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  • 5 Disciplines To Build Into Every Man

    Contributed by Vince Miller on Apr 24, 2018
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    The end goal of the Christian life is to become the man that God wants us to be, by allowing his vision, mission, purposes, and goals to shape our lives. One way we can lead men to this is it through discipline.

    A discipline, or in our case "spiritual discipline," is a training activity that helps to shape and force character over an extended period that accelerates and focuses the process. Spiritual discipline is the "strict training" that Paul was talking about 1 Corinthians 9:25. “Everyone who competes more

  • Discipleship: Providing Life-Changing Relationships

    Contributed by Dan Proctor on Aug 18, 2013

    Discipleship is the key to our church’s future. Why? In this lesson, we examine the fourth and final reason in this series.

    The Key to Our Church’s Future 2 Timothy Part 4 – Discipleship: Providing Life-changing Relationships Discipleship is the key to our church’s future. Why? First, because discipleship is God’s way of passing our faith along Second, because more

  • Who Do You Answer To? Series

    Contributed by Paul Wallace on Sep 13, 2004
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    Accountibility is needed in the church because real change rarely happens alone.

    Who Do You Answer to? I Samuel 2:12-29 Introduction: While deer hunting in southern Ohio this past week I had a sad story related to me.I was talking to a youth pastor while we were waiting to start hunting, and he asked if I had huntedwith a man named Billy (not his real name). I told more

  • Cpr For A Healthy Walk Part 18 Series

    Contributed by David Welch on Jun 4, 2018

    This is message 18 in a series exploring the three foundational elements of a healthy walk. This message continues the discussion of the need for accountability.

    “CPR for a Healthy Walk “Request and Respond to Accountability” Review I. Cleave to Christ and continually cultivate a dynamic relationship with Him. A. Surrender to Christ B. Present our members to His service C. Renew our mind D. Draw near to God E. Walk in the Spirit more

  • Accountability Throughout The Body Series

    Contributed by Dean O'bryan on Jun 11, 2006
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    From a series on our church’s Core Values

    Trinity Baptist Church May 21, 2006 True Values Accountability throughout the Body Leroy Eims used to tell the story of a man named Robert Robinson. Robinson lived in the 1700’s. He was riding one day in a stage coach -- and he sat slumped in a corner, trying to sleep. In more

  • The Disciplines Of Connecting To God Series

    Contributed by Tim Smith on May 27, 2015

    This sermon is an overview of the Spiritual Disciplines and why we need them in our life

    The Disciplines of Connecting to God 2 Peter 3:18 James Bryan Smith tells the story of Craig, a zoo architect, who took part in a course focusing on becoming like Christ through the practice of spiritual disciplines and began to notice some real changes in the way he behaved toward others. One more

  • Friend Or Foe? Series

    Contributed by Terry Kreuger on Oct 30, 2002
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    Authority and Accountability

    Friend or Foe? Authority and Accountability Introduction Leaders are involved with authority. One of the things that people instantly recognized about Jesus was that he had authority. He spoke with authority He acted with authority He lived with authority He taught with authority And at his more

  • How To Become Righteous

    Contributed by David Asch on Mar 30, 2005
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    This message answers the question, "How do you obtain, accrue, get righteousness? How can you go from having no righteousness to being declared full of righteousness?

    How to Become Righteous Romans 4:1-5; 13-15 Americans are more in debt than ever before. It’s worse than you think… Last week we talked about the debt we owe God; how we all start out in life in a hole, so to speak, with God. God declares us unrighteous because of sin – Romans 3:10. This starts at more

  • Through Small Group Bible Study Series

    Contributed by Tim Smith on May 27, 2015

    We are to order our priorities around those of Jesus and arrange our lives in the example of Jesus. The challenge of doing this in the face of the world is monumental to say the least. The answer to living the life Jesus calls us to live in small groups

    Small Groups James 5:16, Hebrews 3:13-14 When I graduated from seminary and moved back to New Orleans, my best friend from college called me and invited me to go to a restaurant on Old Metairie Road where they had installed a sand volleyball court. I had never played sand volleyball and so we got more

  • Godliness With Contentment Is Great Gain

    Contributed by Don Schultz on Jan 13, 2004
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    Watch out for the ogre in the pit! Here’s how you can be truly content

    1 Timothy 6:6-12 GODLINESS WITH CONTENTMENT IS GREAT GAIN I would like to start out this sermon with a story – listen closely, and see if you can get the point. Once upon a time there was a White Knight looking for adventure. He came to a village where legend told of a terrible ogre in a pit. more

  • "Better Together"

    Contributed by Ken Harris on Nov 5, 2005
    based on 4 ratings

    The purpose of this sermon is to encourage the hearers to become spiritually stronger and more powerful in prayer by choosing an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER to hold them accountable for their actions and behaviors.

    6 November 2005 U.S. Army Chaplain (MAJ) Ken Harris CP Walker Multicultural Gospel Service Taegue, South Korea BIG IDEA: A Christian is spiritually stronger and more powerful in prayer when he has someone (such as an accountability partner) to hold him accountable for his actions and behaviors. more

  • I Am Saved But I Need To Supercharge My Spritual Relationship - How? Series

    Contributed by Coz Von on Jul 24, 2018
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    How to position yourself to be in a place of Growth

    Scott had the most successful real estate business in his city. Half the properties he listed sold within one month, and most of the rest were gone within three months. His wife was his most successful salesperson, his son Jack was the quarterback on his school’s football team, and it looked like more

  • Accountability Series

    Contributed by Andrew Dixon on Jul 20, 2021
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    Some of us fast for a day in a week, so we can discipline ourselves, forfeit a meal so we can spend time meaningfully with God. It is a good idea from time to time to take a fast from our phones too. Instead we can spend time meaningfully with our families and with other people.

    Accountability In Genesis 2:18 it says, “Then the LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to live alone. I will make a suitable companion to help him." (GNT) God in His divine plan knew that it was not good for man to be alone. When God created the universe and everything in it, the more

  • Meeting The Need Series

    Contributed by Darrin Hunt on Jun 3, 2007
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    In this final part of the series in Philippians, we’re commanded to share with others because we care about others.

    Meeting the Need Phil. 4:14-23 Illus. (unknown source) Little Kevin and Ryan were playing wonderfully together, when they suddenly began fighting over a particular toy. “I had it first.” No, I did.” It’s mine. No, it’s mine.” Their mother, seeing an opportunity to teach them about sharing, more

  • The Revelation Of Justification Series

    Contributed by Joel Pankow on Mar 27, 2002
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    how God revealed to the world that it was forgiven trhough the resurrection of Christ

    The Revelation of Justification Romans 4: Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him, “So shall your offspring be.” 19 Without weakening in his faith, he faced the fact that his body was as good as dead—since he was about more