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  • May They Be One

    Contributed by Richard Hosea on Jun 15, 2010
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    To help bring unity among believers

    May They Be One Acts 11:1-18 Baptist Churches in America have divided and split off until there are hundreds of Baptist denominations. The Christian faith has some 33,830 denominations. That’s an awful lot of diversity! On the one hand, with that many approaches, there should be more

  • Unity In Christ Series

    Contributed by Scott Kircher on Jul 10, 2014
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    Division. There is division all over the world. But Christ has come to bring unity, but how does He brings unity through Christ.

    Unity in Christ Ephesians 2:11-22 Slide What do you think of when you think of walls? Well, when we think of a wall we typically think of dividing something. We build walls in houses to divide the house into different rooms. In countries or towns, there were often walls that were built more

  • No Name But Christ Series

    Contributed by Jeff Strite on May 6, 2007
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    The one name that can bring unity and harmony in Christendom is the name of Jesus.

    OPEN: A mother looked out a window and saw Johnny playing church with their three kittens. He had them lined up and was preaching to them. The mother turned around to do some work. A while later she heard meowing and scratching on the door. She went to the window and saw Johnny was BAPTIZING more

  • Father: Build Up Sacred Walls Around Your Family Series

    Contributed by Ray Ellis on Jun 18, 2002
    based on 231 ratings

    Fathers that build sacred walls bring unity to the family and not alienation.

    Fathers: Build Up Sacred Walls Around Your Family Nehemiah 2:11-18 Nehemiah is well known for his abilities as a leader. He not only built up walls to protect families he also built up people. Nehemiah built sacred walls to provide security for the people of Jerusalem. This is the calling more

  • Lesson 3: The Son Redeemed Believers Series

    Contributed by John Lowe on Feb 25, 2018
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    God plans to bring this fallen world, governed by apparently random and sometimes, chaotic events and disruptions in nature and human life, into a unified cosmos over which Jesus Christ will be King.

    Commentary on the Book of Ephesians By: Tom Lowe Date: 12/21/16 Lesson 3: The Son Redeemed Believers in the Historical Past (1:7-12) Ephesians 1:7-12 (NIV) 7 In him we have redemption through his more

  • Right Perspectives For Healing Division Series

    Contributed by David Owens on Apr 29, 2008
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    In 1 Corinthians 3, Paul answers two questions - what divides a church, and what brings unity.

    Introduction: A. How many of you know what this is a picture of? Right – the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 1. It is the freestanding bell tower, of the cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa. 2. Construction began in 1173, and although the tower was intended to stand vertically straight, it began more

  • Romans, Part 42 Series

    Contributed by T.j. Conwell on May 27, 2011

    Christians are called to live for others, to come alongside and help them up and be a constant encourager. Division is never the way to bring unity to the Kingdom.

    Romans, Part 42 Romans 15:1-13 Introduction - Last weekend Paul clearly demonstrated living for Christ in everything that we do - It is imperative that we live daily for Jesus; clinging tightly to the cross - We also discussed the spiritual act of placing stumbling blocks -- In more

  • The Anointing In The Local Church Series

    Contributed by Jeff Van Wyk on Jul 13, 2013
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    We need to connect with the anointing. In other words, when you connect with people, their success becomes your success. When you connect with the anointing, you connect with God. The anointing brings unity to the Body

    The Anointing In The Local Church We need to connect with the anointing. In other words, when you connect with people, their success becomes your success. When you connect with the anointing, you connect with God. God took one hundred and twenty faithful people on the Day of Pentecost and more

  • Divine Concern For Unity

    Contributed by Ron Freeman, Evangelist on Sep 25, 2015
    based on 11 ratings

    To establish that unity is possible only when all agree to follow the divine standard of God -- the bible, which brings unity to the body of Christ. This lesson encourages all believers to strive for "the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace."

    INTRODUCTION Outline. 1. Jesus’ Prayer for Unity 2. Spirit’s Plea for Unity 3. Father’s Plan for Unity Remarks. 1. Unity is only possible when all believers respect and follow the divine will and word of God. Jesus prayed for unity, the Spirit pleaded for unity, and the Father has outlined a more

  • The Apostolic Ministry Series

    Contributed by David Owens on May 7, 2008
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    In 1 Corinthians 4, Paul brings to a conclusion the arguments he has been making since chapter one, as he seeks to bring unity to the divided church at Corinth.

    Introduction: A. There’s an old fable that goes like this… 1. A servant had two large water pots that he carried on either end of a pole slung across his shoulders. 2. One of the pots had a crack in it, so every day as he carried water to his master’s house, he arrived with one full pot and one more

  • Unity In The Community

    Contributed by Wayne Lawson on May 3, 2018
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    In keeping in line with your Theme, I believe the text references unity as it relates to the body of Christ. If we have no unity within the body of Christ – it is futile to attempt to bring Unity with the local community in which we live.

    TITLE: UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY SCRIPTURE: I CORINTHIANS 1:10-15 I stand this afternoon honored and consider it a privilege to share in this great marriage between Church and Pastor. What a wonderful celebration we have had unto this point. The foundation has been laid to help us receive more

  • The Tie That Binds

    Contributed by Leo Launio on Oct 14, 2003
    based on 141 ratings

    This is Christ’s last prayer as recorded in the Gospel of John. His prayer is for His people to come to unity.

    February 19, 1996 Introduction: If you knew that today is your last chance to say your last prayer, how would you do it? Would you do it the usual way saying, “Just like yesterday, Lord?” Or would you do it with all sincerity in your heart, with tears flowing from your eyes, with your more

  • Jesus Calls Us To Be Part Of Our Church Family Series

    Contributed by Robert Fa’atoia-Collins on May 10, 2009
    based on 7 ratings

    Each one of us has different talent and gifts that God has blessed us all with to enhance the work of His Church

    As memebers of God’s Church; three things we must pay attention too: 1. We must KNOW Jesus calls us to be part of the body of Christ 2. We must FEEL excited about being needed by our church family 3. We must RESPOND by agreeing to take respondsibility when asked A disciple of more

  • Let The Holy Spirit Orchestrate A Harmonious Symphony In Your Family And Fe

    Contributed by Paul Fritz on May 19, 2004
    based on 32 ratings

    The Holy Spirit harmonizes people by blending complementary spiritual gifts together to form a synergistic result. Paul wrote, "There are different kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all men. Now to each one the manifestation of the S

    Let The Holy Spirit Orchestrate a Harmonious Symphony In Your Family and Fellowship 1 Corinthians 12:6-24 Illustration: The great violinist, Nicolo Paganini, willed his marvelous violin to Genoa -- the city of his birth -- but only on condition that the instrument never be played upon. more

  • Unity Series

    Contributed by Ken Ritz on Dec 30, 2005
    based on 6 ratings

    The unity that comes in Christ, based on Ephesians 4.

    Unity Ephesians: God’s Riches In Christ, Part 7 Ephesians 4:1-16 We’re in a series on the book of Ephesians. Today we’re going to be looking at Ephesians Chapter 4. In August of 1987, there was suppose to have been a world changing event. According to the New Age movement it was the more