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  • Reasons For Suffering

    Contributed by Israel Volau on Jan 4, 2001
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    A lot of people have asked "Why do we suffer" and I have tried to answer this question through this sermon.

    Israel Volau Crossroads Full Gospel Woodland, CA August 18, 2000 REASONS FOR SUFFERING TEXT: ROM. 8:28 “FOR I KNOW THAT ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER TO THEM THAT LOVE GOD, WHO ARE THE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE” ALL THINGS: a. the good and the bad b. the favorable and the more

  • Ten Biblical Reasons For Suffering

    Contributed by Dana Carpenter Jr. on Jan 7, 2001
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    Why do the righteous suffer? I have found ten reasons. (If you know of any others revealed in scripture, contact me --

    INTRODUCTION. A. The problem of suffering. B. Job’s plight. C. God is not guilty. 1. Satan = cause for suffering. 2. Law of sin = cause for suffering. D. Suffering is not God’s perfect will. E. Because of our flesh natures, suffering more

  • Suffering

    Contributed by Kelly Benton on Jun 30, 2016
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    To share that the road to greatness always passes through suffering.

    A man found a cocoon of the emperor moth and took it home to watch it emerge. One day a small opening appeared, and for several hours the moth struggled but couldn't seem to force its body past a certain point. Deciding something was wrong, the man took scissors and snipped the remaining bit of more

  • Making Sense Out Of Suffering Series

    Contributed by Guy Glass on Jun 30, 2014
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    WE often make mistakes about suffering simply because we do not understand suffering. This messge gives 5 reasons for suffering

    MAKING SENSE OUT OF SUFFERING Acts 28:1-16 When they had been brought safely through, then we found out that the island was called Malta. 2  The natives showed us extraordinary kindness; for because of the rain that had set in and because of the cold, they kindled a fire and received us all. 3 more

  • Section (2) Answers From An Ash Heap Series

    Contributed by Luther Sexton on Feb 19, 2019

    Looking for answers for reason of suffering.

    IV. ANSWERS FROM AN ASH HEAP A. Suffering can be for 1. Participation -- Being Human -- Because we are a part of the human race, and the human race (thanks to Adam and Eve) is conceived and born in sin. Rom 5:12&19 Ps 51:5 Romans 8:22 "whole creation groaneth" more

  • The Hypocritical Argument Series

    Contributed by Ron Henson on Jun 26, 2015

    The most common argument against faith is the existence of suffering. If there was a God, there would be no suffering. This argument is hypocritical in that we choose suffering. God gave us the choice, and we chose suffering rather than bliss.

    Suffering Romans 1:28 Introduction: 1. Atheists love to play this card, it is their trump card • The Problem of Evil takes the following form: A God that is all powerful would be able to prevent evil and suffering. A God that is all knowing would know that evil and suffering happen. A more

  • Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People

    Contributed by Michael Stark on Apr 26, 2014

    Study of one reason for suffering experienced by God's people.

    “There was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job, and that man was blameless and upright, one who feared God and turned away from evil. There were born to him seven sons and three daughters. He possessed 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 500 yoke of oxen, and 500 female donkeys, and very many more

  • The Passion Of Christ Series

    Contributed by Dana Chau on Mar 4, 2004
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    Learn God’s reasons for the sufferings of Jesus christ

    THE PASSION OF CHRIST Isaiah 53:1-12 How many people have already seen The Passion of the Christ? I went to see the movie this past Thursday. I had one thought during the movie and one though after the movie. As tears filled my eyes, my first thought was, “I should be the one punished. I more

  • To Become A Ransom For Many Series

    Contributed by Freddy Fritz on Apr 1, 2010
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    In this sermon we see that the reason Christ suffered and died was to become a ransom for many.

    Scripture The Gospels contain a large body of material of the teaching of Jesus. Jesus taught about all kinds of things such as God, the kingdom, sin, righteousness, and judgment. Scholars and students have spent vast numbers of hours seeking to understand the person and work of Jesus. One of more

  • The Truth Behind The Scene Series

    Contributed by Thomas Swope on Jan 7, 2016

    A study of the book of Job chapter 1 verses 1 through 22

    Job 1: 1 – 22 The Truth Behind The Scene 1 There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was blameless and upright, and one who feared God and shunned evil. 2 And seven sons and three daughters were born to him. 3 Also, his possessions were seven thousand sheep, more

  • Life With God In The Wilderness Series

    Contributed by Bob Marcaurelle on Mar 11, 2016

    Message 11 Following 1 Corinthians 10 and Revelation 12 this message shows how Israel's forty years in the wilderness is comparable to our lives with God today. There are struggles but in them God is with us and uses them to make us trust and obey Him

    Moses 11 LIFE WITH GOD IN THE WILDERNESS Exodus 15:22 - 19:1 1 Cor. 10:5-6 / 11 “God was not pleased with most of them because they were overthrown in the wilderness. These things are warnings to us, not to crave evil things like they did / These things happened to them as warnings to more

  • Everything Happens For A Reason Series

    Contributed by Jim Kilson on Apr 23, 2014
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    Part 6 of 10 in a series dedicated to debunking commonly held myths that we think are in the Bible but really aren't, myths that can and often do have devastating effects on our faith.

    INTRODUCTION: “Everything happens for a reason” – that statement hanging on our wall, when taken at face value is 100% correct. Life is a cause=effect existence, every action has a reaction… Event; Burning of Academic Hall (MU) in 1892 – Reason; First electric more

  • Suffering: Why? Series

    Contributed by Bob Faulkner on Oct 19, 2015

    One man's attempt to unravel the Scriptural reasons for suffering, especially the suffering of the people of God. Not an easy task.

    SUFFERING, per the BIBLE Another man’s attempt to figure it out… It’s not as easy as we are led to believe. We get sick and right away someone tells us we are being judged of God. Maybe. Another person gets sick, and he is told there is no spiritual significance to the more

  • Where Is God When It Hurts

    Contributed by Jay Robison on Feb 18, 2009
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    This is a natural question. Job was a righteous man we should consider the reasons for suffering and then remember that suffering can be redemptive.

    WHERE IS GOD WHEN IT HURTS April 20, 2008 Jay Davis Robison JOB 1:1-3 & 13-21 Douglas- Faithful Xian who after yrs of training in psychotherapy turned down a lucrative career to start an inner city ministry few yrs ago wife discovered lump in breast, had breast removed Aft 2 yrs cancer more

  • Suffering

    Contributed by Will Norman on May 5, 2005
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    Addressing the reasons for suffering and how we, as Christians should approach our hard moments so that we can grow from them.

    A year ago yesterday, I was at the GT v. UGA football game watching my team get slaughtered. My girlfriend at the time, Rebecca, who also happened to be a UGA student, was there with me as well as two of her UGA friends … needless to say, it wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had at a Tech football more