Summary: As a believer, the best way to belong is to be a servant of Christ. We can our most joy out of being Christ-like.

Servanthood 2020

Finding where we belong

John 13:1-17

Introduction- Good morning- if you would turn to John chapter 13

I have been praying for this day and desiring to see us back in worship. It is good to see everyone.

I know that we will not have normal as we knew normal, but that can be a good thing.

I desire much more than our normal. I am praying for the Lords spectacular!

Something fresh and new that would send God’s people into revival and the lost to find Jesus! Amen.

I believe that when nothing seems to be happening, that my God is up to something!

When things seem to be uprooted and taken, that God is up to something with His people.

I hope that you have taken time to think while you have been in isolation and quarantine on what God is up too in your life.

It seems like there are a lot of things out of our control- things we would like to see changed but have not.

It has given me a new appreciation of “When you have done all that you know to do- stand firm”

That was a scriptural phrase that has been our motto here at Rosedale for a long time-

We must do all we know to do and when we have done all that- stand firm that God is doing something even when we don’t see it.

Also during this pandemic;

I have been praying that God would work in my life and in your life so that others would see Jesus - in us and through us, that we would be a voice.

I would get a better grasp of where I fit into the plan of God for where He has me.

That I would be a solution finder.

I understand all of us have busy lives. I understand the responsibilities of life. I have a few of my own.

Some people think the pastor lives in an ivy tower, but I assure you Becky and I feel the pressures of life just like everyone else.

I am not asking, and I am for sure not begging for people who are doing much to do more.

I am not even addressing those who enjoy the ministries of the church to be on a guilt trip for not helping.

I am simply asking;

What does God’s Word say about Serving?

What is Servanthood? What does God say about our responsibility to the Kingdom?

Can you and I be a bystander when it comes to caring for other people?

Can we as believers get caught up in the moments of life and miss what we are suppose to be doing for the Kingdom of God?

John 13:1-17 read

You may ask, what does that have to do with anything? I am going to show you.

Jesus had just about completed the journey to the cross.

Judas had already sold Him out and they would soon take Jesus.

Jesus after the meal, the last supper, prepares to wash the disciple’s feet.

Peter objects that his Lord would wash his feet. Why?

Because in his mind Jesus is above washing feet- that was for someone of lower standard.

Jesus says that you don’t get it, but if you don’t let me wash your feet, you have no part of me.

Jesus was sent as a servant- He is telling Peter, if you are not a servant, you are not one of my disciples.

Peter, who is not always know for getting it right right away- not only my feet, but my whole body.

I want to be all in!

The culture was that people of low standard in the house would wash the feet of a visitor entering a home. The road was dusty and it was a sign of welcoming.

Jesus gave the leaders one more example of what He expects from those that claim the name of Christ.

Jesus lets us know that if you are to live a life pleasing for the Lord, we will live a life of service.

When I say a servant, who do you think of?

Maid. Butler.

Someone of a lower standard than you.

Mary Poppins, Mr. Belvedere, Hop sing,

Shoeshine man at the airport.

Do you get spiritual and think of Mother Teresa.

Someone you would control because you hold their paycheck. Someone that works for you.

You don’t think of movie stars, presidents, high CEO’s, because we have raised them above the class of servant.

They have servants, they are not servants.

Jesus turned the whole idea of being a servant upside down. He did because it was not based on position, wealth, or popularity.

Just like Jesus to mess up a good thing! So they thought.

The Son of God, the one that made the universe,

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