Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Serving Others is an important Spiritual Discipline that opens us up to the power of the Holy Spirit and enables us to be used by God.

Genesis 3:1-3, Matthew 25:31-40 “Service—Blessed to be a Blessing”


The United States Army has a catchy, memorable slogan, “Be all that you can be.” I believe this slogan captures and reflects the desire of many of our hearts. We want to reach our full potential and experience life in its fullness. The question that is whispered in the back of my mind when I hear these words is, “Why?” Do we want this for selfish reasons, or in response to what God has done for us in the cross of Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ died on the cross not just for our salvation, but also for our service. We are part of God’s plan to love and serve the people of the world and share with them the good news of Jesus Christ.

Love—expressed through service--is at the very center of the Christian faith.


God spoke to Abraham and his wife, Sarah, and called them to leave their family and homeland to travel to a place that God would show them. They did not know where they were going. It was necessary for them to trust in God and that God had the very best intentions for their lives.

Their relationship with God was already established. Their obedience did not determine their salvation status. God did promise them, however, that if they would follow God, that God would make them a great nation and that God would bless them. Like Abraham and Sarah, we too are blessed when we follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and respond with steps of faith.

The blessings that God showers upon us, though, are not to be hoarded. God’s blesses are meant to be shared.


Jesus describes a day of judgment to the disciples. In a sense, it is like a final examination. Imagine how you would feel if you walked into the final’s room and realized when you opened the test that the professor had an entirely different list than what you had studied. That’s the situation we have in Jesus’ description of Judgment Day.

Those who were praised were those who loved and served others. Love is the judgment criteria—not piety or religiosity.

Jesus also shares a revelation with his listeners. Those who serve other people are also serving God. Those who love others love God. Previously it was understood that helping those in need was a good religious thing to do. Now it is seen as actually helping and serving God.

We are invited to see Jesus in the people around us.


God has created each and every one of us with unique and specific gifts and talents.

God has placed us in specific times and places, and has brought specific people into our lives with whom we interact. We are the only ones to carry out the ministry that is before us. Others have been called to their ministry.


At Desert Streams, we invite people to “wade in the water.” Try a service or a ministry and see if it is something in which you are a blessing and from which you receive a blessing. If it is great, if it isn’t than try something else.

We have a vision that Desert Streams will become a seedbed for entrepreneurial Christianity. This is to say that we will assist you and encourage you to carry out the specific mission that God has called you to and has lain upon your heart.

God invites you to make service a part of your life and live beyond yourself and your family. Live for God and others.


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