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  • Born Free

    Contributed by James May on Jul 3, 2008
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    The Centurion had purchased his freedom at a great price, but Paul was born free. Our freedom has been purchased at great price by the blood of Jesus Christ.

    Born Free Wednesday, July 2, 2008 By Pastor Jim May Acts 22:25-28, "And as they bound him with thongs, Paul said unto the centurion that stood by, Is it lawful for you to scourge a man that is a Roman, and uncondemned? When the centurion heard that, he went and told the chief captain, more

  • The Real Lord Of The Dance Series

    Contributed by Cesar Verdeflor on Feb 10, 2006
    based on 3 ratings

    Life is like a dance. The moment you were conceived and as you were growing in your mother’s womb you move your limbs, rhythmically in synchronicity with the other parts of your body—you were dancing.

    Life is like a dance. In a dance, we have to learn the basic steps before being considered a good dancer. Learning to dance does not happen overnight. We learn it step by step. So is life. The moment we came out of our mother’s womb we learn to dance. We start learning the basics of life. We start more

  • Stand And Be Counted

    Contributed by Joseph Smith on Jan 24, 2008

    At a church-sponsored rally for census involvement. Census taking may seem invasive, but the information leads toward justice; God is able to use the census for His purposes; and it reminds us of the vast task of redemption to which we are called.

    When Rev. Gray asked me to preach, the answer was easy. I am just about always ready to preach! You know how it is with preachers, especially Baptists: we can come up with a Scripture to cover all occasions, we have an opinion about everything, and we believe that everybody is waiting to hear our more

  • Dying To Self

    Contributed by Christopher Nerreau on Jan 28, 2008
    based on 22 ratings

    Growing in intimacy with God is more than external works of prayer or love, it is dying to our agendas, fleshly desires and ego’s. Today we will look at how dying to oneself opens the door to a new life of intimacy with God.

    “Dying To Self” Romans 6:4 01/27/2008 by Dcn. Chris Nerreau READ PASSAGE “Dying To Self” INTRODUCTION: May the words of my lips and the meditation of my heart be always acceptable in thy sight, giving praise, glory and honor to Your name our Rock and our Redeemer. Amen! Have you more

  • Breaking Satan's Hold On Your Flesh

    Contributed by Scott Carroll on Mar 13, 2008
    based on 2 ratings


    BREAKING SATAN’S HOLD ON YOUR FLESH Mark 5:2-17 2 And when he was come out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit, 3 Who had his dwelling among the tombs; and no man could bind him, no, not with chains: 4 Because that he had been often bound more

  • Memorial Day

    Contributed by Darrin Fish on Dec 10, 2007
    based on 8 ratings

    On Memorial Day we 1-Mourn the Loss 2-Remember the Lives 3-Are thankful for the Sacrifice

    What is the history of Memorial Day? “Memorial Day is an official holiday in the United States. It was observed on May 30 until 1971, when for federal employees, the date was changed to the last Monday in May. It is also known as Decoration Day. The custom of placing flowers on the graves of more

  • Some Things We Need To Remember

    Contributed by Jeffrey Powell on May 25, 2009
    based on 2 ratings

    We must remember that our rich heritage and future is not just a result of red-blooded American courage, ingenuity, or superiority alone. America is a great nation because a Great God gave us National superiority. History is proof that any nation that fai

    I got the basic outline and some material from Jerry Shirley’s Jan 6, 2004 “What God Has Done for America” Some Things We Need to Remember Dan 5:1-5 Jeffrey Powell 24 May 2009 Courtesy of the Red, White, & Blue (The Angry American) (Toby Keith) ©2002 Tokeco Tunes (BMI) This was written a more

  • Recidivism The Illusion Of Freedom

    Contributed by Wade M. Hughes, Sr on Jan 6, 2006
    based on 7 ratings

    Let’s look at recidivism the illusion of freedom. Can we see the difference in metal and mental bars?

    RECIDIVISM: THE ILLUSION OF FREEDOM Metal Bars vs. Mental Bars By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr Gal. 5:7 You did run well; who did hinder you that you should not obey the truth. Proverbs 11:22 As a jewel of gold in a swine’s snort-- Matthew 7:6 Give not that which is holy more

  • No Greater Love

    Contributed by Steve Klink on May 24, 2004
    based on 17 ratings

    Memorial Tribute to Pat Tillman

    Text: John 15:13 How many of you are busily caught up with Spring cleaning and sprucing up? It has been a good year for that hasn’t it. Nature doesn’t seem to be able to make up her mind whether it’s Winter, Spring, or Summer does she? I kind of like it because the prolonged coming of Spring more

  • Memorial Day - 2004

    Contributed by Steve Klink on Jun 2, 2004
    based on 144 ratings

    Respecting the sacrifice of those who bought our freedom with their lives.

    “In New York harbor stands a lady, With a torch raised to the sky. And all who see her, know she stands for Liberty for you and I. I’m so proud to be called an American To be named with the brave and the free. I will honor our flag and our trust in God, And the Statue of more

  • Be Careful Who Or What You Support

    Contributed by Dr. Ronald Shultz on Jun 25, 2004
    based on 57 ratings

    Be careful little hand what lever you pull for the Father above is looking down in ?

    From time to time, I hear folks say, “I don’t talk about politics or religion.” Interestingly, both subjects influence a great part of our lives and it certainly is prudent for us to seek to be right in both areas. Germans made a mistake in the last century and we had a man who should have more

  • The Powers That Be.

    Contributed by Anthony Smith on Jun 28, 2004
    based on 19 ratings

    Politicians and Goverment,The powers that be are ordained by God and no other.Are we putting our trust in man or God?

    The Powers that be Power Looking at elections and the roll of Christians. Rom 13:1 Let every soul be subject {1. One that owes allegiance to a sovereign and more

  • America Must Choose

    Contributed by Dale Bird on Jul 1, 2004
    based on 37 ratings

    Just as Joshua confronted Israel, Christian Americans must Choose as did Israel - Will we committ?

    We all face choices every day. Some choices are big and some are small. Some choices have only a limited effect while others may affect the course of our entire lives and the lives of others. Today as Americans, and as Christians we continue to be called to choose. The days of free choice are more

  • Break Out Of The Box

    Contributed by Jamie Wright on Jul 6, 2004
    based on 71 ratings

    We are trapped inside the four walls of the church house. It is time for us to get out of the box. As long as you are in the box you can not walk with God properly, witness effectively nor worship freely.

    Break Out of the Box Pastor Jamie Wright * Maranatha Fellowship Church Lamentations 3:7 (AMP) “He walled me in so that I could not get out…” There are things in our lives that Satan will try to use to box us in. Perhaps all of us feel that way at times. Boxed in. Trapped. Inadequate. more

  • Out Of Many, One

    Contributed by Jim Kane on Jul 6, 2004
    based on 26 ratings

    A July 4th communion meditation

    The Fourth of July is upon us again and we it is a time of picnics, fireworks, and celebration! We sing “Happy Birthday” to ourselves as Americans and we again both celebrate and are reminded of our nation’s birth and life. There are many commercial reminders of this national holiday that offer more