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  • Zacchaeus Seeks Jesus

    Contributed by Monte Brown on Jan 25, 2007
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    Zacchaeus had a desire to know Jesus as a friend, as his savior, and as his the Lord.

    Luke 19:1-10 And Jesus entered and passed through Jericho. [2] And, behold, there was a man named Zacchaeus, which was the chief among the publicans, and he was rich. [3] And he sought to see Jesus who he was; and could not for the press, because he was little of stature. [4] And he ran ...read more

  • Zacchaeus Meets Jesus And Is Saved

    Contributed by Chris Blackshaw on Oct 31, 2010
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    No one is beyond being saved. Our task is the same as Jesus' task - to seek the lost and save them and to be proactive in doing it.

    Jesus was passing through Jericho from the area of Jordan to Bethany near Jerusalem. He was on his way to raise Lazarus back to life. It was an important journey that he was undertaking but as he was going to perform this great miracle he still found time to deal with other people and their ...read more

  • Zacchaeus The Transformed Man

    Contributed by Stephen Belokur on Jun 21, 2016

    There's an interesting story in Luke about a man named Zacchaeus who just wanted to see Jesus as He passed through Jericho but Zacchaeus got much more than he expected. and it transformed his life. Have you pursued Jesus. Has Jesus transformed your life?

    Luke 19:1-10 (Please look this up in your Bibles and follow along) As we take a look at the salvation story of Zacchaeus it is always good to turn the attention inward and examine our own heart and our own motives. Luke19:1 NIV “Jesus entered Jericho and was passing through.” ...read more

  • Jesus And Zacchaeus

    Contributed by Claude Alexander on Aug 6, 2018

    How Zacchaeus the tax-collector was saved. Zacchaeus was short and was curious to see Jesus and ended in inviting Jesus to his home.

    Jesus and Zacchaeus Luke 19:1-10 By the time Luke wrote his gospel Christianity had spread through the Roman Empire, embracing Gentiles as well as Jews. Luke sets the scene for this by emphasising the universality of the gospel which Jesus proclaimed, which included tax collectors, women, ...read more

  • When A Little Guy Meets A Big God

    Contributed by Kerry Haynes on Nov 6, 2016
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    Jesus reaches out to the smallest and the evilest among us with a very personal invitation. He calls us by name. He invites himself over. He desires nothing less than a radically changed life, submitted to him, and all for our good!

    Luke 19:1-10 When a Little Guy Meets a Big God Today’s passage is a very popular children’s Bible story, but it’s a lot more than that. It reveals the very heart of God: one who pursues each one of us to bring us into a loving personal relationship with him. I want to walk ...read more

  • All Age Family Service: Zacchaeus - Before And After Series

    Contributed by Dean Courtier on Aug 14, 2017
    based on 3 ratings

    An all age family service with scripted play about Zacchaeus change of heart after meeting Jesus.

    All Age Family Service: Zacchaeus - Before and After Our theme for the year is Discovering Your Destiny and today our topic is Follow Your Dream: More than you could dream or imagine What is your dream? What is it that you would like God to do in your life? Ephesians 3:20 says, “All ...read more

  • I Want To See Jesus! Series

    Contributed by Ernie Arnold on Oct 13, 2016
    based on 4 ratings

    In this passage Luke shares with us the story of Zacchaeus - a chief tax collector who 1. Wanted to see Jesus 2. Wo possessed a spirit of humility 3. Who opened his heart and home to Jesus and 4. Who displayed the heart and life of righteousness

    Scripture: Luke 19:1-9; Psalms 119:137 - 144; Isaiah 1:1-10 Theme: Seeking to See Jesus Title: Zacchaeus - The Righteous One In this passage Luke shares with us the story of Zacchaeus - a chief tax collector who 1. Wanted to see Jesus 2. Wo possessed a spirit of humility 3. Who ...read more

  • Zacchaeus - Never Overlooked

    Contributed by Jonathan Kruschel on Aug 13, 2018

    Do you ever feel that you've been overlooked? Work? School? Home? Zacchaues is a man that could have been easily overlooke and some would have prefered it that way. But not Jesus! God's grace overlooks no one!

