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  • Reactions To The Cross Series

    Contributed by Ian Humphrey on Nov 28, 2001
    based on 59 ratings

    an exposition on Matt ch 27

    THE REACTIONS TO THE CROSS Matthew 27 v. 26 - 56 - v. 36 "and sitting down they watched Him there" 1. The Soldiers saw the Rectitude of the Cross them Christ was a criminal v. 27 - they stripped Him v. 28 , crowned Him (with thorns) v. 29, mocked Him v. 29, spit upon Him v. more

  • The Blood Of Jesus

    Contributed by Carl Palatino on Aug 10, 2011
    based on 15 ratings

    We will know the implication of the blood of Jesus on the cross and know the benefit of it when you become a believer.

    THE BLOOD OF JESUS ROMANS 5:8-10 Introduction: Gen. 1:26 Man was created according to the image of God. 1. Reason - By reason we apprehend concrete things in perception and consciousness, and cognize abstract truth, both metaphysical and moral. 2. Speech - By speech we make certain easy more

  • Dios Demanda Integridad

    Contributed by Ramon Rojas on May 26, 2004
    based on 104 ratings

    Quiero que puedas evaluar tu caminar, pensar, actuar con relación a tu vida como cristiano. Si eres una persona que se cataloga cristiana, tu vida debe ser una vida que manifieste verticalidad e integridad en su servicio a Dios.

    Introducción: Hoy quiero compartir lo que fuera depositado en mi corazón de parte del Señor. Quiero que puedas evaluar tu caminar, pensar, actuar con relación a tu vida como cristiano. Si eres una persona que se cataloga cristiana, tu vida debe ser una vida que manifieste verticalidad e integridad more

  • Directions For Living

    Contributed by Chanon Mullens on Aug 25, 2005
    based on 28 ratings

    The Bible and its relevance for our life

    “The new minister was asked to teach a boys’ class in the absence of the regular teacher. He decided to see what they knew, so he asked who knocked down the walls of Jericho. All the boys denied having done it, and the preacher was appalled by their ignorance. At the next deacons’ meeting he told more

  • Honor Your Father And Mother

    Contributed by Paul Fritz on Jun 15, 2003
    based on 29 ratings

    If you are not living a totally blessed life it may be because you are not fully obeying God’s commands to honor your parents. If you feel that you may be one of these, forgiveness, grace and strength is yours for the asking.

    Honor Your Father and Your Mother Some of us have a harder time feeling like honoring our parents because of past and present abuses. Yet, God did not make a mistake in giving us the parents we have. Evidence of that is giving by the truth in Psalm 139: "You made all the delicate, inner more

  • Buscando El Rostro De Dios Y Su Protección

    Contributed by Mayor Gerardo Balmori on Feb 23, 2008
    based on 29 ratings


    Buscando el Rostro de Dios y Su protección Salmo 27:1-14 El Ejército de Salvación Mayor Gerardo Balmori AQUELLOS QUE BUSCAN A DIOS, CON SEGURIDAD ESPERAN SU PROTECCION EL SECRETO DEL QUE BUSCA A DIOS -- ¿Cómo podemos estar confiados cuando los enemigos son tan terribles y no vemos al more

  • Y Como Es Que Llegue Hasta Aqui?

    Contributed by Mayor Gerardo Balmori on Mar 22, 2010
    based on 17 ratings

    ¿Recuerda alguna que cayó en pecado y se preguntó, cómo llegué realmente aquí?

    Mayor Gerardo Balmori El Ejército de Salvación ¿Cómo es que llegué hasta aquí? 2 Samuel 11:1-15 Introducción: ¿Recuerda alguna que cayó en pecado y se preguntó, cómo llegué realmente aquí? Usted sabe lo que quiero decir. Le iba yendo muy bien en todo, pero de repente perdió more

  • Are You Equipped?

    Contributed by Millie Pisano on Jun 18, 2004
    based on 10 ratings

    Did you know that when you asked Jesus into you’re heart, you enlisted in the army Of the Most High God. And He equipped you with a powerful suit of armour!

    ARE YOU EQUIPPED? Twilla Paris; Warrior is a Child Lyrics: Lately I’ve been winning battles left and right But even winners can get wounded in the fight People say that I’m amazing Strong beyond my years But they don’t see inside of me I’m hiding more

  • Brokenness

    Contributed by Ian Lyall on Sep 28, 2005
    based on 9 ratings

    Isaiah is broken by his vision of God’s holiness, but is then cleansed and now fit as God’s messenger

    In that passage from Isaiah we heard this evening, we are presented with the vision the prophet had in the Temple of God in all his holiness, glory and majesty. That vision concludes in verse 8 with the call of Isaiah: Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send, and who will more

  • Redimido

    Contributed by Gary Huckaby on Apr 1, 2003
    based on 38 ratings

    Redimido? Are You?

    Un Sermón Para Usted UN Ministerio de Evangelismo de Huckaby el Sermón Actual Redimido Por Gary Huckaby Evangelista Nuestros versos de texto son hoy como seguir. Galatians 3:13; "hath de Cristo nos redimió de la maldición de la ley, para ser hechos una maldición para nosotros: para lo es more

  • The Credible Christian Man Series

    Contributed by Chris Appleby on Dec 3, 2002
    based on 9 ratings

    To be credible as Christians, men need to acknowledge their dependence on God in everything, to make God their first priority, to make their spiritual security more important than their financial security, humbly admit their mistakes and express their sex

    You may wonder whether a sermon in a Sunday service is the place to be talking about being a credible Christian man, given that at least half the congregation are women, but let me suggest that at least some of what we’ll talk about today is equally relevant to women, and even those bits that more

  • "Keeping America Great"

    Contributed by Ray Scott on Jun 30, 2004
    based on 304 ratings

    A Fourth of July Message. Our forefathers claimed this nation for God. We need to re-claim it! Paul tells us how in 1 Timothy 2:1-4.

    “Keeping America Great” 1 Timothy 2:1-4 (NOTE: Several sermons on SermonCentral were helpful in the writing of this message. Thanks!) INTRODUCTION: Today is the 4th of July … Independence Day! Isn’t America a great place to live … AMEN? While it’s not a perfect place (like Heaven will more

  • Victory In The Spirit Realm

    Contributed by George Rennau on May 24, 2005
    based on 64 ratings

    You don’t have to let the devil get you down or stop you" you can have victory in the Spirit realm.

    Victory in the Spirit Realm „` To often we are too willing to set aside events that happen to us as bad luck We say this always happens to me. And we accept things the way they are. Never recognizing that the Devil is out to get you And not everything that happens to you is your fault or by more

  • The 7 Biggest Money Mistakes Series

    Contributed by Brian Atwood on Jun 21, 2008
    based on 29 ratings

    The 7 biggest money mistakes talked about in the Book of Proverbs.

    We’re in the series, “THE SEARCH, Solomon’s Secrets to a Happy & Successful Life.” We’re ruminating on the topics that Solomon covers in the wisdom given by God. One big topic, not only in Proverbs, but also in the entire Bible, is money. It stands to reason that the Bible talks a lot more

  • Over-Throwing Strongholds

    Contributed by Larry Breeden on Oct 11, 2006
    based on 9 ratings

    Life has many battles and a Christian must win. Christ has given us the weapons

    Overthrowing Strongholds 2Cor 10:3-5 INTRO: Watch the evening news & see our gallant soldiers & marines attacking Insurgent & Terrorist Strongholds in Iraq & Afghanistan 1. Those in charge of waging this war against the tyranny of these thugs realize these fortress, strongholds more