3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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  • Samson's Riddle

    Contributed by Donny Tatimu on Feb 27, 2003
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    The answer to his own riddle, is the revelation from God to Samson, about what must he do in his life. It’s so tragic that Samson answered the wrong answer, for his own riddle.

    SAMSON’S RIDDLE Judges 14:14,18 (AMP) And he said to them, Out of the eater came forth food, and out of the strong came forth sweetness. And they could not solve the riddle in three days. What is sweeter than honey? What is stronger than a lion? What is the answer to this riddle? I ...read more

  • No Riddles With Christ Series

    Contributed by Paul Clemente on Mar 18, 2013

    There are no riddles with Christ because He will always tell the truth and no one can outsmart Jesus because He is God!

    Let’s start with some fun; many of you will recognize them right away, so if that is you, please don’t answer. What is it?? A box without hinges, key, or lid; Yet golden treasure inside is hid. [An egg] What has roots as nobody sees, Is taller than trees, Up, up it goes, And yet ...read more

  • Samson's Marvelous Riddle

    Contributed by Charles Holt on Nov 3, 2000
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    Samson’s wedding riddle was born out of conflict teaching important life lessons.

    Charles W. Holt email: cholt@gt.rr.com SAMSON’S MARVELOUS RIDDLE Judges 14:1-18 Samson’s quick wit and prankish nature unexpectedly yield a gem of stunning insight. It is a masterpiece of encouragement and hope for times when life gets crazy, seemingly out of control; when one is ...read more

  • A Big Riddle About Heaven

    Contributed by Craig Condon on Oct 12, 2015

    Jesus said that marriage is for people here on earth. But in the age to come, those who are raised from the dead will not marry or be married. Not only that, but they will never die again. They will live forever as the children of God.

    Good morning boys and girls! How many of you like riddles? I liked them when I was your age, and I still like them because they make you think. Jesus also like riddles. He liked it when people told him riddles, and he also used riddles called parables. He used these riddles to teach the people ...read more

  • He-Man With She Problems!

    Contributed by Jimmy Haile on Jan 1, 2011
    based on 1 rating

    Samson had problems but he still ended up in hall of faith found in Hebrews 11

    He was every man’s nightmare and every woman’s dream! He was a He-man with she problems! CHAPTER 13 That why we encourage parents to dedicate their children (to set them apart), why because the devil wants to set them apart to him! They are going to be set apart, the ...read more

  • Deep Secrets Revealed Series

    Contributed by Thomas Swope on Jan 15, 2010
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    A study of chapter 17 verses 1 through 24

  • What Was Jesus Saying (Wwjs)?

    Contributed by Mark A. Barber on Jan 13, 2014

    The Word of God speaks with a clear and loud voice. When we reject the Truth, then it is all riddles and parables. When we believe, the Truth is heard clearly again.

    What Was Jesus Saying (WWJS)? John 7:25-36 Introduction In our last several messages from the seventh chapter of John, we have noted that it happened at the Feast of Tabernacles about six months before the crucifixion. His brothers wanted Him to go and make a public show of his super powers ...read more

  • The Weak Strong Man. #5

    Contributed by Melvin Shelton on May 24, 2005
    based on 7 ratings

    This entire riddle revealed the disobedience of Samson. Also it says something about the sins of gambling.

    The riddle of Sampson. Judges 14:10 -- 20. 05/25/05 In our last chapter we noted the two trips Sampson and his parents made to Timnath regarding his marriage to the Philistines girl there. In this chapter we will consider what happened after they arrived in Timnath on the second trip. This ...read more

  • The Dead Will Rise... God Said So Series

    Contributed by Mike Fogerson on Dec 31, 2013

    From O.T. times till today, humankind has tried to solve the riddle of death & the afterlife.

    The Walking Dead Series (4 of 4) “The Dead Will Rise . . . God Said So!” October 27, 2013 Chester FBC Chester, IL Dr. Mike Fogerson Introduction: A From O.T. times till today, humankind has tried to solve the riddle of death & the afterlife. 1 The O.T. gives us several ...read more

  • Romans, Part 22 Series

    Contributed by T.j. Conwell on Mar 9, 2011

    There is no condemnation in those who live for Jesus Christ, but this freedom He provides is not a license to live lives riddled with sin.

    Romans, Part 22 Romans 8:1-9 Introduction - Paul taught very clearly about identifying and battling sin; it was his mission - He understood that we must know our enemy, and be able to stand against him - He also understood that you and I were once bound by sin; but are no more - Before ...read more

  • Conflict In Galilee: The Controversial Christ Series

    Contributed by Kevin O'brien on Mar 4, 2013

    Explains why Jesus' initial ministry in Galilee as riddled with conflict & controversy. Explains the "Messianic Ministry"-&-Mission then (and NOW!).

  • The Heavenly Trio

    Contributed by Craig Condon on Jul 3, 2015

    The Trinity is a mystery, but this does not mean a riddle. Instead, the Trinity is a reality above our human comprehension that we may begin to grasp, but ultimately must know through worship, symbol and faith.

    Most of you have probably heard the legends about St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. One particular legend, which is based on fact, is his understanding of the concept of the Trinity. In his personal confession, he wrote: For there is no other God, nor ever was before, nor shall be ...read more

  • Wise Counsel Series

    Contributed by Dennis Davidson on Nov 29, 2012
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    The answers to the riddles & problems of life lies with God. Therefore wise counselors know the God of the Bible & know the Bible of God. The Bible’s profound insights should cause us to face & solve problems in the wisest way.

  • The Tears Help Series

    Contributed by Erick Riddle on Sep 5, 2004
    based on 6 ratings

    Jesus teaches us the value of mourning.

    INTRODUCTION My dad’s parents lived in a very old house. It was a small house, just two bedrooms. They had seven children and 18 grandchildren. When the kids were all grown and moved out, Grandma and Grandpa moved into a tiny house. There was not room for much more than two people. Large ...read more

  • What To Say When You Don't Know What To Say

    Contributed by Erick Riddle on Sep 3, 2004
    based on 131 ratings

    Practical suggestions for helping people in grief

    INTRODUCTION I’m a liar. A big fat liar. Well, maybe not big fat lies, but at least little deceiving lies. The big fat part is that I keep telling the lie. So many people have been so kind since my mom died on April 19, the day before Easter. With genuine concern and a desire to help, you ...read more