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  • Trading The Superficial For The Substantial

    Contributed by Philip Harrelson on Jun 30, 2008
    based on 5 ratings

    A sermon all about choices and sacrifice. Are you hungry for the spices of life or the corn of the Kingdom?

  • A New Phase Of Life

    Contributed by Byron Sherman on Jun 15, 2011

    Joshua recognized a major benchmark in Israel’s progress toward inheriting the Promised Land. Our graduates are entering a new phase of life acknowledging their past accomplishments & thereby initiating their significant work yet to be accomplished.

  • No Rubber Crutch

    Contributed by Charles Salmon on Oct 16, 2006
    based on 1 rating

    The Bible is no rubber crutch, but offers real and substantial support for living the Christian life.

    No Rubber Crutch John 17:14-17 INTRO.: In times of testing, we all need a crutch. A place of last resort. I recommend the Bible. Your test may be health crisis (Cancer), tragic accident. loss of job or business, divorce after many years. Sometimes you really need some help that no man can ...read more

  • The Take Home Series

    Contributed by Ed Vasicek on Mar 12, 2018

    Solomon leaves us with three substantial directives that are life changers.

    The Take Home Ecclesiastes 11-12 1. A new pastor asked his board to evaluate his first sermon. The pastor did not even have an introduction, but dove right into the text. He preached on and on and on. At their meeting, the pastor asked the chairman to evaluate his sermon. “I know,” said the ...read more

  • Churchill Or Church, Ill?

    Contributed by Joseph Smith on Oct 29, 2009
    based on 1 rating

    As Winston Churchill rallied the British people, so Paul rallies Christians by urging us to review our motivations and to present something solid and not merely entertaining. Such a church will prevail and thrive.

    On the fifth of June, 1940, not even a month after he became prime minister, Winston Churchill spoke to the British people to encourage them of their desperate situation. Bear in mind that in September of the previous year the Nazis had invaded Poland, with no effective resistance. Thereafter, ...read more

  • Many Infallible Proofs

    Contributed by Kenneth Trent on Apr 14, 2004
    based on 81 ratings

    The resurrection of our Lord Jesus is one of the best substantiated facts of human history...indeed by "many infallible proofs".

    MANY INFALLIBLE PROOFS "...to whom He also presented Himself alive after His suffering by many infallible proofs, being seen by them during forty days and speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God." Acts 1:3 (NKJV) The resurrection of our Lord Jesus is one of the best ...read more

  • Decisive Faith

    Contributed by Andrew Moffatt on Feb 7, 2012
    based on 1 rating

    What is it that ensures faith, that takes a person from knowledge to a substantial faith, that mustard seed that allows God to work through them?

    Does anybody know who this man is? If you do keep it to yourself! Well some of you probably have supported this man’s descendants and shareholders a good part of your lives, you might even take pride in driving a car that he gave his name to or have had one at some stage. Your average petrol ...read more

  • It's Going To Get Better

    Contributed by Dennis Deese on Aug 25, 2003
    based on 46 ratings

    There are four things in this passage that substantiate you can be assured it’s going to get better.

  • Immersions For The Young Messiah-2

    Contributed by Byron Sherman on Sep 6, 2011

    2 of 2. Luke revealed the boy Jesus to be the Messiah thru showcasing His immersion in God’s affairs. Likewise God-sent immerse themselves in God’s affairs. But How is this substantiated? Immersion in God’s affairs is substantiated thru One’s

    IMMERSIONS For The YOUNG MESSIAH-II—Luke 2:41-52 Attention: During our church’s worship service, the pastor invites all the young children to join him near the altar for the "Children’s Moments Sermon." One day, with seven small children in attendance, he spoke about the ingredients required ...read more

  • Immersions For The Young Messiah-1

    Contributed by Byron Sherman on Aug 22, 2011

    1 of 2. Luke revealed Jesus as Messiah thru showcasing His immersion in God’s affairs. Likewise, the God-sent immerse themselves in God’s affairs. How is this immersion substantiated? Immersion in God’s affairs is substantiated thru...

    IMMERSIONS Of The YOUNG MESSIAH-I—Luke 2:41-52 Attention: There is a TV show highlighting the lives of the Duggar family. They are a family of Conservative Baptists who live in Arkansas. They live debt-free. Jim Bob(father) is a former state legislator who served in the Arkansas House of ...read more

  • Imitators Of God

    Contributed by Kenneth Trent on Jul 19, 2003
    based on 32 ratings

    When we endeavor to manifest God-like characteristics in our life, we are well-pleasing to Him. The benefits we receive by "being imitators of God" are substantial.

    IMITATORS OF GOD "Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma." Ephesians 5:1-2 I. To imitate God, one must evidence God-like characteristics in their ...read more

  • Divorce And Remarriage

    Contributed by Paul Andrew on Aug 10, 2018

    A divorce is a legal matter. God is against it, but in some grave circumstances, it may be necessary. A Church annulment is saying that the marriage consent was substantially defective.

    27B Jesus is comparing and contrasting divorce and remarriage from what Moses allowed to his teaching. The same can be done today. e.g. We are aware of King Henry VIII of England who could not divorce Catherine of Aragon, with whom he had been unable to conceive a son, and since he could ...read more

  • God's Not Dead: Is Faith Blind? Series

    Contributed by Fred Sigle on Aug 25, 2016
    based on 1 rating

    Although Christians "walk by faith and not by sight," doesn't mean that faith is blind. Our faith in God is based upon irrefutable evidences substantiated by science.

  • Truth Has Fallen In The Street

    Contributed by Dave Kinney on Jun 28, 2008
    based on 97 ratings

    If substantial change does not happen in the next 10 years, we will face calamity, terrorism, natural disasters and anarchy like we have never seen before in the history of this nation!

    I am convinced that with every crisis, with every crossroad a nation faces, there is ether more chaos or massive correction, bad critics or a brilliant cure. America is in a crisis and stands at a decisive crossroad. And the next few choices she makes – will determine her destiny! If America ...read more

  • The High Cost Of Acceptance

    Contributed by Perry Greene on Nov 13, 2013

    We see some costly things involved in the story of Ruth, including the costs of her "Redeemer." The book of Ruth reveals: A Spiritual Conversion; A Substantial Compassion; and a Significant Commitment.

    1. Benjamin Franklin and the book of Ruth Benjamin Franklin had an appreciation for the Bible as he, along with T. Jefferson and J. Adams designed the first US Seal for congress with the Red Sea episode depicted. When he was the newly formed US government's representative to France he indulged in ...read more