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  • Romans 7:7-25 Series

    Contributed by John Shearhart on Sep 16, 2010

    The Law is holy

    Romans 7:7-25 John Shearhart September 19, 2010 One of the hot political topics of our day is gun control. There are those who say that easy access to guns creates violence, and then there are those who say the exact opposite, that guns actually prevent violence. But whether you favor or more

  • The War Within

    Contributed by Randy Shepard on Sep 19, 2018
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    We all have two wars brewing inside of us. The war of good vs evil or flesh vs spirit, and the war of grace vs guilt

    A hotel in Galveston, Texas, that overlooks the Gulf of Mexico, faced a potential problem. The edge of the hotel hangs over the water. Before the hotel opened, someone thought, "What if someone decides to fish out of the windows?" This person then erected signs saying not to fish from the hotel more

  • The Problem Of Sin Is Worse Than We Thought

    Contributed by Grant Van Boeschoten on Apr 5, 2017
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    We underestimate the power and the gravity of sin. This message seeks to show from Romans 7 and Genesis 3 the ways that sin wars against us. Yet God is more than able to overcome sin's power through Jesus Christ.

    Introduction - Our Society does not take sin seriously. You don’t often hear people publicly admitting to sin. I’ve made a mistake, I should have done that better When we look at ourselves with honesty, we admit that we don’t take sin seriously We make allowance for it in our lives We think more

  • Judged By My Own Actions Series

    Contributed by Michael Stark on Oct 15, 2017

    A study of the continual struggle each believer faces as the Spirit confronts the flesh.

    “If it had not been for the law, I would not have known sin. For I would not have known what it is to covet if the law had not said, ‘You shall not covet.’ But sin, seizing an opportunity through the commandment, produced in me all kinds of covetousness. For apart from the law, sin lies dead. I more

  • Understanding Sin Series

    Contributed by Dr. Jerry N. Watts on Aug 26, 2008
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    This message reveals sin in a little different way.

    UNDERSTANDING SIN Romans 7:7-25 (Begin with the skit – “Do Not Touch” – chair) 1. What is it about being told “not to” that cause us to “want to?” For some, reason, just the knowledge that we are not supposed to do “a thing” is enough to motivate us to “do it”. 2. As children, we remember more

  • A Defense Of The Law Series

    Contributed by Freddy Fritz on May 24, 2008
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    In this sermon we see how the apostle Paul gives "A Defense of the Law" against the misrepresentation that the law causes sin and death.

    Scripture Paul’s letter to the Romans is a wonderful treatment of God’s plan of salvation. One prominent aspect in Romans is Paul’s treatment of the law of God and its role in our coming to faith in Christ, and then living for Christ. Let us read Romans 7:7-13: "7 What then shall we say? That more

  • "Saints Struggle" Romans Pt. 9 Series

    Contributed by Michael Mccartney on May 9, 2007
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    This chapter addresses the struggle that goes on in the inner man between the works of the sinful nature and the way of the Spirit. But in the end the way of the Spirit is to be the dominant force in a saints life.

    "Saints Struggle" Romans pt 9 Romans 7:1-25 Opening Illustration: Diamond Rio song with video and the Blue fish TV video of the Virginia Tech candlelight prayer service. This illustration reveals to us that every person on this earth is in a struggle between good and evil. This struggle is more

  • The Land And Death Series

    Contributed by Gary Moore on Feb 6, 2008

    This message deals in part with Paul’s view of law and grace.

    Apart from the law, sin lies dead. I was once alive apart from the law, but when the commandment came, sin came alive and I died. The meaning of this section of Romans is laden with controversy. Is this an autobiographical account of Paul’s futile struggle to do what is right? If so, is Paul more

  • Between A Rock And A Hard Place

    Contributed by Dale Pilgrim on Oct 27, 2008
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    The biggest enemy we have in the church is not the Bible...It is fumbling, insensitive extremists who wave judgmental fingers and presume themselves to be the conscious of God for the world.

    Between a rock and a hard place Meaning: To be forced to make a decision between two undesired options or as an another source puts it, “stuck between two opposing forces” ( Origin Gary Martin, author of Meanings and Origins provides us with the US origin of the phrase. He more

  • There Is Still A Struggle Series

    Contributed by Scott Chambers on Oct 1, 2013

    This is the third message from a series over Romans 6-11. This series examines the new live we have under God's grace. This message examines the struggle between the flesh and the Spirit.

    Introduction: Tommy Lasorda the former Los Angeles Dodgers manager describes his battle with bad habits: “I took a pack of cigarettes from my pocket, stared at it and said, “Who’s stronger, you or me?” The answer was me. I stopped smoking. Then I took a vodka martini and more

  • Romans Chapter 7:1-23 (Lesson)

    Contributed by Ronnie Miller on Oct 10, 2011
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    Sin is like trying to live with a straight jacket on but, we are set free because we now have a new relationship ...but, before we can be really free from our first must be dead..we must accept our new from Christ. Lay the old to rest to be re

    10-09-2011 Lesson Romans7:1-23 It's all about the victory In the first 6 verses of Romans 7 Paul gives a great illustration of how we were before Christ came into our life. About how a woman in marriage to her husband is bonded with him and his law but, only if he dies will she have the freedom more

  • The Constant Conflict Series

    Contributed by Davon Huss on Dec 5, 2011

    A sermon on Romans 7:7-25 talking about the battle within (Outline and seed thoughts came from Charles Spurgeon "The Fainting Warrior" and notes from Dr. Jack

    HoHum: Joni Ericson Toda describes her first realization of the grim reality of her paralysis. Joni was only 15 when she was permanently paralyzed from the neck down as the result of a diving accident. She was rushed to the hospital for tests and x-rays to determine the extent of her injury. As more

  • Why Do We Still Struggle With Sin Series

    Contributed by Rick Burdette on Mar 13, 2013

    Death, Sin, Rescue, Victory

    WHY DO WE STILL STRUGGLE WITH SIN? Romans 7: 14-25 (p786) March 10, 2013 INTRODUCTION: I think I’ve been fairly clear on the point that when you give your life to Christ and ask for Salvation…it’s a commitment to follow him…you’re not getting your ticket punched more

  • Is The Law Bad? Series

    Contributed by Bobby Stults on Mar 19, 2012

    Paul tells us we are free from the LAW... does this make the law a bad thing? Well, let me put it to you this way... or as Paul would say it... MAY IT NEVER BE!!!

    Sermon Brief Date Written: March 15, 2012 Date Preached: March 18, 2012 Where Preached: OPBC (AM) Sermon Details: Series Title: A Journey thru Romans Sermon Title: Is The Law a Bad Thing? Sermon Text: Romans 7:7-12 [ESV] Introduction: This morning we will be looking at one more

  • Fighting Yourself Series

    Contributed by Shawn Drake on Mar 15, 2015

    This is the 11th sermon in the series "The Cure". This sermon looks at the struggles of a Christian.

    Series: The Cure [#11] FIGHTING YOURSELF Romans 7:1-25 Introduction: This morning we are going to talk about something that I know a lot about- Fighting. Now, before you judge me, most of you are really good at fighting as well. Whether it’s physically fighting, (like my brother and more