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  • Transformed Lives Transformed Churches

    Contributed by Martin Wiles on Feb 6, 2012

    Abundant living is an exciting existence because it places us in the center of God’s will. We give him our all and hold nothing back.

    Transformed Lives; Transformed Churches Matthew 19:16-22 A. What does commitment to God look like? 1. Attending church-once, twice or three times a week? 2. Teaching a class, serving on a committee, being morally good? 3. Nor cursing, smoking, drinking or doing drugs? 4. Making good ...read more

  • Knowledge (Not Opinion)

    Contributed by Joseph Smith on Jun 6, 2010
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    Some of us handle truth by simply asserting ourselves forcefully. Paul's way was to root truth in revelation rather than logic; to find authentic confidence in personal experience; and to submit himself to transformation. First Baptist Church of Gaithers

    If there’s one thing I have a strong opinion about, it is that I do not like people with strong opinions! I have a hard time with the person who declares what he thinks with absolute hard-core certainty, riding roughshod over any contrary thoughts I might have. I struggle with that. I have ...read more

  • Awake From Idolatry

    Contributed by Rufus Elijah Yamoah on Jul 13, 2015

    God is calling His children to give up the sin of Idol worship in their lives.

    God wants to awake us from our sleep The reason why God establish the Church is to put divine order in the world. The world is in chaos because the church has gone to sleep. God is calling us to subdue. We cannot look up to the government for change and order. If the government can make the ...read more

  • Church For The Churched

    Contributed by Steve Hereford on Aug 25, 2006
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    Who is the church for? Believers or unbelievers? Or to use more contemporary terms - churched or unchurched. Listen today as Pastor Steve addresses who is the church in the midst of the seeker-sensitive movement.

    Recently I was invited to attend a church planters conference in Lake Yale. At that conference I was exposed to various teaching and methods for reaching the unchurched. As I sat there and listened and took notes, I couldn’t help to think how we have somehow missed it when it comes to the purpose ...read more

  • The Power And Purpose Of The Church Series

    Contributed by Curtis E. Nester on May 30, 2016

    The early church receives the Holy Spirit and is empowered to preach the Gospel to everyone, everywhere.

    SERIES: Adventures in Acts 002 TITLE: The Power and Purpose of the Church TEXT: Acts 2:1-8 INTRO: In the Bible, we find God working with men in various ways at different times: 1. In the OT we see the Father working with men. 2. In the Gospels we see Jesus working among men. 3. In Acts ...read more

  • Why We Preach On Giving

    Contributed by Mike Garner on Aug 15, 2006
    based on 4 ratings

    Why is it so hard for pastors to preach about giving? Why is it so hard for church members to hear about giving? Here are 3 reasons why preachers should NOT apologize for a sermon on giving - from a layperson!

    What is On Your Mind? One of the most intriguing challenges for anyone who steps behind one of these (pulpits) is trying to figure out what¡¦s going on in your minds. What are you thinking as we speak? It¡¦s not always easy to read. But there is one time where it¡¦s really not all that hard ...read more

  • The Need Of Pentecostal Power Series

    Contributed by Otis Mcmillan on Jul 23, 2007
    based on 5 ratings

    This message reminds the church of the need for God’s power in order to really do God’s work.

    Subject: The Need of Pentecostal Power Text: Acts 2:1-4 Introduction: The Church was born at Pentecost and now Pentecost has become a Sacred Holiday on the church calendar. Of course, Pentecost has always been a holiday that celebrated the harvest of grain. It was one ...read more

  • The Best Guest Yet Series

    Contributed by Lynn Malone on Jun 8, 2006
    based on 4 ratings

    First in a series dealing with weddings in the bible, this sermon looks at Jesus attending a wedding and his first miraculous sign of turning water into wine.

    A June Wedding: The Best Guest Yet John 2:1-11 June is the month of matrimonial bliss for brides everywhere. Open the Sunday “Living” section of the newspaper and you encounter the many faces of blissful brides adorned in their nuptial best accompanying the announcement of their recent ...read more

  • Radically Challenged

    Contributed by Danny Anderson on Oct 27, 2006

    A mass exodus is occuring in the established church across America today. Something has to be done before it’s too late. This something will need to be radical. It will have to radically change our outlook as well as our perspective on our reason for bein

    Radically Challenged Introduction: A mass exodus is occuring in the established church across America today. Something has to be done before it’s too late. This something will need to be radical. It will have to radically change our outlook as well as our perspective on our reason for being. ...read more

  • A Greeting To The Saints

    Contributed by Christopher Benfield on Sep 16, 2018

    At times the church faces challenges from without, but often the greatest danger may come from within. If we are to combat the struggles associated with false doctrine, we must be settled in the Word.

    A Greeting to the Saints 2 Peter 1: 1-2 This second epistle of Peter is very similar in tone and intent to the second epistles of Paul. In large part, the second epistles were written to follow up on the first, and particularly to combat apostasy and false doctrine. Having written the first ...read more

  • With Joy

    Contributed by Davon Huss on Jan 7, 2014

    A sermon about things we are to do "with joy" (Outline from an article by Robert Lee in Pulpit Helps)

    HoHum: Joy is the flag flown high From the castle of my heart From the castle of my heart From the castle of my heart Joy is the flag flown high From the castle of my heart When the King is in residence there (So) let it fly in the sky Let the whole world know Let the whole world know Let the ...read more

  • Healing & Wholeness: Pray And Trust God Will Listen To Your Prayer Series

    Contributed by Dean Courtier on Aug 20, 2015
    based on 6 ratings

    God is interested in change. He’s interested in changing you. He can heal and restore – He can make the broken whole, the sick well, God can heal today.

    Healing & Wholeness Straight to the question, actually I have 3 questions to begin. Do you believe God listens when you pray? Do you believe God’s timing is perfect? Do you believe God is God and He is able to heal today? On this Healing and Wholeness Sunday, I want to remind you of ...read more

  • God's Wonderful Spirit Within Us

    Contributed by Dennis Lawrence on Nov 16, 2005

    Fear gets in the way of faithful moving forward.

    The Spirit Within Us- Montreal June 25, 2005 We are called on to live a life of serving that is rooted in the renewal of our whole selves, including our minds. Ro.12.1-2- favourite verses in many of our lives. Prayer is a key to this renewal of our minds. Eph.4.17-23-24- new man/new ...read more

  • Can I Give Them Your Name?

    Contributed by Stephen Woody on Jun 10, 2005
    based on 61 ratings

    Jesus tells us that the Harvest is Plentiful and the workers few. He then names the disciples who are workers. We have too many un-named followers in the church and not enough named disciples.

    "CAN I GIVE THEM YOUR NAME?" INTRODUCTION: PETER, ANDREW, JAMES, JOHN, PHILIP, BARTHOLOMEW, THOMAS, MATTHEW, JAMES, THADDEAUS, SIMON, AND JUDAS These Are The Twelve Disciples. They are listed here, in this text, by name. These are the faithful, core ...read more

  • Living With The Power Of God In Your Life Series

    Contributed by Anthony Zibolski on Nov 20, 2009
    based on 3 ratings

    Holy Spirit and discipleship prepares us to live a victorious and powerful life in the Lord.

    11/8/2009 Living with the power of God in your life Acts 2:1-12 Introduction We are still in the series of B.A.S.I.C.. We have spent two weeks on discipleship, and this week will be looking at the Holy Spirit being active in your life. Turn to Acts ...read more