    Do you ever feel overlooked? I think we’ve all been there a time or two. You put the extra hours and additional effort into a project at work to make that critical sale, only to hear your employer thank everyone except you. You clean the house, fill and empty the dishwasher, wash and fold the ...read more

  • Jesus And Zacchaeus Series

    Contributed by Freddy Fritz on Aug 1, 2015
    based on 4 ratings

    An analysis of Jesus and Zacchaeus in Luke 19:1-10 teaches us about Jesus mission to seek to save the lost.

  • He Is Looking For You

    Contributed by Christian Cheong on Oct 10, 2001
    based on 349 ratings

    Zacchaeus realised Jesus was the One who looked for him and transformed his life. He experienced God’s seeking love and saving power.

    INTRODUCTION All of us have been to the doctor because we needed help. We may have started with self-medication - taking pills, resting, drinking water - until the point we say, "It’s time I go to see a doctor." We go with expectation that they would be able to diagnose the cause of your ...read more

  • Encountering Jesus (4) Series

    Contributed by Scott Bayles on Mar 11, 2019
    based on 1 rating

    In Luke 19, Zacchaeus encounters Jesus. Zacchaeus may have been a wee little man, but he was more than a little charged, charitable, and changed by Jesus.

    Encountering Jesus (4) Scott Bayles, pastor Blooming Grove Christian Church: 1/25/2015 How many of you remember the story of Zacchaeus? Of course, you remember. Anyone who hears his story never forgets. Zacchaeus is one of those memorable Bible characters we learn about in Sunday School. In fact, ...read more

  • On The Way To Jerusalem

    Contributed by Martin Ellgar on May 10, 2015

    A perspective on Luke 19: On the road to Jerusalem, Jesus stopped to give life to others according to their needs. Jesus teaches that we all need to stop from time to time and give life to someone in need. In this way we live in his kingdom.

    On The Way To Jerusalem Introduction “Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord” (v.38), so shouted the expectant crowd that surrounded Jesus as he made his way to Jerusalem. The subject of that verse clearly expresses a major theme of chapter 19. The Gospel writer, ...read more

  • Your Place To Give With Open Hands Series

    Contributed by D. Greg Ebie on Aug 21, 2016

    God has a place for the unlikely, places where the Lord will direct us to GIVE. Let’s look quickly at seven unlikely and perhaps unexpected ways we can give: Unlikely places to give because your sins are forgiven.

    UNLIKELY - Your Place to Give with Open Hands John 3:7-8 MsgB “So don’t be so surprised when I tell you that you have to be ‘born from above’—out of this world, so to speak. You know well enough how the wind blows this way and that. You hear it rustling through the ...read more

  • Matthew The Tax Collector Series

    Contributed by Leighton (Lee) Vary on Jan 20, 2017
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    Jesus strolls past a tax office and sees a man named Levi. He must see more than what we might have, H called Levi to follow Him. Levi was named Matthew and followed the Master. Matthew introduces Jesus to his old friends.

    Introduction A. There is an old, old story about a pilgrim standing outside heaven, longing to enter in, watching as others were welcomed through the gates of pearl, onto the streets of gold. As he stood there, he saw a group clothed in white robes and waving banners approaching the gates. He ...read more

  • Today Salvation Has Come To This House

    Contributed by Geoffrey Foot on Jul 9, 2017

    Jesus came to "seek out and save what was lost" and He told many stories to illustrate this – Prodigal Son, the lost coin, the lost sheep. But Jesus puts these stories into action when He met Zacchaeus.

    TODAY SALVATION HAS COME TO THIS HOUSE. LUKE 19:1-10. Jesus came to "seek out and save what was lost" and He told many stories to illustrate this – Prodigal Son, the lost coin, the lost sheep… But in today's Gospel story we see Him in action, seeking out someone who is very unpopular and ...read more