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  • Redeemed From Poor Choices

    Contributed by Curtis E. Nester on Sep 19, 2016

    Abraham and Sarah became impatient and ran ahead of God. But God overcame their poor choices.

    TITLE: Redeemed from Poor Choices TEXT: Genesis 15:1-6; 16:1-5; 17:18-19 INTRO: A man named Fred inherited a huge land grant. The will provided that he could choose land in either Chile or Brazil. He chose Brazil. If he had chosen Chile, he would have received his inheritance in land on which more

  • Poor Choices And Difficult Days Series

    Contributed by David Owens on Mar 9, 2009
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    For 16 long months David lives distant from the Lord, but finally our hero turned to the Lord, and God was ready to help him.

    Introduction: A. The story is told of a woman who went to the police station with her friend to report that her husband was missing. 1. The police officer asked for a description of her husband. 2. The wife said, “He’s 45 years old, six foot three, has blue eyes, blond hair, an athletic more

  • Slow Fade: A King's Poor Choices

    Contributed by John Stackhouse on Mar 8, 2016

    Discusses how poor choices can influence events in our lives and the lives of others around us and even our children. Importance of seeking God's will before we act. Applies to churches as well as parishioners.

    * A young boy lived in the country. His family had to use an outhouse, which the young boy hated. It was hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and always smelly. The outhouse was located near the creek so the boy decided that he would push it into the water. After a spring rain, the creek more

  • Choosing Slavery Series

    Contributed by Michael Hollinger on Mar 5, 2006
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    Any bondage that is not to Christ is a poor choice.

    Intro: This morning marks the first Sunday of Lent. This is a period of six weeks, leading up to Easter, in which we prepare for the glorious resurrection of our Redeemer. Our deliverer is coming. That’s not a new sentiment. Indeed, it even predates Christ by nearly two millennia. And yet, even more

  • A "Lot" Of Choices Series

    Contributed by Tim White on Mar 10, 2014

    Lot's poor choices give us a negative example for life.

  • Samson, God's Stumbling Hero

    Contributed by Philip Cooper on Apr 17, 2007
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    Samson’s life story reminds us of the consequences of poor choices.

  • "Stop Before It Is Too Late"

    Contributed by Brad Henry on Jul 26, 2011
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    How sin usually doesn't happen with a frontal assault but small poor choices over a period of time.

    Have you ever received a beautiful brochure of a vacation spot and it never felt that way when you go there? Years ago I went on a business trip to the Bahamas and the hotel and surrounding area looked beautiful. The first evening in the hotel as I was drifting off to sleep I heard this pesky more

  • Burning Lot In Sodom

    Contributed by Ken Durham on May 12, 2005
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    God has a plan and purpose for our lives even when we make poor choices!

    BURNING LOT IN SODOM Genesis 19: 1~29 1. Introduction Have you ever thought that Lot get’s a bad press from most Christians compared to Abraham? Sure, he made a poor choice. It’s also true that he chose to live in a wicked and dangerous place. But God did not abandon him nor does He ever more

  • A Letter From Adam To This Generation

    Contributed by Sedaric Dinkens on Feb 6, 2014
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    Adam, reflecting upon the poor choices he made, bellows from antiquity to this generation, pleading for change and providing wisdom to do so.

    To: Humans Living in the 21st Century From: Adam, the First Man Re: Concerns and Admonitions Dear Sisters and Brothers, I do not use these terms lightly. We are truly relatives, forever connected; in fact, I am honored to say that I was the first of our kind, formed by the more

  • Eternity Amnesia

    Contributed by Bill Sullivan on Sep 17, 2015

    We forget what the Word tells us about eternal life, and as a result, this amnesia leads to disappointment, dissatisfaction, and sometimes, poor choices

  • #2 Choices And Consequences Series

    Contributed by Wade Martin Hughes, Sr on Dec 12, 2014

    We must learn today's choices may have consequences many years down the road...

    #2 CHOICES AND CONSEQUENCES... By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr. This is part two, I do it in two parts... Joshua 24:15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side more

  • Marriage, Intimacy Series

    Contributed by Terry Laughlin on Mar 28, 2018
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    A Biblical marriage destroys thoughts of self-consciousness, they defeat shame, there is no fear of ridicule, no hang-ups, they can choose to avoid embarrassments and with Christ leading the marriage they miss the emotional hurts from abuse or poor choice

    Marriage, Intimacy A marriage unified in Christ enjoys true Biblical intimacy. Moses wrote, “…The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.” (Genesis 2:25) A Biblical marriage destroys thoughts of self-consciousness, they defeat shame, there is no fear of more

  • The Secret Of Happiness

    Contributed by John Lowe on Apr 22, 2013

    Some suffering in life is hard to explain, but much of it is self-inflicted. Could your misery be due to poor choices? Due to apathy or indifference? Could our suffering be due to sin?

    August 25, 2006 The Secret of Happiness Scripture: Psalm 32, especially verse 1: Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. Introduction: Some suffering in life is hard to explain, but much of it is self-inflicted. Could your misery be due to poor more

  • A Runaway Is Found, A Poor Decision Is Exposed

    Contributed by Gregory Fisher on Jul 16, 2018

    Abram and Sarai are desperate for an heir. So desperate, in fact, that they are willing to try anything...and, do. As life spins out of control the impact of their poor choices affects more than just their own relationship. But, God shows up as a searching and seeking God.

    A Runaway Is Found, A Poor Decision Is Exposed, And Faithful People are Tested. Text: Genesis 16: 1-16 16 Sarai, Abram’s wife, hadn’t yet produced a child. She had an Egyptian maid named Hagar. Sarai said to Abram, “God has not seen fit to let me have a child. Sleep with my maid. Maybe I can more

  • Success & Failure

    Contributed by Ajai Prakash on Jul 30, 2009
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    As a believer our success is in the Lord based upon the choices we make. It also depends on the different events that go on in our lives and how we react to them. Apparently failures are the repercussions of the poor choices we make not lining up with God

    Opening illustration: In George MacDonald’s fairy tale Lilith, giants live among normal people. These giants must conduct their daily affairs very carefully. When they sleep, their snoring is disruptive. When they turn over, houses may be crushed under their weight. In the Bible, Uzziah became a more