 ratings

    •All people can receive the spiritual leadership and protection of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. •Jesus, as the Good Shepherd, offers us leadership, an abundant life, and protection

    Who Is This Jesus? 10. He is the Good Shepherd John 10:1-21 November 13/14, 2004 Don Jaques ANNOUNCEMENTS: - welcome guests - Coupeville outreach next Saturday. - Thank God for veterans. - Prayer for Senegal TREK team. MAIN IDEA: • All people can receive the spiritual leadership more

  • Looking For What's Lost, Part I Series

    Contributed by Timothy Archer on Jan 29, 2004
    based on 7 ratings

    Jesus teaches us about how we should respond to the "sinners" of this world.

    I. “He welcomes sinners!” A. In Luke 14, we saw Jesus’ call to discipleship, how he called people to give themselves completely to the Lord. He ended his call by saying, “He who has ears, let him hear.” B. The “sinners” heard and responded. These were the outcasts of society, those who more

  • The Father's Concern For The Wayward Christian

    Contributed by Brian La Croix on Dec 10, 2007
    based on 4 ratings

    Message about the fact that Jesus looking for the lost sheep.

    The Father’s Concern for the Wayward Christian Matthew 18:12-14 June 17, 2007 I think all of us can remember a time when we’ve strayed from God. Maybe it wasn’t as blatant or drastic as it was for others, but we know that at times we’ve said, “No thanks” to Jesus and decided that our way more

  • Jesus Sinners Does Receive

    Contributed by Andrew Schroer on Oct 1, 2001
    based on 63 ratings

    This is an invitation to trust in him. This is an exhortation to preach about him.

    “Clariza, have you seen my keys?” And then the search begins: under the couch, in the kitchen, in my office, in the laundry. We look like crazy because as always, I am running late. Then I hear those glorious words: “Here they are.” What a relief. This morning our Savior Jesus Christ is going to more

  • What Makes Heaven Happy? Series

    Contributed by David Dykes on Apr 4, 2003
    based on 215 ratings

    Luke 15 contains three parables about lost items. In each story, extreme measures are taken to seek the lost; when each is found, there is great rejoicing. These stories are pictures of how God seeks us and the joy heaven experiences when we are found.

  • The Joy Of Finding What Was Lost

    Contributed by Ray Ellis on Nov 4, 2002
    based on 14 ratings

    When one person comes to faith in Jesus there is rejoicing in heaven. Who are sinners and who are the righteous are described in this message.

    “The Joy of Finding What Was Lost” Luke 15 The primary thrust of Jesus’ mission on earth was finding lost people. Jesus said: “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” (Luke 19:10) Jesus was not talking about finding people who were lost as they were traveling from one city more

  • "Lost Sheep Need A Shepherd" Series

    Contributed by Mike Rexroat on Aug 5, 2007
    based on 30 ratings

    A look at the Parable of the Lost Sheep...from the view of the sheep.

    Ok, good morning! We have two items of business to take care of before we get started this morning. First, we have to wish Laurie and her husband Jim a Happy Anniversary for this coming Thursday. Last week it was her birthday and this week it is her anniversary.... so she pretty much gets all more

  • 99 Sheep And A Pocket Full Of Pennies

    Contributed by Scott Carmer on Sep 17, 2007
    based on 4 ratings

    God throws a party in heaven when a sinner repents.

    99 Sheep and a Pocket Full of Pennies Luke 15:1-10 September 16, 2007 I love John Wayne movies. Last year Toni gave me a set of DVDs for Christmas that included “Flying Tigers,” “The Sands of Iwo Jima,” “The Fighting Kentuckian,” “In Old California,” and “North to Alaska.” I also have “The more

  • Intentionally Seeking The Lost. Rejoicing When They Are Found!

    Contributed by Warner Pidgeon on Sep 15, 2007
    based on 1 rating

    We are called to join in with God by deliberately, intentionally seeking out the lost. When the lost are found we are called to join with God in rejoicing!

    A few years ago I was reading a book by Stephen Gaukroger. He tells the story of a New York Methodist minister who saw the need to bring his ‘ninety nine righteous’ sheep back into the fold. He put an advert in the local paper: “Lost, stolen or strayed; a large flock of Methodist sheep. They more

  • What Constitutes 'joy In Heaven'

    Contributed by Revd. Martin Dale on Sep 15, 2007
    based on 3 ratings

    The three parables of Luke 15 reflect the Triune’s God seeking the lost

    Luke 15:1-10 Parable of the Lost Sheep Story: A young man who had been raised as an atheist –was training to be an Olympic diver. The only religious influence in his life came from his outspoken Christian friend. The young diver never really paid much attention to what his friend said more