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  • Danger In The Drift

    Contributed by Tom Etterlee on Jul 16, 2007
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    Why do people commit spiritual adultery? Why do people become fallow (hard toward God, neglectful, weeds of sin)? Because they begin to drift.

    I. Drifting – Hebrews 2:1 – (lest happily we drift away from them) a. Drifting requires no effort 1. Just stop oaring (working) 2. We ought to give the most earnest heed b. Drifting can be an unconscious process 1. It is possible to drift unaware more

  • The Danger Of Sin

    Contributed by Bill Butsko on Oct 25, 2006
    based on 5 ratings

    Unconfessed sin will lead to the destruction of life and eternal separation from God the Father.

    Sin comes about by breaking one of God’s Laws. For example, we have committed a sinful act when: 1. we worship something or someone other than God 2. we worship images representing God 3. we take the name of the LORD in vain 4. we break the Sabbath 5. we dishonor our father and/or more

  • O What Tangled Web We Weave Series

    Contributed by Matthew Stoll on Oct 25, 2006
    based on 12 ratings

    Using David as an example of how sin separates us from God and others, destroying our life in the process.

    Through the summer we have been looking at the life of David. We have seen how God chose this unlikely boy to be the next king because he had a heart for God. As a teenager David stepped out in faith to kill Goliath against all odds, he faithfully served under a king who tried to kill him. For more

  • The Dangers Of Being Backslid

    Contributed by Clint Shrum on Jan 6, 2007
    based on 2 ratings

    Many dangers come with backslding on God

    THE DANGERS OF BEING BACKSLID II Peter 2:21 Intro: In the scripture we just read Peter is dealing with the problem of apostasy. Apostasy and backsliding are closely related in that apostasy is defined as: An abandonment of what one has professed; a total desertion, or departure from one’s more

  • Fig Leaves Or Blood

    Contributed by James Lowe on Sep 22, 2006
    based on 18 ratings

    A sermon on how man tries to hide their sins from God.

    Fig Leaves or Blood Genesis 3:6-21 As you read the first chapters of the book of Genesis, you will find an accurate account of the beginning of the world. Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” It did not articulate that the earth began with a more

  • The Judgments Of The Lord - Part 1

    Contributed by Paul George on Sep 10, 2003
    based on 6 ratings

    The purpose of the sixth and seventh vision is to show that those who sin openly will not hinder God’s plan for His people.

    In this chapter we have two visions, by which "the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men." God will do great and kind things for His people, which the faithful sons of Israel shall rejoice in, but "let the sinners in Zion be afraid;" for God will more

  • What Does God Hate #2 - Lying Series

    Contributed by John Kycek on Sep 22, 2003
    based on 97 ratings

    Let’s look at Proverbs 6:16-19 for a list of 7 things that God hates; the second being "Lying."

    • I hate it when: o People talk on their cell phones in a check out line o The cardboard subscription cards that are in magazines o Calling an “800” number, pressing a long series of #’s, and being disconnected. • What do you hate? Ask crowd • God hates sin. • It is unbelievable to more

  • Where Is God?

    Contributed by Donnie Martin on Sep 29, 2003
    based on 65 ratings

    Many people live any way they want, and yet when a trial or tragedy comes their way, they wonder, "Where is God?" The fact is, sin still separates us from God, and deprives us of His presence and power.

    Where Is God? Text: Deut.31: 17; I Sam.4: 12-22 Intro: I would suppose that every Christian, who has at some point in their life found themselves frustrated and discouraged by trials, has silently asked the question, “Where is God?” Even as we asked that question, we knew in our hearts more

  • Limiting God In Our Life

    Contributed by Kenneth Trent on Nov 1, 2003
    based on 146 ratings

    Can man limit Almighty God? Psalm 78:41 says "Yes!" Using the Bible as our only reference source, let us take a serious look at the ways man can limit God.

    LIMITING GOD IN OUR LIFE “How often they provoked Him in the wilderness, And grieved Him in the desert! Yes, again and again they tempted God, And limited the Holy One of Israel.” Psalms 78:40-41 (NKJV) Can man limit Almighty God? Psalm 78:41 says "Yes!" Using the Bible as our only more

  • The Origin Of Sin

    Contributed by Dwaine Evans on Sep 6, 2005
    based on 4 ratings

    What is sin and what do we do about it.

    The Origin of Salvation Genesis 3 I. In Gen. We find that God said that Adam & Eve could eat from every tree except one. If they eat from that one they would die. Satan said they would not die. Who was right? (listen to the conversations that God and Satan had with them) A. God - man more

  • God's Priests, Providence And Plans Series

    Contributed by Robert Robb on Mar 19, 2001
    based on 71 ratings

    Lessons from the priests, from God’s Providence and from God’s plans

    Limavady Reformed Presbyterian Church Rev Robert Robb Studies in The Book of Haggai Study 7 Introduction We come this morning to the last of our studies in the book of Haggai. Last week we considered the message that Haggai brought to the people on the 21st day of the seventh month, just more

  • The Slippery Slope

    Contributed by Bill Sullivan on Apr 11, 2001
    based on 80 ratings

    Sin is dangerous - even "little" sins are a slippery slope which can become nearly impossible to escape.

    The Slippery Slope TCF Sermon February 4, 2001 Read from Romans 1:18-32 Here we read a passage that shows how clearly sin has captured our world - we read a disturbing picture of a culture in moral free fall, all restraints gone, full of compromise with righteousness, headed toward more

  • Idol Threats

    Contributed by Don Hutto on Apr 17, 2001
    based on 85 ratings

    As popular as Tarot readings and horoscopes are they must not replace God in our lives.

    "Idol" Threats 2 Kings 1:1-18 I. Introduction Many today don’t take the dangers of the daily horoscope, Tarot readings, and the like seriously. But we should because these "idols" threaten our relationship with God. II. Idolatry denies the Presence of God in our lives. (v. 3) more

  • Living In Sin For Jesus Series

    Contributed by David Flowers on Feb 21, 2008
    based on 1 rating

    Part 1 in series Getting Free, a series that looks at growth in the Christian life, this message shows that for a while the struggle with sin continues to play a part in the life of a person even after coming to faith in Christ.

    GETTING FREE Sermon One: Living in Sin for Jesus Wildwind Community Church David K. Flowers February 17, 2008 I’m so excited about starting this series today! As most of you know by now I went to Indianapolis for a couple of weeks in January to take some classes. While I was there, I had more

  • Cain: The Story Of Alienation Series

    Contributed by Clarence Eisberg on Mar 5, 2008
    based on 3 ratings

    The story of Cain. Intimacy with God and family and self is lost. He no longer feels accepted. He lives in fear. God warns Cain... but Cain chooses to turn his back on God and walks away. Peter and Judas both betrayed and denied Jesus, one walked to

    In Jesus Holy Name March 9,2008 Lent IV Series: O.T. Challenges Redeemer Genesis 4:1-12 “Cain: the Story of Alienation” This is the third message in our series: O.T. Challenges. In Genesis chapters 1-3 we saw Adam and Eve sharing a life of more