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  • A Solution For The Stable Series

    Contributed by Dennis Davidson on Dec 25, 2011
    based on 32 ratings

    One of the most puzzling facts of Christmas is that God, when He came to earth & took upon Himself human form, was born in a stable. Why? Were there not more appropriate places for the Son of God?

    THE MYSTERY OF THE MANGER A SOLUTION FOR THE STABLE LUKE 2: 1-7 Seven year old Johnny yelled “Daddy, guess what’s missing?” The front lawn rang with excitement as the family put the life-size manger scene in place. “What?” his father asked while he finished fastening Joseph to a stake more

  • What Was In The Stable?

    Contributed by Ronald Keller on Dec 17, 2002
    based on 192 ratings

    This Advent sermon uses the real and imagined contents of the stable, to help us think of the significance and symbolism of the place of Messiah’s birth.

    “What Was In The Stable?” INTRODUCTION Taxes, taxes, taxes… Sales tax, excise tax, federal income tax, social security tax, state income tax, inheritance tax, gasoline tax, liquor tax, cigarette tax, property tax, deed tax, license and registration fees, building permits, hotel room more

  • From The Stable To The Table [last Supper]

    Contributed by Jerry Shirley on Dec 15, 2005
    based on 173 ratings

    "Christmas Carol" style look at the Past, Present, and Future--remembering the birth, the life, the death, and then the ’breath’ of the Risen Christ! Leads well into communion. Link included to formatted text, handout, and PowerPoint.

    From the Stable to the Table Hebrews 10, Luke 22:7-20 ----- Formatted Text, handout, and PowerPoint Presentation are at: ----- Not long after Christmas comes the Easter season. We are reminded that Christ was ’born to die.’ Lying in more

  • A Journey Through The Stable Part 1 Series

    Contributed by John Beehler on Nov 28, 2001
    based on 62 ratings

    Jesus was born in a stable, but there’s more to a stable than what we see in our Nativity sets.

    A Journey Through the Stable part 1 Happy New Year! You might think I’m rushing it a little but, to Christians everywhere, Advent is the beginning of the new year according to the church calendar. So, Happy New Year! Students of all ages look forward to the Christmas break. Children more

  • What The Stable And Your Heart Have In Common

    Contributed by Bud Martenn on Dec 16, 2001
    based on 471 ratings

    It doesn’t matter where Christ was born if he has not been born in our hearts

    Lk.2:1-7 To compare the birth of Christ at Bethlehem with his birth in our hearts "The birth of Christ means little or nothing to us if he has not been born in our heart" 1. God has not left this world without a yearly witness of the birth of his son 2. This time of year the witness more

  • Finances: Building A Stable Future (Part 2) Series

    Contributed by Marcus Naugler on Nov 23, 2001
    based on 99 ratings

    Building a foundation by monetary means is useless and futile without Godly wisdom. Honoring the Lord with our finances is the key to a stable future.

    Finances: Building a Stable Future (Part 2, Building a Stronger Family) Text: Proverbs 3:7-18 (page 450 in pew Bible) TOP 10 SIGNS YOU ARE BROKE 10. American Express calls and says: "Leave home without it!" 9. You’re formulating a plan to rob the food bank. 8. Long distance more

  • "The Shepherds' Faith"

    Contributed by Robert Leroe on Jul 16, 2002
    based on 194 ratings

    Their faith takes them to the stable, and beyond.

