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  • Resurrection Joy! Series

    Contributed by Chuck Brooks on Mar 11, 2016

    We are going to go through a couple chapters of Scripture from the Gospel of John that takes us from the crucifixion of Jesus to His resurrection from the grave.

  • Responses To The Resurrection: Joy

    Contributed by Ken Pell on Apr 6, 2012
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    Many emotions make an appearance in the Scriptures during Holy Week and only the resurrection of Christ brings their resolve.

    Responses to the Resurrection: Joy John 20:19-20 Mother Teresa once said, “Joy is prayer - Joy is strength - Joy is love - Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls. … She gives most who gives with joy. The best way to show our gratitude to God and the people is to accept everything more

  • From Locked Doors To Joyful Praise

    Contributed by David Simpson on May 17, 2016
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    The living and resurrected Christ ought to make a difference in our lives. The resurrection changes us!

    Sermon - Lanier Christian Church April 3, 2016 David Simpson From Locked Doors to Joyful Praise SLIDE #1 John 20:20 and Luke 24:52-53 SLIDE #2 On the evening of that first day of the week, when the disciples were together, with the doors locked for fear of the Jewish more

  • What Easter Gives Us Series

    Contributed by John Lowe on Apr 8, 2018

    It is Paul’s greatest declaration of Christian truth; he says that the great results of Easter are: 1. Easter confirmed Christ’s identity. 2. Easter cancelled sin’s penalty. 3. Because of Easter, we can celebrate eternal life.

  • A Psalm Of Confidence In The Lord

    Contributed by Christopher Holdsworth on Dec 24, 2016
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    I keep the LORD always before me; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved (Psalm 16:8).

    A PSALM OF CONFIDENCE IN THE LORD Psalm 16 To say, ‘I am hoping that I am hoping’ is to make hope itself the object of our hope. To say, ‘I don’t know if I have enough faith to believe that’ is to make the power to believe the basis of our faith. The Psalmist David is of another mind. The more

  • Resurrection Blessings

    Contributed by David Owens on Apr 5, 2010
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    This is an Easter sermon that focuses on the blessings we have because of the resurrection. The blessings are joy, hope, and power.

    Introduction: A. Happy Resurrection Day! 1. As you know, today is the holiday known as Easter. 2. It is the traditional, annual day for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. 3. In many respects, every Sunday is Easter Sunday, because we gather every Sunday to remember the death, burial more

  • The Ascension

    Contributed by Dr. Jonathan L Vorce on Jun 3, 2017
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    This message covers four reasons why the Ascension of Jesus into heaven was necessary.

    Acts 1:9-11 INTRO: ¥ This past week the liturgical world celebrated the ascension of Jesus into heaven. ¥ Paint the Picture… ¥ Context: The ascension is the last, individual, earthly event of the Ministry of Jesus. It is the completion of the resurrection. He was raised, not only to more

  • Steadfastness

    Contributed by Bo Dunford on Dec 21, 2000
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    Jesus’ last journey to Jerusalem and how that we should follow in His steps

    LUKE 9:51 "STEADFASTNESS" INTRO: The gospel of Luke has always been my favorite gospel. I appreciate Matthew’s picture of the King and Mark’s record of Jesus the Servant, and John’s majestic story of the eternal Son of God. But my heart finds it’s home in the gospel of Luke. I’ll tell more

  • Believers Still See Jesus

    Contributed by Timm Meyer on May 19, 2011
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    EASTER 3 - Believers still see Jesus today. As believers we see Jesus because we know, believe, and confess what Jesus does. Jesus removes the sorrow of sin. Jesus restores the joy of salvation.

    BELIEVERS STILL SEE JESUS (Outline) May 8, 2011 - Easter 3 - JOHN 16:16-23a INTRO: The resurrection of Jesus from the dead on third day is only one miracle that we celebrate at Easter (and every day). Another miracle we may not always consciously think of is the miracle of more

  • The Wonder, The Celebration, The Joy Of Resurrection!

    Contributed by Michael B. Perrott on Apr 8, 2009

    A SERMON FOR EASTER: We experience with Mary, Peter and the beloved disciple disbelief, then the belief and joy in the reality of the resurrection! And, with Mary, we encounter the Risen Christ, and can exclaim “I have seen the Risen Lord!”

    John 20:1-18 THE WONDER, THE CELEBRATION, THE JOY OF RESURRECTION! A SERMON FOR EASTER SUNDAY: We experience with Mary, Peter and the beloved disciple the disbelief, then the belief and joy in the reality of the resurrection! And, with Mary, we encounter the Risen Christ, and can exclaim more

  • Uptake On The Resurrection

    Contributed by Steven Chapman on May 7, 2007
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    This morning we are going to look at 17 verses that end the book of Luke, and from those verses, we will glean the difference that the Resurrection made in the lives of the disciples then, and can make in the lives of disciples now.

    The Uptake On The Resurrection Luke 24:36-53 It’s Resurrection Sunday, and as is typical, we, as Christians, enter into worship with an upbeat spirit. Why is that? Because we know that the uptake on Christianity is found in the Resurrection, we’ve heard the end of the story. However, last more

  • There's Something About Mary Series

    Contributed by Fr Mund Cargill Thompson on Aug 25, 2017
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    A sermon for those for whom it is not "their thing" about the biblical basis for Christian devotion to Mary preached Northolt 13th August 2017

    ..................................... I want to talk to you about someone who is very important in the Christian story. Many Christians, not all Christians, but the majority of Christians world wide believe that when this faithful person came to the end of their earthly life, they did not die but more

  • Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe Series

    Contributed by Bruce Gritter on Jan 2, 2006
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    A message designed to help people experience the wonder of the Christian story in and through the message of Narnia.

    The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Series: God in the Movies By Pastor Bruce Well, we’re in the last week of our God in the Movies series and I can’t think of a better movie to end with than “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”. I am been a big C.S. Lewis fan and I am so glad that so many more

  • The Lord Has Done Glorious Things

    Contributed by Timm Meyer on Apr 18, 2006
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    Easter Sunday(C) - The Lord has done glorious things by becoming the salvation for every believer who now have the opportunity to make this known to all the world.

    THE LORD HAS DONE GLORIOUS THINGS April 16, 2006 - Easter Sunday - Isaiah 12 * * * * * * * * * * In the name of our risen Lord, grace, mercy and peace on this Festival Sunday: Today, we are going to be reminded that we cannot and we dare not ever more

  • God's Wedding Gift Series

    Contributed by C. Philip Green on May 19, 2017

    Sexual purity is important, because It pleases God; sex itself is sacred; sexual immorality robs others; sex outside of marriage is not safe, and God gives you His Holy Spirit.

    At the end of their first date, a young man in a bygone era took his favorite girl home. He decided to try for that important first kiss. With an air of confidence, he leaned his hand against the wall, smiled, and said, “How about a good night kiss?” “Are you crazy?” she said. “My parents will more