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  • True Righteousness Series

    Contributed by Brad Beaman on Nov 29, 2007
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    Can you imagine the faces when Jesus told them their righteousness must exceed that of the Pharisees to go to heaven?

  • The Establishment Of True Righteousness

    Contributed by Christopher Holdsworth on Dec 24, 2013
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    It is not enough that we know the law of God. We must put our trust in Jesus, and receive with open hand the free gift of His love and forgiveness.

    THE ESTABLISHMENT OF TRUE RIGHTEOUSNESS Romans 3:9-26 I. The Universality of Sin. Every one of us thinks that we are better than criminals. We imagine that we are moral human beings. We are confident that we are law-abiding citizens. Yet the Scriptures teach us that we are no better more

  • The Bondage Of Legalism And Freedom Of True Righteousness Series

    Contributed by David Taylor on Mar 6, 2014

    Philippians - Manual of Joy The Bondage of Legalism and Freedom of True Righteousness

    Philippians - Manual of Joy The Bondage of Legalism and Freedom of True Righteousness Philipians 3:1-11 David Taylor Legalism is as deadly as it is dangerous. It brings about spiritual bondage and frustration in the Christian life, it hampers the inner transformation that God intends; and more

  • Joseph The Good Man We Forget Series

    Contributed by Bob Marcaurelle on Dec 3, 2019

    The New Testament says very little about Joseph. But when we read between the lines we se he is a remarkable servant of God, a man of compassion and courage.

    JOSEPH - THE GOOD MAN WE FORGET Matt. 1:18-25 Of all the characters surrounding the Christ child at Christmas, the one we forget the most is Joseph. The Bible never mentions any animals in the stable. They are the product, says Paul Harvey, of legend and logic. Yet the sheep and cattle get more

  • To Truly Hunger And Thirst Series

    Contributed by Keith Foskey on Apr 15, 2014

    To hunger and thirst for true righteousness.

    Series: The Sermon on the Mount Title: To Truly Hunger and Thirst Text: Matthew 5:6 Welcome back to our series in the Sermon on the Mount. Let us begin this morning with the reading of our text and with prayer. READ: Matthew 5:6 Last week, we began our message by discussing the value of more

  • Meaning Of Righteousness Part 4 Series

    Contributed by Ken Mowery on Jul 6, 2007
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    Jesus teaches true righteousness as it relates to adultery and divorce.

    Last Sunday, Jesus taught the real meaning of righteousness in the area of marital fidelity and sexual purity. Exodus 20:4;17 “You shall not commit adultery. 17“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife or his male servant or his female servant or his more

  • An Offer To God

    Contributed by Nathan Johnson on Mar 27, 2009
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    God does not want sanctimonious platitudes and feel-good ritual; He wants us, and our praise to Him needs to reflect true righteousness and thanksgiving.

    An Offer to God Griffith Baptist Church – 3/29/09 P.M. Service Text: Psalm 50 Key verse: Psalms 50:23 – Whoso offereth praise glorifieth me: and to him that ordereth his conversation aright will I show the salvation of God. Premise: God does not want sanctimonious platitudes and more

  • For Goodness Sakes – Put Your Clothes On! Series

    Contributed by Tim Vamosi on Apr 6, 2010

    You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness an

    “For Goodness Sakes – Put Your Clothes On!” Eph. 4: 17-32 OPEN: The title of the sermon today is “For goodness sake-put your clothes on” This is not talking about the clothes you wore to church this morning, I’m assuming that everyone came to church after more

  • Great Thoughts Of Jesus

    Contributed by Charles Salmon on Aug 22, 2005
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    Principles that motivated the actions and words of Jesus. From Matthew’s Gospel

    The Great Thoughts of Jesus INTRO.: Throughout His life on Earth, Jesus aroused amazement and interest wherever He went. People marveled at His teaching as well as His deeds. The human mind is such that when we see a strange or phenomenal Person like Jesus we want to know "what makes him tick." more

  • Envision A New Display Series

    Contributed by Bruce Rzengota on Dec 15, 2010


    Turning on the Light: Envision a New Display Ephesians 4:20-24 INTRODUCTION I have good news. It's only 97 days until Christmas!!!! Christmas items will soon hit the displays in our stores. Shopping lists will be made, house decorated. Just this last Friday I spent about three more

  • You Are A New Person In Christ Series

    Contributed by James Dunn on Jun 26, 2007
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    This is message 9 of a 13 part series taken from the Book of Ephesians describing "The Power of a Blessed Life."

    You are a New Person in Jesus Ephesians 4:17-32 I. Don’t be Like the Lost A. Darkened Understanding. “…darkened in their understanding …” B. Detached from God. “…separated from the life of God …” C. Dulled Sensitivity. “Having lost all sensitivity…” D. Desiring more

  • Living As Children Of Light

    Contributed by Lauro C Hernandez on Jan 17, 2007
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    How to live as Children of God

    LIVING AS CHILDREN OF LIGHT EPH. 4:20 “You, however, did not come to know Christ that way” INTRO: I. OUR FORMER WAY OF LIFE A. Living as the gentiles –EPH. 1:17” “So I tell you this, and insist on it in the Lord, that you must no longer live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their more

  • The Knowledge Of God Assimilated Part 1 Series

    Contributed by Matt Black on Oct 25, 2002
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    Proposition: The knowledge of God is the greatest danger to man, unless it is assimilated (practiced) in our lives to the glory of God.

    Foundations of the Christian Faith Series by Matt Black (Message 3) Proposition: The knowledge of God is the greatest danger to man, unless it is assimilated (practiced) in our lives to the glory of God. Key Verse: Matthew 5:20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall more

  • Being Renewed In The Spirit Of Your Mind

    Contributed by Mark Roper on Feb 21, 2009
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    People who live long lives together eventually begin to sound alike, to talk alike, and even to think alike. As we walk with God, we take on his thoughts, his principles, and his attitudes. We take on his heart, mind, and personality.

    Being Renewed in the Spirit of Your Mind Eph 4:17-24 NKJV As we walk as Christians, were in a battle for our minds. What does this mean? You will either be a person who controls your mind or you will be a person who is controlled by your mind. 1. Your mind is the doorway into who more

  • Confidence In Christ Series

    Contributed by Brad Beaman on Aug 6, 2004
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    The Power of Christ meant for Paul a confidence. For the believer the resurrection is a certain fact. It gives us confidence. This confidence in Christ is for all Christians. Not just a few, but all are meant to have this abundant power.

    Just imagine something with me today. Let’s say that a few years ago that you went out and for a nickel a share bought fifty thousand shares of stock in a company that no one really thought would do any good. Some company they called the cellular phone company. And all of a sudden that stock that more