    “The Shepherds’ Faith” Pastor Bob Leroe, Cliftondale Congregational Church, Saugus, Massachusetts In a survey, nearly a third of those questioned stated that, of all the persons mentioned in the Christmas story, they identified the most with the shepherds. They were your average, ordinary, more

  • Pillars In The Church

    Contributed by Wayne Burnett on Nov 4, 2000
    based on 138 ratings

    God needs stable people who will support the church

    PILLARS IN THE CHURCH GAL 2:8-10 I. PAUL’S EARLY MINISTRY A. After Paul’s conversion he wasn’t readily accepted B. Paul spent some time ministering on his own C. Paul taken in by the church upon seein the genuiness of his conversion D. Three key people were there to take him in - Peter, more

  • Life Lessons From Bethlehem Series

    Contributed by David Dewitt on Dec 17, 2007
    based on 21 ratings

    We learn several valuable life lessons from the stable in Bethlehem

    Life Lessons from Bethlehem Selected Passages December 16, 2007 Evening Service Introduction Of all the events that have shaped human history, one moment stands above the rest. The moment was not filled with fanfare or frills but fantastic nonetheless. It is a moment when the temporal and more

  • Integrity Of Motive & Conduct Series

    Contributed by Dennis Davidson on Jun 23, 2014
    based on 6 ratings

    God is the source of all stability. In Jesus and through the promises of God we too are stabilized & become stable.

    2 CORINTHIANS 1: 18-22 [GAINING PERSPECTIVE Series] INTEGRITY OF MOTIVE AND CONDUCT [Galatians 5:21-22] Some of the trouble makers in the church discredited Paul by pointing to inconsistency and saying he was at the least insincere, and more likely two-faced, in his relationship with them. more

  • Christmas Characters #2 - Joseph Series

    Contributed by Darren Rogers on Dec 28, 2007
    based on 7 ratings

    Have you ever stood where Joseph stood - not at a Stable in Bethlehem - just questioning God about the direction He has for your life?

    Christmas Characters #2 – Joseph - 2nd December 2007 pm Joseph was a man hand-picked and personally prepared by God for a special mission, his life was not without its trials and tragedies. In fact, Joseph faced, weathered and overcame trials that would have derailed many other people. A quick more

  • Stabilizing Truths, Part 2

    Contributed by Terry Laughlin on Mar 10, 2006
    based on 14 ratings

    There are four different truths that the Holy Spirit wants you to grasp about the “Greatness of God.” When the Lord is allowed to illuminate these truths into the child of God, He will declare the greatness of God, announcing Him as strong and stable, as

    Turn Your Bibles to Deuteronomy 32:3-4 Title: Stabilizing Truths, Part 2 Theme: The Greatness of God Listen as I read Deuteronomy 32:3-4: “I will proclaim the name of the LORD. Oh, praise the greatness of our God! He is the Rock, His works are perfect, and all His ways are just. A more

  • Catching The Miracles Of Christmas Series

    Contributed by Terry Laughlin on Dec 5, 2005
    based on 47 ratings

    Many people including Christians, too often focus on the manger, the stable, and many of the other earthly surroundings of the birth of Christ but miss the truths and purposes of God becoming man.

    Turn Your Bibles to John 1: 14 Title: Catching the Miracles of Christmas Theme: Miracles of Christmas Sermon Series: Grasping the Truths of Christmas Introduction: Miracles are an absolutely essential element in Christianity. If Jesus Christ is not God manifested in the flesh, then more

  • What Is Your Desire?

    Contributed by Gregory Mc Donald on Feb 19, 2003
    based on 77 ratings

    In this fast pace world that we live in, what is your daily desire? For worldy gain or for the Kingdom of Christ? Those who desire and trust in God he will make stable!!!

    WHAT IS YOUR DESIRE? Psalms 37:4 Pastor Greg Mc Donald What is your biggest desire in life? What are the things you think about the most? Many times we don’t think about this question, but it’s one that we as believers need to think about. Face it, we need to make choices in our life. more

  • You've Got Mail Series

    Contributed by Stuart Blount on Dec 28, 2007
    based on 16 ratings

    How you understand JESUS is central to the stability and security of your life. The more central he is to your life the more stable your life is. Heaven knows it and so does Hell and that’s why we are constantly barraged today with and attempt to pollut

    Our aim in this series = To elevate our perspective of JESUS which is constantly being tarnished by our world, so that any sense of flagging faith is renewed by a fresh understanding of the importance and significance of JESUS. Using Hebrews 1:1-3 we will explore the portrait of Jesus painted more