Summary: Andrew is an example of a person who was content to serve in the background. Three stories of his service reveal the true heart of a servant.

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John 1:40-42


In a national study George Barna interviewed thousands of people, believers and non-believers. He questioned them about what success means, how you get there and how do you measure it. Most people’s responses focused on personal accomplishments, family solidarity and emotional fulfillment. Barna notes that only 7% identified spiritual wholeness or service to others as the measure of a successful life.

"How is it possible to have more than 120 million adults attending Christian churches on a regular basis, but only 7% who grasp the message that success is not about personal accomplishment or material possessions?"

Then what is servanthood?

Being a servant is many different things.

1. A servant is person who gives up ten weeks during the summer to go on that missionary trip in Peru.

2. A servant is a young man stopping to change a tire for an elderly lady on a cold, dark, rainy night.

3. A coach of a little league team.

4. A Sunday school teacher.

5. A father playing ball with his kid.

6. A mother teaching her daughter how to make cookies for the first time.

7. A doctor who refuses to abort a child even though it might cost him his job.

8. A husband who stands beside his wife even though she has even after they have found that lump in her breast.

9. A wife sitting by her husband’s bedside during one of his many Chemo therapies.

Today we’re going to look at a person who showed a servant’s heart…somebody who did ministry, but not up front… Somebody who didn’t sing the solo, didn’t preach the message, but just did ministry week in and week out.

The person who comes to my mind is Andrew.

I want you to turn your Bibles to John 1. This is where we are introduced not only to Andrew, but also to the kind of person he was.

Think for a moment about Andrew. What do you know about him?

Andrew was a disciple of John the Baptist.

Andrew was one of the twelve called by Jesus.

Andrew was one of the first to recognize Jesus as the Promised One.

Andrew brought his brother Simon to Jesus.

Andrew worked with Simon as a fisherman. Andrew probably was the younger of the two.

Andrew’s name is mentioned 13 times.

He’s always second best.

He’s always second in line.

He’s always living in the shadow of his brother Peter.

And the four original disciples - Peter, Andrew, James & John soon becomes the three amigos Peter, James and John.

Andrew was the kind of person that made the disciples of Jesus great. He’s the kind of person that makes a local congregation a great church.

Today we are going to look at…The Example of Andrew... and learn two lessons.

1. The Value of Invisible Service.

His name is Lewis. He is a deacon, an usher, a member of the “Cup of Cold Water” committee and the chairman of the buildings and grounds committee. He takes personal responsibility and pride in taking care of anything that is broken or needs repair at the church. He may be fixing a water fountain or putting in a toilet. Not for credit. If he weren’t older now, we’d never even know he was doing it because he would not wait for help.

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