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  • Forsaking Foibles That Fracture Families Series

    Contributed by James Wallace on Feb 1, 2018

    How to avoid creating the environment that produces sibling rivalries, bitter jealousy and self ambition in families.

    Fixing Family Feuds Forsaking Foibles that Fracture Families Genesis 37:1-11 This morning we begin a new series on the life of Joseph, which I've entitled, Fixing Family Feuds. The Title is actually inadequate—yes a family feud was fixed, but an incredibly gracious God and an incredibly ...read more

  • The Frenemy Dysfunction

    Contributed by Monty Newton on Aug 8, 2011

    God's way it to transform "frenemy" relationships into friendship relationships.

    Title: The Frenemy Dysfunction Text Genesis 37:1-4 and 12-28 Thesis: God’s way is to transform “frenemy” relationships into friendship relationships. Introduction Popular culture likes to portray a dysfunctional family as endearing. Three well worn examples might be the ...read more

  • Sibling Rivalry Series

    Contributed by Tom Fuller on May 20, 2005
    based on 11 ratings

    Learn how two brothers fight from before birth - and how differences in attitude towards God can mean a big difference in how your life goes.

    Verse 1 - 4 Abraham remarried and had kids - the kids were of no consequence and moved to different areas around Palestine - the point is that Isaac is the focus of the blessing. Verse 5 - 8 Abraham started giving away the inheritance before he was dead. Even though Isaac was the ...read more

  • The Constant Revelation Of Grace

    Contributed by Jon Mackinney on Apr 6, 2010

    God is constantly revealing His grace to us, but we don't always see it. Here is a story of God's grace, and man's resistance to it.

    Passage: Matthew 9:1-8 Intro: We live in a world of constants. 1. a constant is something that is unchanging and invariable. 2. these are laws of the universe that do not change. 3. probably the most well-known and commonly experienced is the law of gravity. PP Gravity formula. ...read more

  • Mma In The Womb Series

    Contributed by Troy Luttrell on Sep 29, 2014

    Jacob has a unique calling from God upon His life. Despite his combative nature, God will still use him as an instrument of His grace.

    Introduction: Ill: Have you ever known someone when you heard they were dating (so&so); or even going to marry (so&so), you thought “How could they fall in love with________?” Background: • In Romans 9:10-13 we read the following verse, “Esau have I hated, and Jacob ...read more

  • Why Put Off Until Tomorrow, What You Can Do Today?

    Contributed by David Roshto on Apr 19, 2010
    based on 11 ratings

    Often we get comfortable to mediocrity and declare that "Tomorrow" I'll get serious with God. Why not make "Tomorrow," Today?

    Why is it that we put everything off until tomorrow? When I was growing up, do you know when my parents favorite day was to start a diet? Tomorrow! (sometimes they said Monday, but when Monday came, they said, “Well today wasn’t good. Let’s really start Tomorrow.”) When do ...read more

  • Your Labor In Not In Vain.

    Contributed by Sol Madlambayan on Sep 24, 2003
    based on 59 ratings

    Our labor for the Lord is always vital.

    August 31, 2003 HOLY SPIRIT BLESS US 1 Cor 15: 58 “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” Your labor in not in vain. This is the day that the Lord our God intend for us to ...read more

  • A Messy Life, A Spiritual Legacy Series

    Contributed by Ed Vasicek on Feb 26, 2009
    based on 3 ratings

    Getting right with God does not mean we will avoid trials and tragedies, but we can experience God’s help to get through them -- and leave behind a spiritual legacy.

    A Messy Life, A Spiritual Legacy (Genesis 35-49) [series: The Life of Jacob finale] 1. According to an AP article posted Friday, "Stocks pared their losses and traded mixed Friday after the White House sought to douse fears that the government would nationalize crippled banks. "White House ...read more

  • Prepared For A Sinful World--Secure In God's Promise Series

    Contributed by Bruce Landry on Mar 10, 2002
    based on 9 ratings

    We will walk with Jacob’s family and view the faithful walk of young Joseph. His willingness to go when called of God--I pray that you and I are as willing to place ourselves in service to God and possible in harms way to fulfill God’s perfect will.

    Prepared for a Sinful World Resting Secure in God’s Promise Remembered in Trials DBF 3/10/02 Boy, when you live in a small community like Dillingham or Bristol Bay you can’t afford to lose any friends. What do you think you should do to keep your friends and family happy with ...read more

  • Losing Someone You Love Series

    Contributed by Daniel Darling on Feb 2, 2011
    based on 6 ratings

    This series aims to narrow the gap between scriptural instruction and our day-to-day challenges.

    Losing Someone You Love Tuff Stuff Series - #6 Sunday, September 20th, 2009 Gages Lake Bible Church Pastor Daniel Darling Larry Fowler, in his book, Raising a Modern Day Joseph, shares a tragic story that happened to some good friends of his: A large number of parents will identify a ...read more

  • Dealing With An Imperfect Family Series

    Contributed by Stewart Holloway on Nov 14, 2006
    based on 1 rating

    In one way or another, we all have imperfect families. This sermon introduces the series "Home Makeover for Families"

    Sermon Opener: Drama by Judi and Dave: “Choices” from 52 Dramatic Moments, p. 57. Does that scene hit a little too close to home? Have you been there, done that, and have the scars to prove it? Maybe it was a terrible fight between you and your spouse. Maybe it was between you and your child. ...read more

  • Do Not Trade Your Blessing. Genesis 25:19-34 Series

    Contributed by Shine Thomas on Apr 17, 2017

    A sermon on the birth of Jacob and his childhood. This sermon primarily covers the foolishness of Easu as to how he gave up his birthright and the blessings foolishly and how we God’s children lose our blessings.

    http://www.cityharvestagchurch.org/category/sermons-and-sermon-series/ Introduction: Today I want to speak on Jacob. As we trace his life, we will discover that he had as many defeats as victories. Jacob’s life is a struggle from the very beginning. He cheats and is cheated and loves and is ...read more

  • And You Think Your Family Is Messed Up Part I Series

    Contributed by Monty Newton on Jul 28, 2014

    God is at work in and through our lives despite our differences and dysfunction,.

    Title: And You Think Your Family Is Messed Up! (Part I) Text: Genesis 29:15-28 Thesis: God is at work in and through our lives despite our differences and dysfunction. Back Story In Genesis 28 we see how a dream encounter with God had a transforming affect on Jacob. When he woke up ...read more