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  • What Get's To You?

    Contributed by Timothy Finch on Mar 6, 2006

    This is a message of steadfast commitment to God’s calling.

    What Gets To You Acts 20:13-24 13 We went on ahead to the ship and sailed for Assos, where we were going to take Paul aboard. He had made this arrangement because he was going there on foot. 14 When he met us at Assos, we took him aboard and went on to Mitylene. 15 The next day we set sail more

  • Judgment Vs. Discernment

    Contributed by Roddy Chestnut on Oct 18, 2000
    based on 110 ratings

    Thesis: We can discern right from wrong without judging the individual. Intro.: 1. Have you ever tried to point out the truth to someone only to have them accuse you of judging them? a. Illust. Suggesting to a co-worker that drinking and chasing women is wrong. (He's alcoholic/married!) more

  • Our Problems, And God's Solutions

    Contributed by Jon Mackinney on Dec 7, 2006
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    Ministry will be full of problems. And as we walk with God and seek to do His will, our frailty will catch up with us. Let’s look to God for His solutions!

    Passage: Acts 18:18-28 Intro: There are three ways of dealing with the real world. 1. one is to try and leave it, to pull out of it 2. another is to pretend it doesn’t exist; that it is an illusion. Il) Mary Baker Eddy, “matter man” 3. the third way is to deal with it with the tools that God more

  • This Church Is A Pentecostal Church

    Contributed by David Mcnally on May 24, 2012

    As we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost we appreciate the ministry of the Holy Spirit, without Whose presence in it, this church, every church, would only be a gathering of people.

    SERMON – Every church a Pentecostal church Today is Pentecost, which some people call Whitsun or White Sunday, because priests and ministers used to wear white robes to symbolise the Holy Spirit who came down on Jesus in the form of a dove immediately after he had been baptized by more

  • Final Greetings Series

    Contributed by Gary Moore on Jan 21, 2008
    based on 4 ratings

    Obedience in Christ

    Romans 5.13 brings to an end the main section of Paul’s doctrinal teaching. The remainder of chapter 15 is primarily a personal afterword and chapter 16 is comprised of a lengthy personal greeting and a few “afterthoughts” that wrap up the letter. Though greeting 26 people by name is unusual, given more

  • Ephesus: Beware Diligence Without Devotion Series

    Contributed by Bruce Rzengota on Dec 28, 2009

    To the Angel of the Church in Ephesus write: Beware Diligence without Devotion

    To the Angel of the Church in Ephesus write: Beware Diligence without Devotion Rev. 2:1-7 September 27, 2009 INTRODUCTION * Every City becomes known for something. Good or bad we forever associate those characteristic with that city. * Every Church becomes known for something. Good or bad more

  • Is God In Your Plan Series

    Contributed by Jeffery Anselmi on Aug 12, 2011
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    Is Jesus the Lord of your plans?

    INTRODUCTION • SLIDE #1 • As you live your life, are you the type that just lets life happen to you or are you the type who likes to plan out the day and life in general? • If you are a planner do you just have a general plan for life or do you plan every detail to the nth degree? • When you more

  • I & Ii Corinthians Series

    Contributed by Dr. Jeremy Simpson on Mar 16, 2007
    based on 3 ratings

    Sixth in a Series going throught the New Testament

    I AND II CORINTHIANS -- Sermon 6 Introduction: In the previous lesson we studied Acts and Romans. We will continue our survey in this lesson as we go through the letters of Paul to the Corinthians. I CORINTHIANS I. SURVEY A. Writer: The Apostle Paul B. Date: around A.D. 57 more

  • Starting From Scratch Series

    Contributed by Timothy Darling on Jul 15, 2007
    based on 1 rating

    It is helpful to see the events in the Ephesus Church’s life and what we can learn: to do things right, as Ephesus did them right, to pick up pointers as the Apostles gave them advice, and to avoid the mistakes that Ephesus made.

    Starting from scratch Ephesus - Year 1 Acts 18.19-27 For 9 sessions it is my intention to trace the Church at Ephesus as it unfolds in the New Testament. From Acts 18 to Revelation 2, we see the first half century of this primal church’s life. As it grows there are valuable lessons to be more

  • Just What Is Important, Anyway?

    Contributed by David Richardson on Mar 30, 2005
    based on 28 ratings

    The important thing is to remember where you are going and how you’re going to get there. Jesus continues to show us, through the apostle Paul and through your teachers, leaders, pastor and friends what are the important things in Kingdom life.

    Title: The Important Thing is to … Scripture: Acts 20:1-38 Introduction: The important thing is to … Just what is the important thing anyway? One book tells us to focus on our successes and we’ll be successful. One book tells us that the important thing is to think only positive more

  • Words Of Importance Series

    Contributed by Michael Luke on Jun 6, 2005
    based on 5 ratings

    Expository message on passage

    SERIES: “LESSONS FROM THE EARLY CHURCH” TEXT: ACTS 18:12-23 TITLE: “WORDS OF IMPORTANCE” INTRODUCTION: A. We live in a society where what we say is not intended to be what we mean 1. Several years ago, this phenomenon was given the title the more

  • The Way To The Lord

    Contributed by David Richardson on Mar 13, 2005
    based on 10 ratings

    God does not desire to hide Himself from you. He desires the way to Him to be simple and easy to follow. God does not desire to hide His purpose for your life.

    The Way of the Lord Acts 18:1-27 Introduction: One of the fun things that kids like to do is to hide from their friends and their parents. They like to hide behind the curtains, or the couch, or the door. Sometimes they like to build those little tents, with a sheet and a couple of chairs more

  • The Resource Of Obligation-1 Series

    Contributed by Byron Sherman on Jan 20, 2010

    Paul saw his spiritual obligation as a resource for Titus’ ministry. Thus, my obligation becomes a resource for others when it aligns/correlates with Christian...Part 1 of a 3-part sermon.

    THE RESOURCE OF OBLIGATION-1—Titus 1:1-4 Paul saw his spiritual obligation as a resource for Titus’ ministry. Spiritual obligation is a resource for the ministry of others. How is one’s obligation a resource for the ministry of others? A Resource—something others can rely on, turn to more

  • The Day Of Pentecost

    Contributed by David Cramer on Sep 13, 2009
    based on 4 ratings

    Learning from the darkness.

    This past Sunday was considered to be the Day of Pentecost Did you look on your calendar? What is it? For ’day of pentecost’ Acts 2:1 And when the DAY OF PENTECOST was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. Acts 20:16 For Paul had determined to sail by more

  • Submission To God Series

    Contributed by Allan Quak on Nov 11, 2011
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    The call in this chapter is to submit to God through the way we speak to each other and through the way we speak to God.

    You Can Listen to the Full Sermon Here:- Message James 4:1-17 Submission To God Here is a simple question. If you are a Christian do you need to submit to God? How many people here would say “yes” (hands up). How more